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A renowned German automobile manufacturer


The client sought a solution to monitor their brand's presence and sentiment on social media. They desired a streamlined process without the need for involvement in the complexities of web crawling. Additionally, they required a fast setup time, continuous data flow, and the ability to adapt the crawler for any changes in the source websites. The project entailed handling large volumes of data effortlessly while gaining valuable customer sentiments. Cost-effectiveness was a crucial consideration compared to an in-house crawling setup.

Actowiz Solution

Actowiz Solutions offered a comprehensive solution by implementing web crawling techniques tailored to the client's requirements. The client provided a list of specific data points they wanted to extract from social media sites. Leveraging our web crawling and scraping expertise, we swiftly programmed web crawlers to fetch social media data related to the client's brand. The setup process was completed within three days, ensuring a steady data flow afterward. The client opted for XML as the data delivery format, and the extracted data was directly uploaded to their designated S3 location.


1. Simplified Web Crawling: The client was relieved from the complexities of web crawling, as Actowiz Solutions handled all aspects of data extraction and delivery. This allowed the client to focus on analyzing and utilizing the gathered data.

2. Quick Setup and Continuous Data Flow: The initial setup was accomplished in three days, enabling the client to promptly receive a steady data flow. This ensured they could access social media's latest brand sentiment information.

3. Monitoring Mechanisms: To address any changes in the source websites, Actowiz Solutions implemented monitoring mechanisms. This facilitated timely modifications to the crawler, ensuring uninterrupted data collection even if the source websites underwent alterations.

4. Handling Large Data Volumes: Actowiz Solutions' extensive tech stack effortlessly managed large amounts of data. The client benefited from efficient data processing and storage capabilities, ensuring the smooth flow of valuable insights.

5. Deep Customer Sentiments: The client gained valuable insights into customer sentiments regarding their brand through the gathered social media data. This information empowered the client to understand their audience better and make informed decisions.

6. Cost-Effectiveness: The entire process proved more cost-effective than establishing an in-house crawling setup. The client experienced cost savings, and Actowiz Solutions' ROI calculator could provide a comprehensive comparison to validate the cost-effectiveness further.


Actowiz Solutions' web crawling solution successfully addressed clients' need to monitor their brands on social media sites. The client gained deep customer sentiments while benefiting from cost savings by handling the complexities of web crawling, ensuring a quick setup and continuous data flow. The partnership with Actowiz Solutions enabled the client to streamline its brand monitoring process, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead in the dynamic social media landscape.