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About Client

A global leader in taxi booking and car rental services, well-known for its market-leading solutions, wanted to improve their car rental data collection process to get better insights for operations. They combined with Actowiz Solutions to improve their car rental scraping services from different sources like Expedia, Avis, Hertz, Rentalcars, Enterprise, and Sixt across all main cities in the Europe, US, and Canada.



Data Sources: Rentalcars, Avis, Expedia, Hertz, Enterprise, and Sixt

Cities: Most cities across Europe, US, and Canada

Rental Length: 3 days (Friday to Monday)

Extra Features:

  • Clarification on given 'Rating'
  • Identification of search origin
  • Improvement of Boot or Luggage section
  • Including car category in search
  • Inclusion of total fare and currency
  • Latitude & longitude of rental car


Car Category Addition: Actowiz Solutions included car category in search criteria, helping the global leader in analyzing price variations as per the car type.

Pick-up & Drop-off: Though the option for various pick-up and drop-off locations is accessible, Actowiz Solutions kept consistency in the provided sample data, having the same locations.

Latitude & Longitude: Actowiz Solutions included latitude & longitude for rental car for better location accuracy.

Search Origin Identification: The sample data comprised origin of search, helping this global leader in analyzing pricing variations as per user's location.

Currency Included: Actowiz Solutions comprised currency of total fare in data for better analysis and understanding.

Better Boot or Luggage Section: Distinct columns were given for small and large bags, with clarity about luggage capacity.

Rating Clarification: Actowiz Solutions explained that the ratings given related to a car rental center, having detailed ratings given for more insights.


Better Data Insights: This client gained all-inclusive data insights, helping for better strategy formulation and decision-making.

Enhanced User Experience: Additional features like car category, luggage capacity, and latitude/longitude, improved the user experience of both customers as well as working teams.

More Accuracy: By giving latitude & longitude data, Actowiz Solutions confirmed more accuracy in the location-based analysis.

Clear Pricing: Currency information inclusion allowed transparent pricing assessment, benefiting both company and customers.

Modernized Operations: The detailed and clear data given by Actowiz Solutions helped with smoother operations and efficient procedures for the client.


With collective efforts, Actowiz Solutions has successfully addressed this client's requirements, offering tailored solutions to improve their car rental scraping services. With extra features and better data clarity, Actowiz Solutions empowered this client to make well-informed decisions, maintain competitiveness, and optimize operations and in the car rental market.