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Cutting-Edge Price Optimization Software for Precise Competitor Benchmarking

Accurate and up-to-date competitor data is vital for effective price optimization. Actowiz Solutions leads the industry in competitor product matching and data sourcing, seamlessly integrating with your price optimization software. By harnessing same-day, accurate competitor data, you can swiftly respond to market changes and maximize your investments in price optimization. Let us demonstrate how Actowiz Solutions empowers you to leverage real-time competitor data and stay ahead of the competition. Experience the power of advanced price optimization software for accurate competitor benchmarking and confidently make informed pricing decisions.

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Trusted by 2500+ companies across the globe

Best Pricing but Not the Lowermost

360° Prices based on a Product’s Lifecycle

Check ’What If‘ pricing scenarios

99% matching accuracy of Best-in-Industry

Attract and Retain Customers with Dynamic Price Optimization

Harness the power of price optimization, a cutting-edge big data analytics solution designed to drive sales and boost profitability. With our AI ecommerce price tools, you gain real-time market visibility and the ability to make informed pricing decisions. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by monitoring their price movements and catalog changes. Our price optimization solution empowers you to make timely adjustments, whether offering competitive markdowns to outperform your rivals or strategically increasing prices to capitalize on their out-of-stock inventory, maximizing your profit margins. Embrace the power of dynamic pricing and gain a competitive edge in the market. Let our price optimization solution help you attract new customers, retain existing ones, and optimize your pricing strategy for sustained success.


Capture the Attention of Savvy Shoppers with Competitive Pricing

In today's hyper-aware consumer landscape, online retailers must adapt and cater to the needs of savvy shoppers who are well-informed about the best prices in the market. Actowiz Solutions's automated and AI-driven price optimization solution keeps retailers competitive while ensuring profitability. Experience the convenience of automated price optimization with our award-winning solution. Powered by AI, our proprietary similarity engine analyzes market movements and compares prices of similar and identical products worldwide in real time. This enables us to recommend optimized, brilliant prices that attract customers and maximize your chances of winning their business. Put your pricing strategy on auto-pilot and stay ahead of the competition. With Actowiz Solutions's price optimization solution, you can offer compelling prices that resonate with your shoppers, driving sales and maintaining profitability.


Boost Your Customer Base and Product-level Margins with Precise Ecommerce Pricing AI

Success in retail goes beyond simply offering the lowest prices. By leveraging market movements, competitor pricing, and inventory fluctuations, retailers can maximize profitability through rule-based dynamic pricing and real-time price optimization. With our advanced AI-powered solution, you can benefit from 10-second data refresh rates, enabling you always to stay informed about competitor pricing movements. This empowers you with the flexibility to automatically update your prices within seconds, capturing new customers and retaining existing ones. Discover the power of precise ecommerce pricing AI and unlock the potential to grow your customer base while optimizing your product-level margins. Let our cutting-edge technology empower your pricing strategy and drive your retail success.


Price Optimization

The price optimization software is an advanced AI-driven tool that utilizes intuitive machine learning algorithms to analyze, adjust, and automate pricing strategies for many online products with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. This software empowers retailers and brands to experiment with different pricing approaches by setting predefined metrics and objectives while monitoring competitor prices, market trends, and customer demand. Leveraging machine learning capabilities, price optimization software provides real-time recommendations for optimal pricing, enabling businesses to enhance their product margins, increase conversions, and improve overall profitability.

The price optimization software is designed to assist brands and retailers in optimizing their pricing strategies for maximum profitability. It leverages advanced algorithms and data analysis to evaluate competitor prices, market trends, demand patterns, product visibility, and more. The software provides actionable insights and recommendations on pricing adjustments by analyzing this data. The software allows businesses to implement pricing strategies based on specific needs, such as cost-plus, market-driven, rules-based, or elasticity-based approaches. It considers product costs, competitor pricing, customer behavior, and market conditions to determine the most effective pricing strategy. Using price optimization software, brands, and retailers can make informed pricing decisions that balance competitiveness and profitability. The software helps improve product-level margins, increase sales, and enhance overall profitability by recommending optimal prices based on comprehensive data analysis.

A pricing front-runner relies on Excel sheets or software to analyze market data and competitors at a specific time in manual pricing. They use pre-determined parameters to provide price recommendations, which can be manually updated on the company's eCommerce website.

In contrast, automated pricing utilizes pricing software that applies rules and predefined parameters to determine competitive prices for thousands of SKUs. The software can automatically update product prices on the company's eCommerce site. It considers factors such as changes in competitor pricing, sales trends, stock availability, and demand while ensuring the user's gross margin requirements are met.

By adopting an automated pricing strategy, retailers and brands gain the flexibility to adjust prices multiple times a day across a large number of SKUs without requiring significant time or resources. This approach enables them to stay competitive and responsive to market dynamics while optimizing their pricing strategy to maximize profitability.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, manual price management is insufficient, especially in the face of fierce competition like Amazon. Relying solely on manual pricing can result in missed opportunities to optimize profits, as there is a risk of overpricing or underpricing products.

AI-driven pricing software offers a superior solution, providing speed, accuracy, and intelligent pricing recommendations based on multiple parameters. The software analyzes data and market trends within seconds to generate pricing recommendations that maximize profitability. By automating your pricing strategy for many products, you can swiftly capitalize on gaps left by your competitors, leading to increased product margins and higher revenue sales.

With AI-driven pricing software, you can eliminate manual errors and guesswork, ensuring your pricing decisions are data-driven and precise. This lets you stay competitive, make informed pricing adjustments quickly, and optimize your revenue potential in the dynamic marketplace.

The price optimization software offered by Actowiz Solutions harnesses the power of patented machine learning algorithms and intelligent AI to deliver highly accurate pricing recommendations. With an impressive 99% product matching accuracy and data refresh rates as frequent as every 10 seconds, Actowiz Solutions empowers retailers and brands to closely monitor and respond to competitor prices in real time.

Actowiz Solutions' software incorporates rule-based pricing, allowing users to align their pricing strategy with pricing policy rules. By leveraging AI capabilities, brands and retailers can automatically adjust prices based on these rules, improving gross margins and increasing opportunities for converting shoppers.

With Actowiz Solutions' price optimization software, businesses can make data-driven pricing decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and optimize their profitability by ensuring their prices align with market dynamics and pricing strategies.

Actowiz Solutions' pricing optimization software provides brands and retailers with a powerful AI-driven solution that includes a patented similarity engine. This engine allows for accurate product and price comparisons across the international competitive landscape, boasting an impressive matching precision of 99%. With wide-ranging AI-driven datasets and fast data refresh rates, businesses can analyze and update prices in real-time across their online inventory.

Actowiz Solutions' pricing optimization software offers plug and play APIs, eliminating the need for complex integration and enabling organizations to achieve a rapid return on investment. Furthermore, Actowiz Solutions’ language-doubting solutions support 100+ languages in six continents, making them highly versatile and adaptable to the specific needs of any retail organization.

By leveraging Actowiz Solutions' pricing optimization software, brands and retailers can gain valuable insights, make data-backed pricing decisions, and stay competitive in the global market. The scalable and customizable nature of the software ensures that it can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each retail organization, driving profitability and success.

Actowiz Solutions incorporates a robust machine learning (ML) layer that utilizes proprietary techniques to ensure a 99% accuracy in matching and comparing data collected from various global websites, including major platforms like Amazon and Alibaba. The software's innovative crawling technology mimics human behavior, ensuring a non-intrusive and ethical approach to data collection.

With over eight years of experience, Actowiz Solutions has developed advanced time series prediction models and algorithms specifically focused on pricing and availability information, resulting in industry-leading product refresh rates.

Furthermore, Actowiz Solutions employs a 3-layer attribution AI model that combines collected data, inferred data, computer vision, and other non-obvious product sources such as customer reviews. This multi-pronged data collection and analysis approach allows for the highest levels of product matching accuracy and real-time price optimization in the market.

By leveraging Actowiz Solutions' advanced ML capabilities, businesses can make data-driven decisions, stay competitive, and optimize prices in real-time to drive revenue and profitability.

Actowiz Solutions provides a flexible and scalable pricing solution tailored to your needs. The software flawlessly integrates with internal systems, allowing for a quick implementation of a well-customized pricing optimization strategy.

With Actowiz Solutions, you can choose total SKUs, marketplaces, retailers, and eCommerce sites you want to monitor. You can also define rules and parameters to track competitor prices at a granular level, whether at zip code levels or on the global scale.

The software offers real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing you to receive competitor price updates as frequently as every 10 seconds or once a day, depending on your preferences. All this information is presented in a unified and user-friendly dashboard, making it easy to analyze and make informed pricing decisions.

Actowiz Solutions ensures that you have complete control over your pricing strategy and provides the tools to optimize your prices effectively and efficiently.

When evaluating pricing software for online businesses, there are several key parameters that brands and retailers should consider:

Scalability: Look for a solution that can scale with your growing business needs. It should handle many SKUs, retailers, marketplaces, and eCommerce websites while maintaining performance.

Speed & accuracy: Consider a pricing software that offers fast data refresh rates and ensures the highest level of data accuracy. Real-time or near-real-time updates are crucial for staying competitive in the dynamic market.

Integrations: Choose a solution that requires minimum to zero integrations, allowing for a quick and hassle-free setup. This ensures seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows.

Technology: Opt for software powered by state-of-the-art AI/ML technology. It should leverage robust retail datasets and advanced algorithms to provide accurate pricing recommendations and automate your pricing strategies effectively.

ROI: Look for pricing software that offers rapid ROI on your investments. It should deliver tangible results by helping you increase product margins, improve conversions, and drive overall profitability

Customizations: Ensure that the software is flexible and can be customized according to your specific requirements. This allows you to tailor the pricing strategies and parameters to align with your business goals and target audience.

By considering these key parameters, brands and retailers can select a pricing software that meets their unique needs and empowers them to optimize prices, drive sales, and achieve sustainable growth in the online marketplace.

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There are no limits at Actowiz for total request to be served or number of records to get scraped.


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Actowiz platform gets configured in line with client’s precise requirements at all levels.

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We proudly serve small, medium, and large companies to Fortune 500 companies having ample amount of experience.


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We provide guaranteed 99.9% accuracy consistently in web data scraping quality data.


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We utilize multiple proxies, make suitable delays, as well as solves Captcha in actual time in web scraping and data extraction.


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Uniquely promote adaptive quality vectors rather than stand-alone e-markets pontificate alternative architectures with accurate schemas.

We needed a data scraping company for our needs of mobile data scraping, and Actowiz Solutions has offered us an excellent experience! They are experts in providing data scraping services. We would suggest them to you for your data scraping needs.

Dale Moore

Virginia, USA

Being in the traveling business, we were looking for a data scraping company that could fulfill all our traveling data scraping requirements. Team Actowiz Solutions has worked very hard and provided us with wonderful results. We are continuously using their web scraping services now!

Catherine Scott

Sydney, Australia

We are highly impressed with Actowiz Solutions for their Data Crawling services. Our requirements were unusual, but they have done extremely well to provide us with the finest output. And the credit goes to team Actowiz!

Christopher Nelson

London, UK

Working with Actowiz Solutions was a completely new experience for us. Team Actowiz Solutions is very confident and deals with just about everything for our web scraping requirements! 5 Star for their data scraping service.

Emma Carter

Hamburg, Germany

“Great value for the money. The expertise you get vs. what you pay makes this a no brainer”

Thomas Galido

Co-Founder / Head of Product at Upright Data Inc.

“I strongly recommend Actowiz Solutions for their outstanding web scraping services. Their team delivered impeccable results with a nice price, ensuring data on time.”

Iulen Ibanez



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