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About Client

A well-known food delivery platform in Europe, famous for its reliability and prominence in the region, had approached Actowiz Solutions to get better price parity monitoring across all their top chains. They wanted to find price differences among their competitors and stores to take quick and curative actions and maintain competitiveness in the market.



Lack of All-inclusive Price Parity Monitoring: This food delivery platform needed a robust system for price parity monitoring among its stores countrywide and locally, compared to its competitors like Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Manual Data Analysis: The current procedure involved manual data analysis which is time-consuming, so it has become challenging to effectively track pricing trends.

Consistent Monitoring Needed: This food delivery platform required weekly or monthly food price monitoring for its 310 stores to take timely and corrective actions.



Actowiz Solutions provided a comprehensive system of price parity monitoring as per the requirements to scrape food delivery platform in Europe:

Auto Data Collection: Actowiz Solutions established automated scripts for collecting price data from this platform's stores as well as competitors' platforms, including locations of the McDonald's.

Progressive Analytics: Using advanced analytics methods, Actowiz Solutions has analyzed price data at the levels of product level and product category, by region and nationally.

Virtual Analysis: Actowiz Solutions compared pricing between this platform and its competitors like Deliveroo and Uber Eats to identify any outliers and deviations.

Frequent Monitoring: Actowiz Solutions offered weekly or monthly food price monitoring for all the 310 stores, to make sure timely recognition differences if any.

Trend Analysis: Actowiz Solutions organized trend analysis over time to track pricing trends nationally as well as at a product and category level. This helped the platform to understand how McDonald's pricing evolved over the time across various platforms.



Better Price Parity: Actowiz Solutions' auto monitoring system considerably improved the platform's capability to maintain pricing parity among all its competitors and stores.

Timely Curative Actions: With consistent monitoring and well-timed detection of deviations, this platform could take curative actions quickly, making sure competitive pricing across the platform.

Superior Decision-Making: The comprehensive trend analysis given important pricing trend insights, helping the platform in taking well-informed decisions to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Gainful Solutions: Actowiz Solutions' gainful solution given the platform with effective and dependable food price monitoring abilities, optimizing their working costs.


Actowiz Solutions' custom-made price parity monitoring solutions empowered the leading food delivery platform in Europe in maintaining attractiveness in the energetic food delivery market with better food delivery data collection. By auto data collection, leading advanced analytics, and offering regular trend analysis and monitoring, Actowiz Solutions helped the platform in staying ahead in the competition and make well-informed price decisions effectively with their food delivery data scraping services.