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Client Background

Our client, a leading e-commerce retailer with an extensive product catalog, faced challenges regarding the accuracy and consistency of product information in their Product Information Management (PIM) system. The client realized that the poor data quality was affecting their online sales, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. To address this issue, they sought Actowiz Solutions' expertise in utilizing Web Scraping APIs to improve the data quality in their PIM system.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Inconsistent Data Formats: The client's product data was stored in various formats, making maintaining uniformity across the PIM system challenging. This inconsistency led to errors in product listings and confusion among customers.


Incomplete Product Information: Some product entries needed more essential details, such as specifications, images, or descriptions. This information could have helped the client provide comprehensive product listings to their customers.

Data Duplication: The presence of duplicate product entries in the PIM system resulted in confusion, redundancy, and inconsistencies in pricing and availability data.


Manual Data Entry Errors: The manual data entry process contributed to errors in product data, leading to inaccuracies in product attributes, pricing, and stock levels.

Product Categorization Challenges: The client needed help categorizing products accurately, affecting the discoverability and searchability of products on their e-commerce platform.

Actowiz Solutions' Approach

Actowiz Solutions devised a systematic approach to improve the quality of data in the client's PIM system using eCommerce Scraping APIs:

Data Cleaning and Standardization: Actowiz Solutions implemented data cleaning algorithms to identify and rectify inconsistencies in product data formats, ensuring uniformity across the entire PIM system.

Data Enrichment: Product Data Scraping API enriched product information by fetching additional details, such as high-resolution images, comprehensive descriptions, and relevant attributes, from trusted external sources.

Duplicate Detection and Removal: Actowiz Solutions deployed deduplication algorithms to identify and eliminate duplicate product entries, streamlining the product catalog and eliminating confusion

Automated Data Validation: Actowiz Solutions integrated data validation checks using Actowiz APIs to validate product information's accuracy and completeness, reducing manual data entry errors.

Intelligent Categorization: Actowiz Solutions leveraged machine learning algorithms to automatically categorize products based on their attributes, streamlining the product categorization process.

Results and Impact

Actowiz Solutions' implementation of Actowiz APIs resulted in significant improvements for the client's PIM system:

Enhanced Data Accuracy: Data cleaning and standardization processes ensured product information was consistent, accurate, and error-free, building customer trust and confidence.

Comprehensive Product Listings: Data enrichment using Actowiz APIs enabled the client to present detailed and rich product listings, improving the overall customer experience and increasing conversion rates.

Streamlined Catalog Management: Removing duplicate product entries simplified catalog management, reducing operational inefficiencies and facilitating more accessible updates.

Reduced Data Entry Errors: Automated data validation checks minimized manual data entry errors, saving time and effort in manual verification processes.

Improved Product Discoverability: Smart categorization using machine learning algorithms enhanced product discoverability, making it easier for customers to find and explore relevant products.


Actowiz Solutions' implementation of Actowiz APIs transformed our client's PIM system, significantly improving the quality and accuracy of product data. By streamlining data management processes, eliminating duplicates, and enriching product information, Actowiz Solutions empowered the client to offer their customers a seamless and enhanced shopping experience. The collaboration with Actowiz Solutions to Scrape Ecommerce Product Data was pivotal in driving increased customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and ultimately, boosted sales for our client's e-commerce platform.