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Client Profile

Company: An Online Food Delivery and Restaurant Aggregator

Industry: Online Food Delivery and Restaurant


Our client is a popular online food delivery platform and restaurant aggregator offering various cuisines from various restaurants. As the online food industry becomes increasingly competitive, this client faced challenges staying updated with restaurant menus, prices, and promotions to optimize their services and maintain customer satisfaction.


The client encountered several challenges in the dynamic online food industry:

Restaurant Data Aggregation: The client needed to collect and aggregate comprehensive data from many partner restaurants, including menu items, prices, and special offers.

Real-time Data Updates: To provide an accurate and up-to-date service to customers, The client required real-time data to reflect any changes in menus, prices, and availability.

Competitor Analysis: Understanding the offerings and pricing of competitors was crucial for The client to develop competitive strategies and maintain a unique value proposition.

Data Accuracy and Consistency: Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of restaurant data was essential for delivering a seamless user experience to customers.

Solution: Food Data Scraping Services by Actowiz Solutions

Actowiz Solutions offered the client a tailored Food Data Scraping service to address their specific challenges. The solution included the following steps:

Data Source Identification: Actowiz collaborated with The client to identify partner restaurants and relevant online platforms where restaurant data needed to be scrapped.

Scraping Infrastructure Setup: Actowiz developed a scalable and resilient scraping infrastructure hosted on secure cloud-based servers. This infrastructure could efficiently handle the large volume of data from multiple sources.

Customized Scraping Strategy: Actowiz's team of experts designed customized web scraping strategies for each restaurant's website and online platforms. The approach involved using HTML parsing, API-based extraction, and dynamic content rendering to ensure comprehensive data retrieval.

Real-time Data Updates: Actowiz automated the scraping process to run regularly, capturing real-time data from partner restaurants' websites. Any changes in menus, prices, or promotions were promptly reflected on The client.

Data Cleaning and Validation: Actowiz implemented robust data cleaning and validation processes to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the collected data. The data underwent thorough checks to eliminate errors and inconsistencies.

Data Presentation and Integration: Actowiz seamlessly integrated the scraped data into The client's database, providing a unified and user-friendly interface for restaurant information and menu options.

Competitor Data Analysis: Actowiz expanded the scraping service to include competitor data analysis. The client received insights into competitors' offerings and pricing, allowing them to refine their strategies and remain competitive.


Actowiz's Food Data Scraping services delivered significant results for The client:

Enhanced Restaurant Data: The client obtained comprehensive and accurate data from partner restaurants, ensuring their menu listings and prices were up-to-date.

Real-time Updates: Customers experienced real-time changes to menus and prices, resulting in improved user satisfaction and reduced instances of unavailable items.

Competitive Advantage: With competitor data analysis, The client gained a deeper understanding of the market and made informed decisions to remain competitive.

Streamlined Operations: Automation and data integration improved operational efficiency for The client, reducing manual efforts in updating restaurant information.


Actowiz Solutions' Food Data Scraping services proved to be a game-changer for The client in the highly competitive online food industry. The real-time and accurate restaurant data allowed The client to optimize their services, provide an exceptional user experience, and maintain a competitive edge. By partnering with Actowiz Solutions, The client strengthened its position as a leading online food delivery platform and restaurant aggregator, offering customers a seamless and up-to-date dining experience. The successful collaboration between Actowiz Solutions and The client continues to drive growth and success in the online food industry.