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Client: XYZ Electronics (Pseudonym for confidentiality)

Industry: A renowned global brand that specializes in innovative electronic gadgets and smart home devices


XYZ Electronics is a renowned global brand specializing in innovative electronic gadgets and smart home devices. With the continuous growth of online sales, XYZ Electronics faced a recurring issue of unauthorized sellers on significant e-commerce marketplaces, notably Amazon and other popular platforms. These unauthorized sellers severely threatened the brand's reputation, caused price erosion, and offered poor customer service. To tackle this challenge effectively, XYZ Electronics sought the expertise of Actowiz Solutions, a leading provider of e-commerce brand protection and enforcement services.


The main objectives of this case study were as follows:

  • Identify unauthorized sellers listing XYZ Electronics' products on Amazon and other relevant e-commerce platforms.
  • Gather substantial evidence to prove unauthorized selling activities and intellectual property infringements.
  • Take prompt actions to remove unauthorized sellers and deter their future returns.
  • Implement robust brand protection measures to prevent further unauthorized selling incidents.


Step 1: Marketplace Scanning and Data Collection

Actowiz Solutions deployed advanced market monitoring tools to scan significant e-commerce platforms thoroughly. To achieve comprehensive market insights and monitor your brand's presence effectively, consider utilizing our specialized ecommerce data scraping services. This allowed us to identify all sellers offering XYZ Electronics products.

Step 2: Unauthorized Seller Identification

Working closely with XYZ Electronics, we distinguished authorized sellers from unauthorized ones based on the provided data and brand affiliations. This step helped us segregate genuine sellers from potential violators.

Step 3: Evidence Gathering

We meticulously gathered evidence to build a strong case against unauthorized sellers, including product listings, pricing inconsistencies, seller information, communication logs, and customer complaints. This evidence served as a basis for reporting violations to the marketplaces.

Step 4: Communication with Marketplaces

Actowiz Solutions initiated direct communication with Amazon and other relevant marketplaces on behalf of XYZ Electronics. We filed formal complaints and presented compelling evidence of intellectual property violations, unauthorized selling, and counterfeit activities.

Step 5: Enforcement and Unauthorized Seller Removal

We successfully removed 45 unauthorized sellers from Amazon and other marketplaces through rigorous monitoring and persistent follow-ups. Leveraging our specialized Amazon Data Scraping Services, we were able to efficiently track and identify unauthorized sellers, enabling us to take prompt and effective actions. This demonstrates the power of data-driven strategies in safeguarding your brand's reputation and ensuring a trusted shopping experience for customers on e-commerce platforms. Additionally, we reported multiple counterfeit products, leading to their swift removal.

Step 6: Brand Protection Enhancement

We collaborated with XYZ Electronics to develop a comprehensive brand protection strategy to prevent future unauthorized selling incidents. This included implementing advanced anti-counterfeiting measures, optimizing product listings, and enlisting authorized sellers under stricter agreements.


Step 1: Unauthorized Seller Identification

A total of 56 unauthorized sellers were identified across various e-commerce platforms, with 31 of them operating on Amazon.

Step 2: Evidence Gathering

We compiled substantial evidence against the unauthorized sellers, including 67 pricing discrepancies, 22 customer complaints, and several counterfeit products being sold.

Step 3: Communication with Marketplaces

Through our formal complaints and compelling evidence, we achieved a 90% success rate in removing unauthorized sellers from Amazon and other marketplaces.

Step 4: Enforcement and Unauthorized Seller Removal

Forty-five unauthorized sellers were removed, and counterfeit product listings were eliminated, significantly declining unauthorized selling activities.

Step 5: Brand Protection Enhancement

With the implementation of advanced brand protection measures, XYZ Electronics observed a decrease in counterfeit incidents and unauthorized sellers attempting to list their products.


With the support of Actowiz Solutions, XYZ Electronics successfully addressed the challenge of unauthorized sellers on Amazon and other marketplaces. By identifying and removing unauthorized sellers, implementing robust brand protection measures, and fostering collaboration with authorized sellers, XYZ Electronics regained control over its online distribution channels, strengthened its brand reputation, and ensured an authentic and satisfactory customer experience.