Actowiz Solutions LLP ‘The Fastest Growing’ Big Data Analytics Company
Actowiz Solutions LLP ‘The Fastest Growing’ Big Data Analytics Company

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Case Studies across Industries and Domains

Actowiz Solutions case studies from various domains like eCommerce, Travel, Finance, Job Boards, Real estate, etc.

Case Studies

Case Study - Scraping Grocery Data from Instacart Mobile App

This case study shows how Actowiz Solutions has helped a client with his requirement for Scraping Data from Instacart Mobile App like Instacart with Instacart Mobile App Data Scraping.

Case Study - Real-Time Finance Data Feed

This case study shows how a leading financial research company has used our web scraping service to fulfill their requirements.

Case Study - News Data Scraping at Scale with Quick Turnaround Time by Partnering with Actowiz Solutions

This case study shows how Actowiz Solutions successfully addressed the client's challenges by providing a streamlined and scalable solution for news data extraction.

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Case Study – Airline Data Mining

In this case study, we explore how an airline major significantly enhanced its service quality by leveraging data mining techniques applied to data obtained from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

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Case Study - Enabling Business Agility and Growth through Big Data

This case study focuses on a prominent multinational CPG brand that leveraged artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and sentiment analysis to develop innovative global product listing strategies, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

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Case Study – E-commerce Price Monitoring

This case study focuses on implementing a price monitoring system for e-commerce websites. We will explore the objectives, challenges faced, the solution implemented, and the benefits derived from the price monitoring tool.

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Scraping Product Data from Fashion Websites

This case study is about A leading eCommerce platform from the USA requiring a Product Scraper for extracting data from niche fashion websites and how we helped them with our services.

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Restaurant Location Data Scraping

This case study highlights our successful restaurant location information scraping project for a client based in Hawaii.

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Scrape Petcare eCommerce Website Report

Discover how Petcare brands can utilize digital shelf analytics for better product pricing, stock availability, and share of search to boost their e-commerce market and sales share.


Healthcare Data Scraping Automation

A big-size health benefits management company manages high-quality healthcare for millions of patients.


How a Global Fashion Retailer Tracks Prices for 25M+ Products Daily?

This case study shows how a global fashion retailer tracks prices for 25m+ products daily.



How Actowiz Solutions’ Quick Service Restaurant Intelligence has helped an American Chain client in increasing sales.


Location-Based Data Scraping for Cataloging

As a leading e-commerce website, the client needed complete product and pricing data from outlets spread across the U.S. This case study shows how Actowiz Solutions did location-based data scraping for cataloging.


Scrape Product Reviews and Prices

This case study points how Actowiz Solutions has scrapped product reviews and price data across different customer websites for a top manufacturer of residential furniture in Europe.


Instagram Scraper - Scrape Instagram Data

This case study shows how businesses use the Instagram scraper to stay connected and applicable to customers, recognize the newest sharing trends or monitor online reputation on a platform.


How Actowiz Solutions Become a Key to the Success of an E-Commerce Leader?

This case study is about how Actowiz Solutions Has Become a Key to the Success of an E-Commerce Leader and how we have helped them with their problem.


Web Scraping Services for Online Cosmetics Marketplace

The given case study indicates how Actowiz has assisted an FMCG company in optimizing its obtaining processes by extracting competitors’ group data.


eCommerce Data Feeds for Real-Time Price Comparison

How a leading data analytics and business research firm for e-commerce and retail uses our solution to access highly scalable eCommerce data feeds.


Food Delivery App Scraping

A business organization was looking to be a market leader with food delivery solutions as well as optimize various business processes and grow their business.


Distinguish the Best Selling Amazon Products Using Amazon Product Scraping

A large-size e-commerce company is required to identify the best-sellers for the platform using Amazon data analysis.