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Key Highlights

Many alcohol retailers have successfully turned into omnichannel expansion during the pandemic, increasing material costs and supply chain tests, and were able to familiarize consumers with the availability and suitability of buying alcohol online while fulfilling consumers’ developing tastes at hyperlocal levels.

To understand the changed and competitive landscape better, we have tracked the top 12 alcohol retailers with delivery intermediaries and 20,000+ SKUs and 1,500+ brands they bring to analyze product availability, price variations, category compositions, hyper locality, and sharing of search insights to evaluate strategic changes which improved the digital prominence and ultimately assisted winning brands and retailers to get market share.

  • 27.5% of Alcohol SKUs pursued were seen having the price increase till May 2022
  • Insights exposed how impactful the micro-warehouses have been for hyperlocal growth
  • Ready-To-Drink cocktail accessibility nurtured 180% with a duration of December-May 2022
  • Sharing categories for Tequila brands was governed by Jose Cuervo, with a 21% share as of May 2022
  • Sharing of keyword search insights discovered growth prospects for Whiskey brands