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Amazon Fresh is an e-commerce platform operated by Amazon that specializes in delivering groceries and household items. It provides customers a convenient way to order a diverse range of products and deliver them directly to their doorstep.


Our client sought a competitive advantage by enhancing their product selection and pricing strategy. They recognized the importance of collecting data from various grocery mobile apps, including Amazon Fresh, to achieve this. Their objective was to obtain valuable insights into market trends, competitor offerings, and customer preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions to improve their business strategies.



Actowiz Solutions implemented data scraping techniques to extract relevant information from competitor grocery websites like Amazon Fresh, online marketplaces, and social media platforms to address this challenge. Our team performed data scraping activities to gather data on product descriptions, prices, customer reviews, and ratings. This collected data was then subjected to thorough analysis, enabling us to identify market trends, evaluate competitor strategies, and provide valuable insights to our client for making informed pricing and product selection decisions.


Our client achieved a holistic understanding of the online grocery market by utilizing Amazon Fresh grocery app data scraping. The data obtained gave them valuable insights into competitor offerings, pricing trends, and customer preferences. These insights enabled our clients to optimize their product selection, make informed adjustments to pricing strategies, and significantly enhance their competitiveness within the online grocery industry.