Facebook Data Scraping Services - Scrape Data from Facebook Pages, Posts, or Comments.

Extract Facebook data like profile name, picture, status, images, handle, country code, shares, followers, title, views, ID, region, posts, likes, comments, timestamp, members, organization, groups, marketplace, website, phone, address, and more. Utilize a Facebook scraping tool or Data Collector to scrape real-time data from Facebook, or buy pre-collected datasets.

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Facebook Data Scraping Services - Scrape Facebook Data

Facebook isn’t a conventional website having a limited budget. Being a company, Facebook comes with a huge budget and thousands of personnel dedicated to stopping spam on various platforms. The truth is that extracting Facebook data is not an easy job by any means and a lot of data scrapers are unable to scrape Facebook data after so many attempts. If you can’t make a Facebook data extractor yourself, using readily available solutions is the finest way of doing that. There are many Facebook data scrapers accessible in the market, which you can use to scrape data. Web scraping helps thousands of companies in scraping data of potential clients as well as using it for sales & marketing. Correspondingly, the Facebook data scraper from Actowiz Solutions assists you to extract emails, comments, likes, contact numbers, and more.

Scraping Facebook Post Data Using Keywords or Hashtags

Although Facebook prohibits all auto crawlers, it is theoretically possible to extract Facebook post data using keywords or Hashtags. Though, the problem is that it is insecure. Regardless of the legal problems, it could be tough to extract the necessary data regularly because Facebook blocks doubtful IPs and could even use hard-blocking mechanisms that could make extracting data from Facebook impossible! Therefore, it is recommended to care for more reliable resources for Facebook data to find business intelligence and insights in the targeted market, and Actowiz Solutions is an ideal option for you!


Extracting Member Data from Facebook Groups

Facebook provides you with the alternative of making Facebook groups for individual usage. Extracting member information from a Facebook group could be useful in numerous ways. Though, despite the lawful problems, it can’t be easy to scrape the required data frequently because Facebook bans doubtful IPs as well as might even utilize hard blocking tools, which could make extracting member's data from Facebook groups difficult. So, it is suggested to search for dependable sources for Facebook data scraping to get business insights and intelligence of targeted markets and Actowiz Solutions is the finest way to do that!


Fetching Marketplace Data as Per Specified Business Category

Nowadays, businesses use social media to get business profiles on various social media platforms. Therefore, if you can draw marketplace data depending on the provided business category, you can have an advantage over the competitors. At Actowiz Solutions, we assist you to get marketplace data depending on the provided Facebook business categories with our Facebook business category data extraction services. Though it’s hard to scrape market data from Facebook, we can certainly assist in extracting Facebook business category market data very easily.


Get Posts Data as Per Profile or Location IDs

As you know, you can create different posts on the wall after logging into your Facebook account. If you observe competitors’ profiles, they will also post using their profiles. If you can get post data as per profile IDs or location, you can observe your competitors as well as their strategies to deal accordingly as well as lead the race. At Actowiz Solutions, we help you extract Facebook post data according to profile or location ID using our Facebook post data scraper. The Facebook profile extractor will assist you to extract Facebook profile data using our Facebook data scraping services.


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There are no limits at Actowiz for total request to be served or number of records to get scraped.


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We proudly serve small, medium, and large companies to Fortune 500 companies having ample amount of experience.


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We provide guaranteed 99.9% accuracy consistently in web data scraping quality data.


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We utilize multiple proxies, make suitable delays, as well as solves Captcha in actual time in web scraping and data extraction.

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