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The client, a well-known travel portal in the USA, required a reliable solution for scraping travel data feeds from multiple partners and webpages on a regular basis.



The client aimed to incorporate a streamlined data layer into their existing infrastructure, enabling the continuous flow of clean and relevant data feeds. Their objective was to utilize the aggregated travel data from a curated list of sites to enhance the underlying database of their website. By achieving this, the client's team could concentrate on other crucial aspects of their travel portal, such as marketing and promotion.

Actowiz Solution

Upon receiving the client's list of sources and required data points, Actowiz Solutions swiftly initiated the process. The objective was to perform daily extraction, ensuring the provision of fresh and up-to-date data sets.

Our expert team strategically deployed crawlers to extract the specified data fields from the source sites provided by the client. Given that the websites in the list varied in terms of structure and design, this use case fell within our site crawling service.

The extracted data was delivered in CSV format to meet the client's needs and uploaded to their S3 servers. The initial setup was efficiently completed within a few days, enabling the crawlers to commence data delivery immediately. Approximately 2 million records were successfully delivered to the client during the initial crawl.

Through this seamless and reliable process, Actowiz Solutions ensured the continuous availability of accurate and updated travel data feeds, allowing the client's team to focus on vital tasks such as marketing and promotion while benefiting from a robust database fueled by the aggregated travel data from the specified sources.



Actowiz Solutions delivered several critical benefits to the client through our data extraction and crawling services:

Streamlined Technical Expertise: Our team expertly handled the complex technical aspects of data extraction, relieving the client of any concerns related to the intricacies of the process.

Rapid Setup and Consistent Data Flow: We completed the initial setup within a few days, allowing the client to start receiving data consistently. This swift turnaround ensured minimal disruption and enabled the client to leverage the data without delay.

Monitoring for Optimal Performance: We implemented monitoring systems to ensure the crawler's proper functioning and promptly address any issues or potential disruptions. This proactive approach ensured a seamless data extraction process.

Scalability for Handling Large Data Volumes: Leveraging our advanced tech stack, Actowiz Solutions handled large volumes of data effortlessly. This capability enabled us to effectively extract and deliver the enormous number of listings required by the client.

Accelerated Enrichment of Travel Portal: By consistently delivering a vast amount of data, the client enriched their travel portal with an extensive range of listings within a brief period. This rapid data acquisition empowered the client to enhance their offerings and provide their users with a comprehensive and diverse selection of options.

Through these benefits, Actowiz Solutions enabled clients to focus on their core tasks while seamlessly integrating high-quality travel data into their portal, ultimately enhancing the user experience and driving their business forward.