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This blog is about How to Do Analytics of Restaurant Ratings Datasets Using Power BI. First, we have scraped the restaurant data and then done analytics of rating datasets using Power BI. How were we to analyze or explain how the restaurants got rated if we did not understand how to change the data ratings into more comprehensible visuals? We were beached on the project, and the internet looked like that might not assist. We had searched ubiquitously to no benefit.

Eventually, we set that aside and sustained with different things, courses, and smaller projects. We had finished a small project and understood that we could do anything in this world! Therefore, we picked the Restaurant Rating project once again, and this time we changed the words we used to do an online search for inspiration and Hurrah! We have found the wealth hidden in LinkedIn.

We resumed the work on our dashboard, and this felt like one part of our brain opened; we finally discovered how we could deal with rating data and find valuable insights.

We cleaned all the data sets using Power Query Editor, put in necessary DAX measures, and proceeded to do three dashboards with Power BI, ratings by RESTAURANT, CONSUMER PREFERENCE, and RESTAURANT LOCATION correspondingly.

Here is the initial page of a dashboard showing ratings depending on which cuisines the restaurants served, how many orders restaurants had, or the type of services accessible at all restaurants.

These are the main insights given:

  • The maximum served cuisines are Mexican.
  • The total orders are from Tortas Locas Hipocampo.
  • The three best-rated restaurants were Emilianos, Michiko Restaurant Japones, and Restaurant Las Mananitas.
  • The majority of restaurants are reasonably priced.
  • And lastly, the majority of restaurants don’t allow smoking and drinking.

From this second dashboard, we assumed that a standard consumer would be a young student (perhaps between the age range of 18–30), single and independent with a medium-sized budget to eat, a non-smoker, however, a self-disciplined drinker that lives in the San Luis Potosi and uses public transport.


From the third dashboard, we could collect that most restaurants are positioned in San Luis Potosi, which is an excellent option for locations, as more customers come from them. Most restaurants have no parking but are placed in closed areas. We also observe that San Luis Potosi get restaurants with an extensive range of cuisines. However, Cuernavaca has the top-rated restaurants standardly.

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