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Maintaining an up-to-date and comprehensive real estate listing is crucial for an online portal that connects various B2B marketplaces. This case study highlights how Actowiz Solutions' real estate scraper effectively addressed the challenges faced by the client, ensuring high-quality and abundant data for their platform.

Client Background

Our client operates an online B2B marketplace portal that serves as a central hub connecting buyers and sellers across different industries. As part of their offerings, they recognized the need to provide a reliable and extensive real estate listing for their users. This required gathering data from various sources, such as property listings, real estate websites, and agents.

Challenges Faced

The client encountered two critical challenges in their quest for a complete real estate listing. Firstly, they needed to ensure the data's quality, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for their users. Secondly, they faced a quantity issue, as acquiring a sufficient volume of real estate listings from diverse sources took time and effort.

Actowiz Solutions' Real Estate Scraper Solution


The client turned to Actowiz Solutions and their real estate scraper to overcome these challenges. The scraper was explicitly designed to address the quality and quantity aspects of the data required for the client's online portal.

Data Quality: Actowiz Solutions' real estate scraper utilized advanced algorithms and intelligent data extraction techniques to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the gathered data. It performed regular updates and validations to maintain the freshness of the listings, providing users with reliable information on available properties.

Data Quantity: The scraper's efficient and scalable architecture allowed it to crawl and extract real estate listings from various sources, including property websites, listing platforms, and agents. This comprehensive coverage ensured substantial data for the client's online portal, enabling users to access a vast array of real estate listings.

Results and Benefits

By implementing Actowiz Solutions' real estate scraper, the client experienced significant improvements in their real estate listing capabilities. They offered their users a diverse and up-to-date selection of properties, fostering enhanced engagement and satisfaction. The scraper's automation reduced manual efforts and accelerated the data collection process, enabling the client to focus on other core aspects of their marketplace portal.

Furthermore, the client could rely on the high-quality data provided by Actowiz Solutions' scraper, ensuring reliable and accurate real estate listings. This increased user trust and credibility, positioning the client's online portal as a go-to destination for B2B real estate transactions.


Actowiz Solutions' real estate scraper proved instrumental in addressing the data quality and quantity challenges the online B2B marketplace portal faces. The solution delivered accurate and comprehensive real estate listings, empowering users with various options and reliable information. The client successfully enhanced their platform's value proposition through this collaboration, cementing their position as a leading player in the B2B real estate marketplace industry.