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The Client

A leading media and entertainment company partnered with Actowiz Solutions to harness the power of data for optimizing their content strategy and viewer engagement on their OTT platform.

Key Challenges

Limited Metadata Visibility: The client faced challenges in obtaining comprehensive metadata for their shows, movies, and episodes, hindering effective content curation and personalized recommendations.

Manual Data Entry: The existing process relied heavily on manual data entry, leading to inaccuracies, delays, and an inability to keep up with the dynamic nature of the OTT industry.



Unified Data Repository: Create a centralized and structured database incorporating detailed information on shows, movies, episodes, and personnel.

Automation of Data Extraction: Implement automated data scraping techniques to streamline the extraction of metadata from various OTT platforms.

Key Solutions

Actowiz Solutions devised a customized OTT platform data scraping solution, focusing on extracting key information across different content categories.


  • Title, Synopsis, Genres, Tags
  • Sources, IMDb ID, TVDb ID, TMDb ID
  • Images (Poster, Background, Thumbnails)
  • Seasons, Episodes, Related shows
  • Cast & Crew


  • Title, Release year, Synopsis, Genres, Tags
  • Trailers, Sources, IMDb ID, TVDb ID, TMDb ID
  • Images (Poster, Background, Thumbnails)
  • Related shows, Cast & Crew


  • Title
  • Synopsis
  • Sources
  • Playback links
  • Images


  • Name
  • Role
  • Credits
  • Images


Utilizing a combination of web scraping scripts and APIs, Actowiz Solutions automated the data extraction process, ensuring real-time updates and accurate information scraping OTT platform data.

Final Outcome

Enriched Content Metadata: The client gained access to a comprehensive database, significantly enhancing their understanding of show attributes, enabling more effective content categorization.

Improved Viewer Experience: Leveraging the scraped data, personalized viewer experiences were implemented, resulting in increased user engagement and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency: Automated data extraction reduced reliance on manual efforts, resulting in operational efficiency, timely updates, and improved data accuracy.


Actowiz Solutions' professional OTT platform data scraping services empowered the client with a robust foundation of content metadata, fostering innovation, informed decision-making, and ultimately delivering an enhanced viewer experience on their OTT platform.