Core Challenges

The business was unable to have efficient solutions to deal with key business challenges to do food delivery apps scraping with the actual situations.

The business wanted to extract food delivery app data using the REST API call instead of any sequential scraping.

Moreover, their business needs them to help requests in real-time i.e. Scraping Food Delivery Price Data using API.

The main challenges encountered are given below:
  • The PromptCloud team managed any alterations within the source websites.
  • Lower data turnaround time has improved the capability of client’s capabilities and services.
  • Productivity improved as the data had enough time to work on other projects. The client extended into other business verticals.
  • Value-addition from this project was around 50 times the spending.

Perfect Solution


Available solutions have been provided to cope with thousands of food delivery apps scraping requirements having the real-time with Restaurant’s Name or Foods like inputs with other information like Restaurant’s Address, Reviews, Cuisines, Opening Hours, Payment Method, Contact Numbers, More Details, Current Promotion, Longitudes & Latitudes, Menu Items, Food Price, Food Type, Food Discounted Pricing, as well as Food Description to summarize the scraped data to JSON; as well as provide a JSON file to the customer’s premises.

Our food scraping solutions are well-resourced with a strong infrastructure comprising Automated QA algorithms, high-end Servers, regional proxies, and entrenched Captcha solving services.

Auto Email informers are pre-arranged for acknowledging total requests, which have been assisted successfully during a certain period having total failing requests with accurate error codes.

The main challenges encountered are given below:
  • Brand Monitoring using Food Delivery Competitors’ Prices
  • Competitive Pricing for Food Delivery Platforms
  • Extract Food Menu’s Competitive Prices with Item Modifiers
  • Extract Region-Wise Food Delivery Competitors’ Price Data
  • Food Delivery Data having Graphical User Interface
  • Item-Wise Services, Discounts, Packaging, and Delivery Charges
  • Mobile App Scraping of Food Delivery Apps
  • Scrape Competitor’s Price Food Menu Data of Different Food Delivery Stores

Perfect Results


We have a strong food delivery apps data scraping API that helped the business to concentrate more on daily core activities. The main characteristics that have well-optimized different businesses include:

  • Auto System for serving the everyday flow of different food requests.
  • Auto QA process, which minimizes the inner QA sources.
  • Get screenshots that help in validating food delivery data.