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About the Client

The client is a global powerhouse in the food and beverage sector, based in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. Recognized as the world's largest food company since 2014, it boasts an extensive portfolio of over 2,000 brands, encompassing internationally acclaimed names and cherished local favorites. With a robust presence spanning over 180 countries, this Swiss multinational is a testament to unparalleled industry leadership and global reach.

Business Challenge

The client sought an advanced, AI-driven MAP Monitoring solution tailored for its Coffee Partners division. With the recent introduction of a premium brand into the market, maintaining the integrity of its premium pricing structure was paramount. The objective was clear: uphold the brand's esteemed image by vigilantly overseeing price points across various regional markets and third-party platforms.

The aim was to ensure strict adherence to the Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) by all retail collaborators. While their in-house solution fell short of comprehensive capabilities, the organization embarked on a quest to identify a proficient third-party partner. Following an exhaustive assessment, Actowiz Solutions emerged as the preferred choice, standing out as a beacon of excellence in MAP Monitoring, Pricing Intelligence, and brand compliance within the Food and Beverage industry.

Actowiz Solutions’ AI-driven MAP Monitoring


The client's selection of Actowiz Solutions' MAP Monitoring system was driven by its expansive Retail Data Collection, customizable configurations, and impressive turnaround capabilities. Notably, Actowiz Solutions offers granular features such as:

Swift data refresh rates

Precise zip code-level tracking

Expedited response times

In a testament to its Pricing Intelligence prowess, Actowiz Solutions swiftly mapped out price discrepancies across a dozen global competitors' websites, a number that continues to grow. Remarkably, Actowiz Solutions unearthed precise pricing discrepancies that had eluded the client's internal team shortly after integration.

Actowiz Solutions diligently monitors and juxtaposes prices across a vast network of 145 unique zip codes for this leading entity in the Food and Beverage industry. The system furnishes the client with a comprehensive historical perspective, detailing violations for each host over a rolling 7-day span.

With Actowiz Solutions' MAP compliance mechanisms boasting a stellar 99% accuracy rate, the client benefits from bi-daily data refreshes, with the potential for even more frequent updates. This empowers the client in the Food and beverage sector to swiftly counteract any pricing infringements, whether at the product level, as bundled offerings, or even during final checkout.


Zip Codes Tracked


Price Tracking Accuracy


Email Notifications

Customer’s Testimonial


Partnering with Actowiz Solutions has been transformative for our MAP Monitoring endeavors. Within a mere few days of integration, we successfully pinpointed numerous price inconsistencies at the intricate zip code level. Unlike other providers we evaluated, Actowiz Solutions excelled in delivering such granular Pricing Intelligence and ensuring continuous violation checks round the clock. The added advantage of real-time email alerts has streamlined our Retail Data Collection process. Thanks to Actowiz Solutions' unparalleled capabilities, our implementation of MAP Monitoring in the Food & Beverage sector has become not only efficient but also remarkably effective, yielding prompt and actionable insights.

Actowiz Solutions Benefits


Swift Monitoring & Notification: Actowiz Solutions offers automated MAP Monitoring with an impressive 10-second refresh rate, complemented by real-time email alerts.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts intuitive search and filter functionalities, facilitating seamless Retail Data Collection and deep-diving into granular data.

Precision in Detection: With a staggering accuracy rate of at least 99%, Actowiz Solutions can pinpoint high-risk sellers and products, bolstering Pricing Intelligence in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Cost-Efficiency: Clients leveraging Actowiz Solutions witness a remarkable reduction in operational overheads and seller compliance expenses, optimizing Price Optimization efforts.

Scalable Support: The Actowiz Solutions team stands out for its responsive assistance, ensuring configurations align with evolving needs and facilitating scalable operations.

Empowering Retail Decisions: At its core, Actowiz Solutions provides Simplified Intelligence, empowering businesses to make informed and strategic choices amidst the complexities of the Food and beverage sector.

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