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A leading technology company in the media industry based in Canada. They specialize in personalized news delivery and engagement tools for readers and publishers.



In an era where readers seek personalized and trustworthy news content, our client aimed to provide structured news data for personalized feeds. Their goal was to offer users access to tailored news based on their preferences and expert recommendations. To achieve this, they needed to gather a vast amount of news data from thousands of sources across the web, all within a quick turnaround time. The challenge was to extract millions of news data sources daily, accurately, and reliably while accommodating the evolving list of sources in their directory.

Business Challenges

The client faced several key challenges. First, they needed to deliver high-quality and trustworthy news sources to their readers, ensuring a solid connection between publishers and their audiences. Second, they required fast and accurate extraction of news data to keep their business running smoothly. Lastly, they sought a solution that could scale effortlessly to accommodate the growing demand for personalized news content.

Actowiz Solution

After evaluating the costs and complexities of building an internal team, the client opted to outsource the project and searched for a data extraction partner with fast turnaround times and scaling capabilities. Actowiz Solutions emerged as the ideal choice, given its ability to handle data extraction at a grand scale, provide access to high-quality data, and deliver data promptly.

Actowiz Solutions offered a comprehensive solution, enabling the client to gather news data from various sources effectively. The solution's flexibility allowed the client to quickly adjust and fine-tune the extracted data to meet their specific requirements. With Actowiz Solutions' expertise, the client could identify and curate sources while maintaining a consistently high level of data quality.

The client could focus on product development and business strategy by entrusting the collection and maintenance of news data to Actowiz Solutions. This streamlined their operations and accelerated their product development process, as they no longer had to worry about the intricacies of data extraction and pipeline maintenance. As a result, they emerged as one of the most innovative technology companies in their industry.


Scalable Data Extraction: Actowiz Solutions enabled clients to seamlessly scale their data extraction efforts to match the vast quantity of daily news content, ensuring a continuous flow of up-to-date information.

High-Quality Data: The solution provided by Actowiz Solutions ensured the collection of authentic, reliable, and trustworthy news data, allowing the client to deliver a superior experience to their readers.

Faster Time-to-Market: By offloading the data collection and maintenance tasks to Actowiz Solutions, the client accelerated their product development process, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Business Focus: With Actowiz Solutions handling the complex aspects of data extraction, the client could concentrate on strategic initiatives, product enhancements, and building a solid connection with publishers and readers.


Actowiz Solutions successfully addressed the client's challenges by providing a streamlined and scalable solution for news data extraction. By partnering with Actowiz Solutions, the client efficiently and accurately extracted millions of news data sources, enabling personalized news delivery to their readers. This collaboration empowered the client to focus on their core business, drive innovation, and establish themselves as a leading technology company in the media industry.