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How do we use our unauthorized Instagram API to scrap Instagram comments, hashtags, profile data, likes, photos, and locations?

The authorized Instagram API helps you programmatically access posts and comments on Instagram. Although an Instagram API doesn't permit you to get the pot list created by other individuals, photos, and comments on posts, or find a listing of posts using a specific hashtag.


You'll have to use our Instagram Data Scraper to scrape that data. This scraper will allow you to download all the publicly available data from Instagram:

  • Profiles
  • Comments
  • Hashtags
  • Likes
  • Locations

Can You Legally Scrape Instagram Data?

Extracting publicly accessible data is legal; however, you must be careful not to scrape content that is well-protected by copyrights or have personal data. Therefore, after extracting Instagram, double-check on output data that might go against CCPA and GDPR or might be considered intellectual property.

Do You Want to Extract Data Like Instagram Posts, Profiles, Comments, or Hashtags?

Get new and streamlined Instagram data scrapers for 2023!

You can utilize our easily dedicated and ultra-quick data scrapers if you need to extract particular Instagram data. Our Instagram data scrapers have very few settings to alter and they'll provide you quick and clear results! Our variety if Instagram scrapers include:

  • Instagram Comment Scraper
  • Instagram Hashtag Scraper
  • Instagram Post Scraper
  • Instagram Profile Scraper

Where to Get Data From?


The most excellent way of searching and accessing content on Instagram is using a website or mobile app:

Do you want a login for accessing Instagram? You can access Instagram even without logging in but not all the features. After logging in, you can search through profiles, locations, hashtags, and posts. It is encouraging as if you could do something physically in the web browser; it’s easy to automate it using Actowiz Solutions!

Publicly Available Data without Login

If you observe the site in the incognito browser mode, you’ll immediately know that there are a few features you can use freely, and a few either get blocked or need a login. Let’s see what you can get without doing a login:

1. Search


You may search for hashtags, profiles, and places. Instagram would return the top 100 posts.

Even there is an internal API endpoint, which can be utilized to get results in the JSON format:


The context query parameters serve as a filter and can have the location, users, or hashtags. The only restriction is that the endpoint returns only 100 results. In case you want more, you have to enter a detailed filter.

2. Posts from Locations, Hashtags, or Profiles


Whenever you open a public Instagram page having posts (e.g., hashtag, profile, or locations), Instagram would return the HTML pages with initial positions preloaded (perhaps with React server-side version). Then, whenever you scroll down a page, Instagram would continue loading other posts with XHR requests to the GraphQL endpoint of Instagram. The endpoints are protected with the token; therefore, it’s impossible to use it directly, and we have to scroll a page substantially. Although we could automate endless scrolling nicely with headless Chrome using Puppeteer.

The tests haven’t got available with the limit about how many posts could get loaded with infinite scrolls. There is perhaps one; however, up to a thousand posts get loaded with testing.

3. Comments on Instagram Posts

All Instagram posts have publicly noticeable comments and indicate a Load additional comments button if there are other comments which could be shown.

We were clicking on the button that fires off the XHR requests to the GraphQL endpoint of Instagram. Click () functions and scrape the content of comments from a web page. Again, we could easily automate it with Puppeteer’s page.

Data Accessible Only After Logging In

Tactlessly, certain content could be get accessed in case you get logged in with the Instagram account, for instance:

  • Followers’ List
  • People’s List a User Follows
  • Though it would become possible to log in to your Instagram account to access data repeatedly, this method is risky as it may lead to an account ban by Instagram. It’s possible to make a fake Instagram account, but it is beyond the space of this blog.

    Instagram is increasingly limiting data you can use without login; therefore, you’ll have to test it to observe what you could extract.

Using Actowiz Solutions to Extract Data

Actowiz Solutions scrapers accept input, do their job, and produce outputs. They could be used manually in an app, scheduler, or API. Our Instagram data scraper is among many available scrapers.

Our Instagram data scraper is free to use; however, you would need to utilize residential proxies on Actowiz Solutions Proxy if you run that on the Actowiz Solutions platform. Because Instagram changed its rules in 2021, you must use a residential proxy to do the scraping.

How to Extract Instagram Data Using Instagram Scraper?

Therefore, if you wish to utilize our Instagram data scraper to scrape data from Instagram, then follow the step-by-step guide given here.

1. Visit Actowiz Solutions Website for Instagram Data Scraper

1.-Visit-Actowiz-Solutions-Website-for-Instagram-Data-Scraper 1-Visit-Actowiz-Solutions-Website-for-Instagram-Data-Scraper-1

When you visit the Actowiz Solutions website, click on the 'Try for the free tab.

If you have an account on the Actowiz Solutions website, you will be redirected to Actowiz Solutions Main Page, where you can run your scrapers. You can use your email account here if you don't have an Actowiz Solutions account.

2. Insert Search Query or URLs in an Input Field

Fill in input fields like Instagram URLs that you wish to extract or what type of data you wish to scrape.

You can add different URLs by clicking the +Add button.

Insert the maximum items you need to extract in the Maximum item fields.

3. Run a Scraper to Gather Data


Once you are set, click on the Start button.

Notice that your job would change status to Run, then wait for a scraper's run and finish. This would be only one minute before seeing the status switched to Succeeded.

4. Download Data


Move to Storage or Dataset tab for the scraping results. This tab has data in versatile formats like JSON, CSV, HTML table, RSS feed, Excel, and XML.

You could open them only by clicking ‘View’ in a new tab, Preview, and Download. Then, you can share data or upload that anywhere you want. Use that in spreadsheets, apps or programs, or your projects.

And that's it! If you need to start scraping Instagram data, contact Actowiz Solutions; we are here to help anytime!

If you want to scrape mobile app scraping and web scraping services, you can also ask for a customized solution!