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Assortment Analytics

Maximize Your Sales By Offering A Highly Demanded Product Range

Retain customers by offering a distinct product selection that stands out. Impress shoppers with a curated mix of top-sellers, trending items, and must-have products they'll truly appreciate.

Highlight Your Core Competencies And Bridge Assortment Gaps

  • Remain competitive and appealing by including distinctive, sought-after items in your product range.
  • Identify fresh avenues to meet consumer needs using precise insights on pricing, product features, and upcoming trends.

Keep Up With The Times By Making Astute Product Assortment Decisions

  • Obtain data on the top brands and products prominently featured on e-commerce platforms.
  • Monitor stock fluctuations, product rankings, and price details to gauge specific item popularity.
  • Integrate these findings with shared product characteristics of trending items to pinpoint the current favorites.

Boost Your Selling Prowess With Our Advanced Text And Image Analysis Tools

  • Organize products based on patterns, colors, shapes, and other tangible features.
  • Derive product attribute details even from product descriptions.
  • Stay updated on emerging product attribute trends to enhance your product and promotional approaches.

Maximize Sales Potential By Completing Product Offerings In Your Range

Pinpoint and address high-demand voids in your product lineup, especially compared to leading competitors.

Monitor and evaluate the scope and variety of your product range to pinpoint enhancement opportunities across price points, product types, brands, and beyond.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve By Promptly Adapting To Current Retail Shifts

  • Receive timely alerts and notifications to capitalize on assortment enhancement chances.
  • Gather up-to-date data on trending products whenever needed.
  • Seamlessly integrate with in-house product and inventory systems via APIs.
Delight shoppers with irresistible, popular product offerings!
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Pricing Intelligence

Merge assortment insights with comprehensive data on our product pricing in comparison to competitors.

Promotional Insights

Extract valuable insights by analyzing competitors' promotions online and respond purposefully.


Extracting meaningful insights from unstructured and loud web data is challenging. Fortunately, we've deciphered the code.