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About Client

Actowiz Solutions collaborated with a prominent client in the retail sector looking to optimize their quick commerce operations. The client, a leading player in the industry, operated across diverse geographical locations and aimed to enhance their online retail platform's efficiency by closely monitoring and updating product assortments across multiple pin codes daily.

Client Challenge


The client faced challenges in maintaining real-time visibility into product assortments across Multi-Pin code Monitoring. With a vast customer base and a wide range of products, keeping track of inventory changes, pricing, and Dynamic Product Availability on a daily basis was crucial for meeting customer demands and ensuring a seamless shopping experience.


Real-Time Assortment Monitoring: Implement a system to monitor product assortments in real-time across multiple pin codes.

Daily Updates: Ensure daily assortment updates on dynamic product availability, pricing, and inventory status.

Automated Solution: Develop an automated solution to streamline the Automated Data Monitoring process and reduce manual efforts.

Alerts and Notifications: Implement a notification system to alert stakeholders of significant changes in assortment, such as stockouts or pricing fluctuations.

Solution Provided by Actowiz

Customized Quick Commerce Data Monitoring System:
  • Actowiz Solutions developed a customized web scraping tool to extract real-time data from the client's online store and associated platforms.
  • The tool was designed to collect detailed information on Dynamic Product Availability, pricing, and inventory status.
Automated Daily Monitoring:
  • The system was configured to run daily, fetching and updating assortment data for multiple pin codes.
  • Retail Data Automation ensured that the client had the most recent and accurate information to make informed decisions.
Data Integration:
  • The scraped data seamlessly integrated into the client's internal systems for centralized analysis.
  • The integration provided a holistic view of assortment information, aiding in strategic decision-making.
Alerts and Notifications System:
  • Actowiz Solutions implemented a robust alerts system to notify stakeholders of significant changes.
  • Customized alerts were generated for stockouts, pricing fluctuations, and other critical events.

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Assortment Management:

Real-time monitoring allowed the client to optimize product assortments based on actual customer demand and regional preferences.

Improved Customer Experience:

Accurate and up-to-date product information minimized instances of out-of-stock items, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency:

Retail data automation reduced manual efforts required for daily assortment monitoring, allowing the client's team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Proactive Decision-Making:

The alerts system enabled the client to proactively address issues, ensuring timely adjustments in response to market dynamics.

Competitive Edge:

The client gained a competitive advantage by staying ahead of market trends, adjusting assortment strategies promptly, and offering a seamless quick commerce experience across multiple pin codes.


Actowiz Solutions successfully addressed the client's requirements by implementing a tailored quick commerce data monitoring system. The automated assortment management solutions not only streamlined assortment management but also positioned the client as a dynamic player in the online retail sector. By leveraging technology for Customer Demand Insights, Actowiz Solutions empowered its client to maintain a strong market presence and meet evolving customer expectations.