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Real-Time News Collection

Our live crawler services continuously scan a multitude of news websites, RSS feeds, and social media platforms to collect breaking news and updates from various sources.


Topic-Specific Monitoring

Users can customize their news preferences, and the live crawler services filter and gather content based on their chosen topics, such as finance, technology, sports, or healthcare.


Instant Alerts

The live crawler instantly detects breaking news and sends real-time alerts to users via the platform's mobile app, email, or SMS, ensuring they are always informed of the latest developments.


Multilingual Support

Our live crawler services support multiple languages, enabling the aggregation of global news in different languages to cater to a diverse audience.


Sentiment Analysis

The platform uses sentiment analysis tools to gauge the emotional tone of news articles, providing users with insights into the public's reaction to specific events or topics.


Analytics and Trends

Our live crawler services also provide data analytics, including trending topics and the most popular news articles within specific industries or regions. This helps businesses and professionals make informed decisions.


Content Enrichment

The live crawler enhances news articles by adding relevant multimedia elements, such as images and videos, and cross-referencing with related articles to provide comprehensive coverage of events.


Data Export and Integration

Our offers APIs and data export options, allowing businesses to integrate real-time news into their own applications, websites, or dashboards, enriching their services with live, curated content.

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Key Features for Live Crawling Services

Real-time Product Monitoring

Live crawling services excel at tracking dynamic product information such as pricing, descriptions, customer reviews, and images on e-commerce platforms. This data empowers businesses to assess their products' competitive positioning, refine pricing strategies, and optimize stock levels in response to market fluctuations.


Customer Experience Analysis

Live crawlers capture and analyze a product's complete range of customer reviews from various e-commerce sites. This positive and negative feedback provides real-time insights into customer satisfaction, allowing businesses to make immediate improvements and enhance the overall customer experience.


Dynamic Marketing Strategies

Live crawling enables real-time evaluation of marketing strategies. Businesses can swiftly assess the effectiveness of their campaigns, analyze dynamic data, and make precise adjustments to their marketing approaches based on evolving market conditions and consumer behavior.


Pricing Intelligence

Accessing real-time pricing data is crucial for optimizing pricing strategies and maximizing profitability. Live crawling services like Actowiz Solutions provides businesses with the real-time pricing intelligence needed to navigate complex dynamic pricing challenges, fostering sustainable business growth and customer loyalty.


E-commerce Data Analytics

In an increasingly e-commerce-driven world, the demand for data analytics related to online markets has surged. Live crawlers are essential for extracting real-time data from various e-commerce sources, including product offer listings, reviews, product pages, Q&A sections, search results, and custom URLs, ensuring businesses stay informed and competitive in the digital marketplace.


Why Choose Actowiz Solutions for Your Live Crawler Service Requirements?


Historical Access

Our live crawling solution is perfect for obtaining historical datasets and receiving real-time insights directly within your application.


Real-time Data

Access up-to-the-minute data whenever a user starts searching a term on your app or website. Our live crawlers are preconfigured to collect information from your specified sources.


Data Delivery

With real-time data delivery, our platform conducts internal crawling of search results, extracts and mines data, and provides structured data through the same API.


Data Extraction

Utilize live crawlers to extract vast data points from thousands of web sources, enhancing asset maintenance and upgrades.


Site Monitoring

Stay vigilant with real-time site monitoring and gather immediate feedback to optimize asset maintenance. A live crawler can be a game-changing asset for your business.


A Live Crawler Service is a specialized data extraction solution that continuously gathers real-time data from various web sources and delivers it in a structured format for immediate use.
Actowiz Solutions' Live Crawler Service offers the benefits of real-time data access, historical data retrieval, and structured data delivery, providing valuable insights and information for your business needs.
Our Live Crawler Service can provide both historical datasets and real-time insights. Historical data can be accessed through our platform, allowing you to analyze past trends and patterns.
Our service is designed to deliver real-time data when users enter search terms on your website or app. Our live data crawlers are preconfigured to extract this information from your specified sources.
You can define the sources from which data is collected. Actowiz Solutions allows you to customize the data extraction process to align with your requirements.
To get started, click 'Get Started Now' on our website and provide us with your requirements. We will initiate the process promptly and assist you in setting up the service.
Yes, the data extracted by our live crawlers is delivered in a structured format, making it easy to integrate into your application or business processes.
Our Live Crawler Service can monitor sites in real-time, allowing you to gather immediate feedback for improved asset maintenance and decision-making.
Actowiz Solutions is committed to legal and ethical compliance. We adhere to data privacy and web scraping regulations to ensure that your data extraction activities are conducted within the boundaries of the law.
Our versatile service can benefit many industries, including e-commerce, finance, market research, and more. Any business seeking real-time data and insights can benefit from our Live Crawler Service.