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Facebook has become much more than only social media. It’s a compelling platform; its vital benefit is linking consumers and brands directly.

Read this blog to learn how to scrape data from Facebook ads using Facebook ads scraper. You’ll find how to scrape page details, publisher platforms, reach estimates, report count, etc.

What are Facebook Ads?

Social media ads are the easiest way for brands to promote their services or products, with ads becoming targeted and more personalized each year.

The Meta Ads Library was created to ensure clarity in combatting misinformation and political advertising. It is a public archive of ads on Facebook or related platforms like Instagram. You can easily find data about who paid for an ad, audience demographics who saw it, how much they have spent, and it's content.

What Can a Facebook Scraper Extract from Facebook Ads?

Get all the information. You can get all the vital information about ads, including when they will end, who's doing the advertising, from where an ad is coming, etc.

Filter search. You could narrow down the search by using filters; therefore, you only find the required results.

Find particular advertisers. In case you're interested in any particular advertiser, search for their ads.

Search Using keywords. Are you looking for somewhat specific? Then use any keywords you want, or target a particular country or ad.

How to Utilize Data from Facebook Ads?

Marketing research has had a mutual predecessor in political polling since the 1930s. From that time, it comprised the social and natural sciences scientific technique and evolved regularly. With importance, quantitative and qualitative approaches are separated into two different species.

How Is Market Research Changing?

For a single user, the accessibility of added data makes it easier for the Facebook users to know why they see any particular ad and who is influencing their views. On a scale of a business or researcher, information data analysis in Facebook Ads Library could tell you about the general tactics, messaging, and spending on campaigns – marketing, political, or otherwise.

Check competition. See what competition is on Facebook only by having all the details on ads.

Analyze data to make your ads better. Find the Facebook Ad data that you want, and analyze what you wish for any category, country, or keywords.

Get alerts. Stay updated on new ads within countries, categories, or keywords that you're associated with by having notifications.

Step-By-Step Guide to Scrape Facebook Ads Data

Step 1. Get a Data Scraper for Facebook Ads

In Actowiz Solutions Store, go to the page on Facebook Ads Scraper and click on the ‘Try for free’ option. You will get redirected to the Console of Actowiz Solutions - your workspace for running scraping jobs for a website like Facebook.


You can also Sign up or Log in for free with your GitHub account or email address. No strings are attached, and no credit cards are needed.


Step 2. Configure Your Scraper

Choose which Facebook Page you need to scrape Facebook advertising data from. Just input a page name or URL in a scraper's input field.

How to Extract Facebook Ads from Facebook Pages?

The easiest way might be to visit, get a Facebook page about the brands or public figures whose ad interests you, and copy-paste a page URL into the scraper. This technique is the coolest since you don’t find ads themselves, only a page. Also, set how many ads you wish to extract.

Configure-Your-Scraper Configure-Your-Scraper-2

How to Extract Facebook Ads Data Using Facebook Ads Library?

We all know that Facebook ads are openly accessible so you don’t require any special access for watching the ads presently for a brand. Instead, go to Choose a location, ad type, and brand you’re interested in. Copy a URL on the top of a page & paste that into the data scraper. Here, we have chosen American SHEIN.


The benefits of the Facebook Ads Library technique over the past one (visiting SHEIN’s Facebook page) include:

Outline: You can search all the available brands with their branches with a drop-down list without searching for them specifically on Facebook.

Accuracy: You need to pick a country, types, and filter results using keywords before extracting them; therefore, you’d get what you want.

Managing Potentials: Observe how many results are there in total as well as what type of information to expect in an output.

Step 3. Running a Scraper By Clicking on Start Option

When ready, click the Start option to start data scraping from Facebook. This task status will change into Running; therefore, wait for a scraper to complete. It might take some minutes.


Step 4. Download Facebook Ads data

When you see that the run displays Succeeded, you can check the results in a Storage tab.


Also, you can preview data by clicking the Preview button or seeing it in the new tab. You may download data in different formats like Excel, JSON, and CSV to utilize in reports, apps, and projects.


Want More Facebook Data Scraping Tools?

If you try to get detailed Facebook data like page reviews or comments, explore the scrapers given below. Every data scraper is made for certain scraping cases.

  • Facebook Comments Data Scraper: Scrapes comments from posts.
  • Facebook Groups Data Scraper: Scrapes Facebook data posts from public groups.
  • Facebook Page Scraper: Extracts basic details about a page.
  • Facebook Photo Scraper: Scrapes Facebook images with their data.
  • Facebook Post Scraper: Scrapes data from every post on a page with its information.
  • Facebook Review Scraper: Scrapes Facebook review data from a page (reviewer and text).


Do You Want Proxies to Extract Facebook Ads?

Since 2021, Facebook has doubled on anti-extraction, and you need a proxy for efficiently scraping Facebook data. Though data center proxies still bring some data, residential proxies are the most dependable way to scrap Facebook data during 2023. Luckily, our plan provides a free trial of residential proxies; therefore, you can thoroughly test this web scraper tool on some Facebook pages.

Is That Legal to Extract Facebook Ads?

Extracting Facebook Ads data is legal when it's ethically done, and personal data isn’t scraped. So, the golden rule is that personal data needs to be extracted if you get a legal reason for doing so. If you have any doubts, take legal advice.

This data scraper is not doing my job well. Can I create my personal Facebook scraper?

Yes, you can. You can create your personal Facebook scraper on Actowiz Solutions — either for deployment or complete production — and use built-in infrastructure, proxies, and storage. We’ll happily provide an environment for Facebook scraping tools of all complexities.

For more information about Facebook Scraper or Facebook Scraper API, contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also contact us for Facebook Page Ads Scraper, Facebook ads library Scraper, web scraping services, and mobile app scraping service requirements.