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Client: SuperMart (Pseudonym for confidentiality)

Industry: A leading retail chain with multiple stores across the country


SuperMart, a leading retail chain with multiple stores nationwide, sought to enhance customer experiences and improve operational efficiency. They recognized the potential of storing location-based data to achieve these objectives. SuperMart partnered with Actowiz Solutions, a prominent provider of Location-based Data Scraping and eCommerce Scraping services, to harness the power of data-driven insights.


The primary objectives of this case study were as follows:

  • Scrape Store Location Data and analyze it to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and shopping patterns.
  • Optimize store layouts, product placements, and inventory management to improve customer convenience and satisfaction.
  • Enhance targeted marketing and personalized promotions based on location-specific data..
  • Streamline logistics and supply chain operations through location intelligence.


Step 1: Data Collection and Integration


Actowiz Solutions implemented location-based data collection methods, including GPS tracking, beacons, and mobile app interactions to Scrape Store Locator Data. This data was then integrated with SuperMart's customer database and point-of-sale systems.

Step 2: Customer Behavior Analysi


Analyzing the location-based data, we gained insights into each store's customer foot traffic, dwell times, and popular product categories. This analysis helped identify peak shopping hours and customer preferences.

Step 3: Store Layout Optimization


Using customer behavior analysis insights, Actowiz Solutions recommended optimized store layouts. This involved strategically placing popular and high-margin items to enhance customer convenience and encourage impulse purchases.

Step 4: Personalized Marketing and Promotions


Using location-based data, SuperMart delivered personalized offers and promotions to customers through their mobile app. Geofencing and location triggers enabled timely and relevant marketing messages based on a customer's proximity to a store.

Step 5: Logistics and Supply Chain Efficiency


With location intelligence, SuperMart optimized its supply chain operations. Analyzing demand patterns in different store locations improved inventory management, reduced stockouts, and optimized delivery routes.


Step 1: Data Collection and Integration

Actowiz Solutions successfully integrated location-based data with SuperMart's existing systems, ensuring a seamless flow of information for analysis.

Step 2: Customer Behavior Analysis

The customer behavior analysis revealed valuable insights into customer preferences, shopping patterns, and peak hours, enabling SuperMart to effectively tailor their offerings to meet customer needs.

Step 3: Store Layout Optimization

By implementing the recommended store layouts, SuperMart witnessed increased customer satisfaction and engagement, increasing sales and average transaction values.

Step 4: Personalized Marketing and Promotions

Using location-based data for personalized marketing increased customer engagement and improved customer loyalty. Customers appreciated receiving relevant offers based on their proximity to SuperMart stores.

Step 5: Logistics and Supply Chain Efficiency

With optimized logistics and supply chain operations, SuperMart reduced operational costs, improved inventory turnover, and enhanced overall efficiency.


SuperMart significantly enhanced its customer experience and operational efficiency by web scraping store locator data. The data-driven insights allowed them to understand customer behavior better, optimize store layouts, deliver personalized marketing, and streamline logistics and supply chain operations. Actowiz Solutions' expertise in location intelligence empowered SuperMart to stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape, providing improved customer services and driving business growth.