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Web scraping services make a procedure for auto data scraping using web data scrapers. Web scraping service providers like Actowiz Solutions specialize in creating web scrapers to extract websites without being detected and can quickly scrap data from hundreds to millions of pages. Actowiz Solutions has a client base in countries like the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, UAE, and more.

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Fully Managed Web Scraping Services For Enterprises

Some of the world's largest companies depend on Actowiz to convert millions of web pages into actionable data. We give Data-as-a-Service with higher quality and well-structured data for superior business outcomes and intelligent decision-making. As a leading Web scraping services provider, we provide end-to-end custom data scraping services at affordable prices. We help businesses in converting ideas into on- demand solutions as well as help businesses in serving customers better. Our fantastic team of API developers always gives the finest solutions. We have a consistent track recode is offering 100% satisfaction to all our customers.


E-Commerce Data Scraping Service

We offer a complete data scraping solution, including automation and human validation, accessing precise and quality e-commerce data scraping from e-commerce sites worldwide. Extract product prices, descriptions, ratings, ranking, reviews, and other data according to your requests. We combine, organize, and scrape e-commerce data for SKUs, markets, as well as e-commerce sites. The well-known e-commerce websites we scrape consist of:

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Food Delivery App Scraping

Food ordering apps have become a new method of food distribution. At Actowiz, we provide food delivery apps and data scraping services with accuracy and on-time delivery. Our data extraction services help get data like product details, pricing, features, quotations, etc. At Actowiz, we scrape accurate data and provide all the essential business details. We extract data from top food delivery websites like:

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Grocery Delivery Data Scraping

The grocery delivery business is increasingly growing, thanks to the availability and ease of use. Monitoring grocery delivery data requires a web scraping service provider who can constantly collect data per schedule. Web scraping solutions like Actowiz can offer custom solutions to scrape the grocery data you need to help you have a start. Actowiz also provides customized data scraping APIs for websites that don't have APIs to help you get that. We extract data from top grocery delivery apps, including:

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Hotel Data Scraping

They were scraping hotel data, including room pricing, reviews, accessibility, etc., at scale to unlock growth opportunities like sentiment analysis, hotel price comparison, brand management, etc. Scraping hotel data could be extremely useful for monitoring hotel pricing or observing various hotel ratings. Actowiz's hotel data scraping services have clean and important hotel data. We extract data from leading hotel sites, including:

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Social Media Data Scraping

Social Media scraping is an automated practice of having data from different social media websites and portals, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, etc., having a social media scraper. Businesses may use the given datasets to have essential data in marketing and customer sentiments. Using social media scraping tools like Scrapy, you can easily extract publicly available data from various social media platforms. At Actowiz, we scrape data from top social media platforms like:

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Real Estate and Housing Data Scraping

It's easy to monitor the Real Estate market with web scraping. You can easily extract Real Estate data like Agents, Brokers, listings, Apartments, Mortgages, Estate Agents, Foreclosures, MLS, Houses, and FSBO. It's easy to scrape Repair and Construction, Building Permits, Plumbing, Electrical, County-level data, and Recorded Deeds and feed them into systems or get e-mail alerts.

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Travel Data Scraping

Many travel apps are available, including Expedia, Agoda, TripIt, Hopper, Trip Advisor, MakeMyTrip, Kayak, and Google Trips, with enormous data of reviewers' profiles, travel listings, as well as hotel reviews. At Actowiz, we extract data from all traveling apps that can be utilized to analyze travelers' likes, dislikes, patterns, and additional data that could be used for doing productive business with traveling & tourism business. We extract data from leading traveling apps like:

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Car Rental Data Scraping

Whenever travelers plan for individual journeys or vacations, they need rented cars at the right place and prices, making them precise and competitive, and you can maximize the revenue. At Actowiz, we provide car rental data scraping services for scraping all the data regarding rented cars to help you lead the market. At Actowiz, we extract data from top car rental data scraping sites like:

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Recruitment Data Scraping

Our dedicated recruitment data extraction services assist you in making prearranged employment data feeds by scraping management jobs from different career pages of business websites, and job boards like the latest posted jobs, in-demand skills, hiring staff, and recruitment areas. Many companies depend on our recruitment data extraction services as we use innovative methods and approaches to offer well-defined job data scraping services. At Actowiz, we extract data from top recruitment and job sites like:

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Stock and Finance Data Scraping

We help you in getting high-quality data for the banking and finance domain. We extract inventory as well as price data for tracking customers as well as competitor companies. Extract high-quality data to monitor thousands of company sites. Bankers, investors, and wealth managers can make up-to-date decisions using insights from this data. Use sentiment analysis to collect data from blogs, forums, and social networks to forecast bull & bear market dynamics. At Actowiz, we extract data from top finance sites like:

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Dating App Data Scraping

If you want to scrape profile data from different dating websites, then Actowiz offers the best dating app data scraping services to scrape profiles from various dating websites. Actowiz is an ideal data scraping service provider worldwide for all dating app web scraping requirements. At Actowiz, we extract data from top dating websites like:

  • Tinder
  • SilverSingles
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Bumble
  • Eharmony
  • Grindr
  • JDate
  • Elite Singles
  • CoffeeMeetsBagel
  • BlackPeopleMeet
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Medicine Delivery Data Scraping

With the pharmacy or medicine delivery app, getting medicines to the doorsteps has become easier. Just download the medicine app to order your medicines from any place easily. At Actowiz, we offer medicine delivery data scraping services to extract data like product names, pricing, discounts, offers, etc. We extract pharmacy apps data like:

  • 1MG
  • RiteAid
  • Medlife
  • Medscape
  • NowRx
  • MedPlus
  • Netmeds
  • PharmEasy
  • OptumRx
  • Practo
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Liquor Delivery Data Scraping

Different websites for liquor e-commerce delivery offer a wide range of wine gifts and wine shipping options, with a range in pricing and style for different tastes. Scraping these liquor sites isn't easy, so it's a superior option of hiring Actowiz as we extract online cigars, wine, and whiskey prices from Cigars, Wine, and Whiskey websites or extract wine data from wine websites. At Actowiz, we extract liquor delivery data from top websites like:

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Data Aggregation Data Scraping

At Actowiz, we offer high-quality datasets at all scales that businesses might directly use for essential insights. Our data aggregation services get hosted on various platforms of superior efficiency, incorporating thousands of points from multiple resources. Our skilled team of system excellence specialists ensures that aggregated data has the highest precision and dependability so that aggregated data might be consumed immediately.

We aggregate data across various industries:

  • Company Data
  • Commodity Data
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Sales Leads
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Why Choose Actowiz for Web Scraping and Data Extraction Services?

Scale on a Huge Canvas

There are no limits at Actowiz for a total request to be served or several records to get scraped.


Customize Completely

The Actowiz platform gets configured in line with the client's precise requirements at all levels.

Domain Proficiency

We proudly serve small, medium, and large companies to Fortune 500 companies with ample experience.


Guaranteed Quality

We provide guaranteed 99.9% accuracy consistently in web data scraping quality data.


No Blockages

We utilize multiple proxies, make suitable delays, and solve Captcha in actual time in web scraping and data extraction.

Case Studies

Read our challenging Customer Case Studies and find out our solutions. Actowiz is a enterprise web scraping platform. Contact us for best quotes.


What They Say About Us

Uniquely promote adaptive quality vectors rather than stand-alone e-markets pontificate alternative architectures with accurate schemas.

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“Great value for the money. The expertise you get vs. what you pay makes this a no brainer”

Thomas Galido

Co-Founder / Head of Product at Upright Data Inc.
Michał Edwards

Actowiz Solutions has shown complete dedication and professionalism in our data scraping project! We would work with them again, and we surely recommend them!

James Murphy
Florida, USA

We had a wonderful time dealing with Actowiz Solutions for our data scraping requirements that other service providers have unsuccessful in fulfilling. However, Actowiz Solutions is different! They have done it superbly well! We are grateful to Actowiz Solutions!


We needed a data scraping company for our needs of mobile data scraping, and Actowiz Solutions has offered us an excellent experience! They are experts in providing data scraping services. We would suggest them to you for your data scraping needs.

Dale Moore
Virginia, USA

Being in the traveling business, we were looking for a data scraping company that could fulfill all our traveling data scraping requirements. Team Actowiz Solutions has worked very hard and provided us with wonderful results. We are continuously using their web scraping services now!

Catherine Scott
Sydney, Australia

We are highly impressed with Actowiz Solutions for their Data Crawling services. Our requirements were unusual, but they have done extremely well to provide us with the finest output. And the credit goes to team Actowiz!

Christopher Nelson
London, UK

Working with Actowiz Solutions was a completely new experience for us. Team Actowiz Solutions is very confident and deals with just about everything for our web scraping requirements! 5 Star for their data scraping service.

Emma Carter
Hamburg, Germany


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