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Actowiz offers ready-to-use data. Our cutting-edge mobile app scraping services give you access to applicable, curated, and progressive mobile scrapers according to your requirements. Scrape Android and iOS app data using our Android and iOS app scraping services.

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What is a Mobile App?

A mobile app is a software designed to run on a mobile device, including a tablet or smartphone. Mobile apps regularly serve to give users associated services to access on PCs.

With over 2.7 billion Smartphone users and 1.35 billion tablet users across the globe, the market of mobile apps is thriving! There are 2.2 million apps on Apple Play Store and 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store respectively. Any average smartphone user uses 30 apps per month as well as there would be a 25% increase in the worldwide app downloads during 2018- 2022. As more than 90% of the time is consumed on mobile apps and games, mobile apps are expected to make $189 billion in revenue during 2020!

At Actowiz Solutions, we offer the finest mobile app scraping services in India and USA to extract mobile app data.

Mobile Apps Scraping is extremely important to:
  • Developers and engineers who want to make apps depending on market-leading apps
  • E-commerce Analyst for comparing the prices posted for different products on different shopping apps
  • Mobile app individuals or companies that want to trail competitor apps and their abilities
  • Travel price professional where rates are accessible on Mobile Apps and not on the website
Key Features of Mobile App Scraping

The key features of Mobile App Scraping consist of the following:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Cares About 3rd Party Integration and Residential IPs
  • Completely Automatic
  • Easy API Integration
  • Flexible Delivery Techniques
  • Highly Accessible
  • Platform Self-regulating
  • Precise & Developed Data Scraping
  • Well-Customized

Mobile App Scraping services from Actowiz scrape a massive volume of data from all mobile apps (Android and iOS), deliver the outputs in chosen customary Excel or CSV format, and establish API Incorporation.

Mobile App Scraping is recognized in well-known industries like Real Estate, Travel, E-Commerce, News & Media, Healthcare, etc., where businesses offer special discount rates on mobile apps rather than web portals.

Actowiz Solutions is an expert mobile app scraping Service Company that assists businesses in scraping data from smartphones with essential data. We scrape data from iOS and Android apps and help in getting success in the online world today. Data is gathered with similar attributes to utilize in different applications.

Several companies rely on our mobile app data scraping services as we use innovative approaches and tactics for providing well-organized mobile app scraping services.

Leverage the Demands of Mobile App Scraping

Actowiz Solutions offers web content extracted from applications alongside relevant data, valid for various objectives. We let the apps display interlinking and their links to derive data regarding the best attributes of apps and their reputation.

There are a lot of advantages to our mobile app scraping process:
  • Mobile app data scraping is extremely difficult, and extracting data from iPhones and Android is quite challenging. Our understanding helps us alter the app's framework using mobile application data scraping services precisely and quickly.
  • Mobile app scraping includes data from the present apps on a distinct basis to identify the loopholes and strings in saving time while working on similar apps.
  • We always take customer suggestions, assumptions, and requirements from mobile apps.
  • We keep all the data secured and safe while offering data in various formats like HTML, CSV, XLS, JSON, etc.
  • We use the app locations to scrape a mobile app and derive exact data included with all the future consumer apps.

What is the Requirement of Mobile App Scraping?

Due to quicker revolutions in today's communication world as well as easy Internet accessibility, the usage of mobiles is increasing day by day. This results in growing demands for Android and iOS-based mobile apps and data scraping apps.

A massive number of mobile apps are being developed regularly. Most mobile users utilize Social and E-commerce apps on their mobiles. Today, people want mobile apps to perform online shopping rather than using websites because many benefits, offers, and coupons are accessible only on mobile apps as well as rates are different on the website and mobile apps.

With the growing usage of iPhone and Android mobiles, data scraping from iOS and Android apps has become extremely important. Therefore, if you wish to scrape data from mobile apps utilized worldwide, you need to hire app scraping services from Actowiz Solutions.

Well-known Industries Helped by Mobile App Scraping

Mobile Apps Scraping serves many well-known industries. These industries consist of:


E-Commerce Mobile App Data Scraping Services

We provide a comprehensive e-commerce mobile app data scraping solution from e-commerce apps across the globe. We merge, organize, and extract e-commerce app data for markets, SKUs, and e-commerce apps. We scrape data like product prices, descriptions, ranking, reviews, ratings, and other details per your needs. The well-known e-commerce apps we extract consist of:

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Food Delivery Mobile App Scraping Services

Food delivery and ordering apps are the new way of food distribution. At Actowiz, we offer food delivery and ordering app scraping services with precision and delivery on time. Our food delivery app data extraction services will help you scrape food app data like product info, prices, features, quotations, etc. At Actowiz, we extract food app data accurately and offer essential business data. We scrape data from top food delivery apps like:

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Grocery Delivery Mobile App Data Scraping Services

The grocery delivery business is progressively increasing thanks to easy usage and availability. Monitoring grocery app data needs a web data scraping service provider that regularly collects data according to your needs. Mobile app data scraping solutions like Actowiz can provide customized services to extract grocery app data. Actowiz also provides custom-made grocery app data scraping APIs. We scrape data from top grocery delivery apps like:

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Hotel Mobile App Data Scraping Services

Scraping hotel app data can be valuable if you need to monitor hotel pricing or observe different hotel ratings. Extracting hotel app data includes room prices, reviews, accessibility, and more to unlock additional growth opportunities, including sentiment analysis, hotel pricing comparisons, brand management, and more. With Actowiz's hotel app data scraping services, you can get clean and vital hotel app data. We scrape data from leading hotel apps like:

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OTT Media Platforms App Data Scraping Services

OTT apps are ruling the world, and their future looks bright too. OTT media apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc., research the audiences. All these OTT platforms offer quality data in different formats, sizes, and levels. They use mobile app data scraping services like Actowiz that scrape publicly open OTT media data. At Actowiz, we scrape data from top OTT media apps like:

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Social Media App Data Scraping Services

Social Media app data scraping is an automatic practice of getting data from various social media apps like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., using a social media app scraper. Businesses might use the provided datasets to get important marketing and customer sentiment information. At Actowiz, we extract data from top social media apps like:

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Travel App Data Scraping Services

There are various travel apps accessible, including Agoda, TripIt, Expedia, Hopper, MakeMyTrip, Trip Advisor, Kayak, etc., with vast data on travel listings, reviewers' profiles, and hotel reviews. At Actowiz, we scrape data from different traveling apps, which can be used for analyzing travelers' patterns, likes, and dislikes, as well as extract data, which could be utilized to do productive business of traveling & tourism. We scrape data from top traveling apps like:

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Car Rental App Data Scraping

Every time a traveler plans for any distinct vacation or journey, he wants a rented car at the right place and price that makes real and competitive deals and can raise revenue. At Actowiz, we offer car rental app data scraping services to scrape all the data about rented cars to help you control the market. At Actowiz, we scrape data from top car rental apps like:

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Recruitment App Data Scraping

Our recruitment app data scraping services help you get employment data feeds by extracting management jobs from various career pages of job boards and business apps including recently posted jobs, hiring staff, in-demand skills, and recruitment areas. Many companies rely on our recruitment app data extraction services because we use advanced methods and approaches to provide well-defined job app data scraping services. At Actowiz, we scrape data from top job and recruitment apps like:

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Dating App Data Scraping

If you want to scrape profile data from different dating websites, then Actowiz offers the best dating app data scraping services to scrape profiles from various dating websites. Actowiz is an ideal data scraping service provider worldwide for all dating app web scraping requirements. At Actowiz, we extract data from top dating websites like:

  • Tinder
  • SilverSingles
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Bumble
  • Eharmony
  • Grindr
  • JDate
  • Elite Singles
  • CoffeeMeetsBagel
  • BlackPeopleMeet
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Medicine Delivery App Data Scraping

With medicine or pharmacy delivery apps, having medicines at home has become much more manageable. Just download a medicine app to order medicines from every place easily. At Actowiz, we provide medicine delivery app data scraping services to scrape data like product names, prices, discounts, offers, and more. We scrape pharmacy apps data from leading medicine apps like:

  • 1MG
  • RiteAid
  • Medlife
  • Medscape
  • NowRx
  • MedPlus
  • Netmeds
  • PharmEasy
  • OptumRx
  • Practo
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Liquor Delivery App Data Scraping

Various liquor e-commerce delivery apps provide an extensive range of alternatives for wine gifts and wine shipping, having a range in style and pricing for several tastes. Scraping liquor app data isn't easy; therefore, it's the best option to hire Actowiz as we scrape online cigars, wines, and whiskey pricing from Wine, Whiskey, and Cigars apps or scrape wine data from different apps. At Actowiz, we scrape liquor delivery data from top liquor apps like:

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Why Choose Actowiz for Web Scraping and Data Extraction Services?

Scale on a Huge Canvas

There are no limits at Actowiz for a total request to be served or several records to get scraped.


Customize Completely

The Actowiz platform gets configured in line with the client's precise requirements at all levels.

Domain Proficiency

We proudly serve small, medium, and large companies to Fortune 500 companies with ample experience.


Guaranteed Quality

We provide guaranteed 99.9% accuracy consistently in web data scraping quality data.


No Blockages

We utilize multiple proxies, make suitable delays, and solve Captcha in actual time in web scraping and data extraction.

Case Studies

Read our challenging Customer Case Studies and find out our solutions. Actowiz is a enterprise web scraping platform. Contact us for best quotes.


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Uniquely promote adaptive quality vectors rather than stand-alone e-markets pontificate alternative architectures with accurate schemas.

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We had a wonderful time dealing with Actowiz Solutions for our data scraping requirements that other service providers have unsuccessful in fulfilling. However, Actowiz Solutions is different! They have done it superbly well! We are grateful to Actowiz Solutions!


We needed a data scraping company for our needs of mobile data scraping, and Actowiz Solutions has offered us an excellent experience! They are experts in providing data scraping services. We would suggest them to you for your data scraping needs.

Dale Moore
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Being in the traveling business, we were looking for a data scraping company that could fulfill all our traveling data scraping requirements. Team Actowiz Solutions has worked very hard and provided us with wonderful results. We are continuously using their web scraping services now!

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We are highly impressed with Actowiz Solutions for their Data Crawling services. Our requirements were unusual, but they have done extremely well to provide us with the finest output. And the credit goes to team Actowiz!

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Working with Actowiz Solutions was a completely new experience for us. Team Actowiz Solutions is very confident and deals with just about everything for our web scraping requirements! 5 Star for their data scraping service.

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