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In this case study, we explore how an airline major significantly enhanced its service quality by leveraging data mining techniques applied to data obtained from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Airline Data Mining Case Study

The airline industry is experiencing rapid evolution, driven by technological advancements, centralized planning, and the entry of new industry players. Air travel has become integral to modern life, transforming how people live and conduct business by bridging geographical distances and reducing travel time.

As the industry matures, numerous players have emerged, each striving to attract and retain customers by offering value and innovation. Customer expectations have also risen, with travelers seeking more than just a satisfactory experience from their flights. In response, companies in the airline industry are embracing advanced data mining techniques not only to meet but exceed customer expectations.

Airlines use data mining techniques to understand customer preferences, predict demand, identify cost-saving opportunities, and enhance safety and security measures. By leveraging data mining in the airline industry, airlines can uncover valuable insights and trends hidden within their vast datasets. Extracting insights from airline data enable companies to enhance various operations, from optimizing flight routes and schedules to personalizing customer experiences and improving overall service quality.

In this dynamic and competitive industry, data mining has become an indispensable tool for airlines to gain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional value to their customers. By harnessing the power of data, airlines can continuously innovate and adapt to modern travelers' evolving needs and expectations.

Actowiz Solutions collaborated with a prominent American airline major, successfully enhancing customer satisfaction by 2X and increasing profits by 17%. This achievement was accomplished through the implementation of an optimized pricing strategy. The case study encompasses the client's web scraping objectives and challenges, the strategic execution by Actowiz Solutions, and the remarkable business outcomes delivered.

About the Client

The client, a prominent player in the Airline Industry, is headquartered in the United States. With a rich history dating back to the early 1930s, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry. Employing over 13,000 individuals, the client continues to make significant contributions to the aviation sector.

Business Challenges


Operating in the highly dynamic and data-intensive airline industry, the client faced several challenges that necessitated a data-driven approach to price optimization and margin enhancement. These challenges included:

Risk of Human Error: Due to the extensive accountability associated with pricing, the client sought to minimize human error by implementing a data-based price optimization system. This system would enable optimal pricing of flight tickets while focusing on improving margins.


Market Losses: Our client aimed to prevent the loss of market share to competitors by developing their competitive pricing analysis model. This would help them understand market dynamics and make informed pricing decisions to maintain their competitive edge.


Dynamic Pricing: The client desired to leverage dynamic pricing strategies to improve profitability without compromising their brand image. Access to accurate airline price data would enable them to adapt pricing in real-time as well as capitalize on revenue optimization opportunities.


Inaccurate In-House Tools: The client's existing in-house airline data extraction tools were not providing accurate results, leading to complex and unreliable pricing decisions. They required a more effective solution to drive better margins and insights.

To address these challenges and drive superior outcomes, the client sought the expertise of Actowiz Solutions and their airline data mining solutions.

Solutions Offered with Airline Data Mining


Actowiz Solutions employed a comprehensive three-pronged approach to effectively address the client's challenges. The process involved:

  • Gathering project requirements
  • Setting up the data collection infrastructure
  • Delivering structured airline data in the desired format and frequency

Firstly, our dedicated team of experts collaborated closely with the client to understand their specific project requirements in detail. This ensured that our solution would align perfectly with their needs and goals.

Next, our team of skilled web scrapers set up a robust infrastructure to collect data from various airline websites, including major carriers such as American Airlines, Air Canada, Aeroflot, Air India, Air France, and many more. The extracted data encompassed essential information factors such as trip IDs/names, trip day, arrival and departure airports, flight prices, stopovers, arrival and departure times, and additional details relevant to flight monitoring.

To ensure the seamless delivery of high-quality data, Actowiz Solutions established a streamlined data pipeline. This automated process ensured the client received the extracted airline data promptly and consistently through our API.

Actowiz Solutions formed a dedicated internal team solely focused on this engagement to guarantee the utmost precision and dedication to the project. This team maintained regular communication with the client to discuss key performance indicators (KPIs), address new projects, and resolve potential roadblocks. This close collaboration guaranteed that the web scraping system aligned perfectly with the client's evolving business objectives.

Through this approach, Actowiz Solutions successfully provided the client with top-notch airline data, empowering them with valuable insights for their pricing strategies and enhancing their overall business performance.

Business Outcome

Actowiz Solutions' airline data mining solutions proved invaluable for the client as they successfully extracted pricing information from various airlines through online travel agency platforms. This data enabled the client to conduct a predictive analytics in the airline industry, leading to informed pricing strategies and recommendations.

Additionally, Actowiz Solutions' web scraping capabilities extended beyond pricing data. By scraping multiple customer feedback forums and social media websites, our services provided the client valuable insights into customer sentiment regarding their services and products. This information empowered the client to design effective marketing strategies tailored to customer preferences and enhance their offerings to better meet customer demands.

Actowiz Solutions' airline data mining techniques ensured the prompt and accurate delivery of all necessary travel booking and airline ticket information in the client's preferred format. Leveraging our real-time data scraping expertise, the client could stay updated with the ever-changing prices of airline tickets, influenced by factors such as tourism seasons, weather, destination country situations, holidays, and more.

Through optimizing their pricing strategy facilitated by Actowiz Solutions, the client experienced a remarkable 2X increase in customer satisfaction within a year. This improvement, in turn, translated into a substantial 17% profit growth.

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