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About Client

ABC Electronics, a leading consumer electronics brand, faced challenges in maintaining Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies across diverse online retailers. Seeking a proactive solution, they partnered with Actowiz Solutions for effective MAP monitoring and price intelligence.



ABC Electronics grappled with manual monitoring of MAP violations, hindering their ability to enforce consistent pricing. The absence of dynamic pricing insights also impeded the formulation of an optimized pricing strategy. Actowiz Solutions was enlisted to streamline MAP monitoring, provide price intelligence, and enhance the overall pricing strategy.



Actowiz Solutions' Comprehensive Approach

1. Tailored MAP Monitoring Tools

Actowiz Solutions developed customized MAP monitoring tools, leveraging cutting-edge e-commerce scraping services. These tools were designed to collect real-time pricing data across a spectrum of online retailers, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

2. Automated Price Intelligence

The implemented solution went beyond MAP monitoring, incorporating dynamic pricing insights. ABC Electronics gained a competitive edge by analyzing market trends and adjusting pricing strategies promptly. This facilitated a more agile and responsive approach to market dynamics.

3. Proactive MAP Violation Alerts

Actowiz Solutions integrated automated alerts, ensuring ABC Electronics received instant notifications to monitor MAP violations. This proactive approach empowered the client to take swift corrective action, preserving brand integrity and maintaining consistent pricing across channels.

4. Continuous Price Monitoring and Analysis

The MAP monitoring tools continuously scraped e-commerce platforms, providing ABC Electronics with detailed reports and analyses. Price monitoring and intelligence became an integral part of their strategy, allowing them to make data-driven decisions for optimal pricing and market positioning.

5. Enhanced Pricing Strategy

Armed with comprehensive price intelligence, ABC Electronics refined its pricing strategy. The dynamic insights enabled the client to adapt to market fluctuations, optimize profit margins, and enhance overall competitiveness in the consumer electronics landscape.


Strategic MAP Violation Prevention: Actowiz Solutions' tools facilitated proactive MAP violation prevention, safeguarding ABC Electronics' brand reputation and value.

Agile Pricing Strategy: Dynamic pricing insights empowered the client to adapt swiftly to market changes, enhancing competitiveness and maximizing profitability.

Time and Resource Efficiency: Automated monitoring and reporting significantly reduced the time and resources spent on manual tracking, enabling ABC Electronics to focus on strategic initiatives.


Actowiz Solutions not only provided robust MAP monitoring tools but also elevated ABC Electronics' pricing strategy through dynamic insights. This comprehensive approach enabled the client to maintain price integrity, adapt to market dynamics, and achieve sustained success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.