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Twitter Product API Data Fields
  • Tweet ID
  • Tweet Text
  • Tweet Timestamp
  • Retweet Count
  • Favorite Count
  • User ID
  • User Name
  • Screen Name
  • User Bio
  • Follower Count
  • Following Count
  • User Location
  • Verified Status

Influencer Analysis

  • Extract engagement metrics for influencers, informing strategic partnerships and marketing decisions.
  • Identify influential Twitter users, analyzing follower counts and content for targeted outreach.
  • Scrutinize influencer tweets to gauge audience sentiment and optimize brand collaborations.

Brand Monitoring

  • Monitor brand mentions, extracting user-generated content for sentiment analysis and feedback insights.
  • Track conversations related to the brand, identifying trends and engagement patterns.
  • Extract and analyze tweets mentioning the brand to enhance reputation management strategies.

Competitor Analysis

  • Scrape competitor tweets, uncovering content strategies and engagement patterns for analysis.
  • Extract competitor data to identify trends and insights for competitive intelligence.
  • Analyze user interactions with competitors, informing strategic decisions and market positioning.

Social Listening

  • Monitor Twitter conversations, extracting valuable insights into trends, sentiments, and opinions.
  • Track keywords or hashtags, providing real-time data on emerging topics and discussions.
  • Conduct social listening on Twitter for market intelligence and identifying brand perceptions.

Customer Feedback Analysis

  • Extract tweets for customer feedback, analyze sentiment, and enhance product/service improvement.
  • Scrutinize Twitter for customer reviews, extracting insights for business development and enhancement.
  • Analyze user-generated content on Twitter, extracting feedback to inform customer satisfaction strategies.

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Complete transparency real-time performance


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Actowiz Solutions' Twitter Scraping API is a tool designed to retrieve valuable data from Twitter, offering insights into user activity, trends, and more.
Actowiz's API adheres to Twitter's policies, ensuring legal and ethical data retrieval.
The API can extract various data fields, including tweets, user information, hashtags, and more.
The API supports real-time data updates, providing the latest information from Twitter.
Yes, Actowiz's API is customizable, allowing users to tailor data extraction based on specific needs.
Yes, the API is designed to handle rate limits, ensuring smooth and efficient data retrieval.
User authentication is essential to access the API and ensure data security.
The API provides data fields suitable for sentiment analysis, including tweet content and user interactions.
The API's capacity is scalable, allowing users to extract data based on their specific requirements.
Actowiz Solutions employs robust security measures to protect user data, ensuring privacy and compliance with regulations.