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Streamline Your Financial Data Feed with Automation


Our client is a leading financial research company specializing in providing investment advice and recommendations to their clients. They have a dedicated team of analysts who constantly monitor market trends, assess company performance, and identify potential investment opportunities.


The client's challenge was to develop a financial recommendation engine that could generate proprietary signals for systematic equity investing by blending market and social data. They aimed to deliver these trade signals to a subscribed audience base daily. The client required vast finance-related data from various sources, including blogs, articles, news, and social media. The scale of data collection was significant, as it involved monitoring over 30,000 websites. Moreover, ensuring the availability and coverage of the data was crucial due to the dynamic nature of the finance market.

Actowiz Solution

The client implemented Actowiz Solutions' Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform to tackle this challenge, leveraging its mass scale and low-latency crawl capabilities. The platform was specifically tailored to handle the immense scale of data collection required, encompassing over 30,000 websites. The crawl process was optimized to prioritize active sources while efficiently handling dormant ones adaptively. An alert system was also integrated to identify and notify inactive sources, ensuring accurate crawl results and overall system efficiency.

To meet the demanding low latency requirement, with a target of 5-10 minutes, the system incorporated specialized components designed to deliver the necessary computational power. These additions enabled swift processing of the collected data. The system provided a search API that allowed the client to query the data at regular intervals, typically within a few minutes, to obtain the desired results. The crawled data was then indexed using a hosted indexing component, enabling efficient storage and retrieval. The final output was delivered in JSON format, facilitating easy integration and customization for the client's proprietary recommendation engine.


100% API availability and continuous data feeds: By leveraging Actowiz Solutions' DaaS platform, the client gained uninterrupted access to real-time financial data through a reliable API. This ensured that the client's recommendation engine had access to the latest information.

Dynamic list of keywords and sources: The platform offered flexibility by allowing the client to easily customize and update the list of keywords and sources according to their specific requirements. This dynamic approach ensured the client could adapt to changing market trends and capture relevant data from diverse sources.

Zero data processing efforts at the client's end: With Actowiz Solutions' platform handling the data collection, crawling, and indexing processes, the client was relieved from the burden of manual data processing. This significantly reduced the client's workload and eliminated the need for dedicated resources to manage these tasks.

Scalable infrastructure reduced client costs: The platform's scalable infrastructure efficiently handled the vast scale of data collection from over 30,000 websites. By relying on Actowiz Solutions' infrastructure, the client avoided investing in their extensive infrastructure, thereby reducing hardware, maintenance, and scaling costs.

Analysts focused on querying final datasets and running analyses: With the automated data feed and indexing in place, the client's analysts could direct their efforts toward querying the finalized datasets and performing in-depth analyses. This allowed them to focus on extracting insights, identifying investment opportunities, and generating proprietary signals, improving overall productivity and decision-making capabilities.

In summary, by automating their financial data feed, our client streamlined their operations, enhanced their decision-making processes, and achieved greater efficiency in generating proprietary signals. Actowiz Solutions' DaaS platform provided the necessary infrastructure, scalability, and low-latency capabilities to meet the client's unique requirements. Embracing automation in finance data feeds is a crucial step toward gaining a competitive edge and unlocking the full potential of financial intelligence.