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There are a lot of discussions going on about QA, quality assurance, and the automated data process for that. But do you have any idea how to do it perfectly?

Designing an automated data process for QA is easier to talk about than doing it practically.

It's mandatory to support you in getting the correct data, but you need to follow the correct way to get that data to save your effort.

For instance, working on wrong data will save internal resources and time as you need help finding the problem properly. It will lead to false conclusions and badly affect your company operations or ongoing projects.

Most of the operational issues may occur, like a drop in revenue and loss of existing customers. Hence, ensuring that the data you utilize for your operations has the highest possible quality is important.

This is how quality assurance plays an important role

To ensure you have reliable data with quality, we suggest creating a process for QA with automatic 3 stages.

  • Pipelines
  • Manually-Executed and Automated Quality Assurance
  • Manual/Visual QA

Suppose you're planning to improve the quality assurance process of your data. In that case, you'll have to start by working on the internal process of the above three stages that communicates with every system process of your projects.

In this post, we will share a detailed 3 stage process to automate the QA process for data management.

Plan Automated Data Quality Assurance


When planning your automated data QA process, it's more important than ever to ensure the data collected is reliable and valuable.

However, this is only sometimes the case; that's why having a clear plan in the pipeline for the automated data QA procedure is essential.

As already discussed, Actowiz Solutions suggest applying the same 3-stage process for QA of your data-based projects, Considering the quality assurance process we use for all the client projects.

  • Design a pipeline in a systematic way to test each stage of data processing and acquisition.
  • To ensure correct results, establish target based QA process.
  • Make sure your process is errorless and reliable by executing manual vision QA.

So let's dive deep into the details of each involved stage.

Use Scrapy Constructs To Validate Data


Pipelines are designed with scrapy constructs based on res to validate and clean the data during the scraping. To make sure that the data you are using jas the best quality is through the scrapy pipeline uses.

Generally, they consist of multiple rules the data should adhere to consider valid.

By streamlining the pipeline, you can check your data for mistakes and correct them automatically when they arise, ensuring that you get filtered, accurate, and clean data in the final file.

This saves you the effort and time of manually checking the data. Additionally, it also assures that the quality scraped data is of high quality. Executing a data quality assurance process with the help of the Scrapy pipeline can be a key action to improve the data quality.

One of the advantages of beginning your projects using a scrapy pipeline is that it helps you ensure the data is scraped with the highest possible quality.

For instance, you can decide to set a rule to define name tags of at least four letters lengthy in a streamlined pipeline.

Therefore, any product with 1 to 3 characters long in the scraped list will be deleted from the final dataset.

Combine Manual Process With Automated Data QA

In this step, datasets are studied to spot any source of data corruption. QA engineer manually inspects if there is any case of such data corruption.

Therefore, always hire a team of dedicated and experienced QA engineers to create and implement manually executed but automated Quality Assurance. It helps to ensure that data is accurately clean and users can scrape it without any errors.

It is essential to have a quality assurance process to keep up the demanded speed to execute the project. One of the significant parts of the automated QA data process is the manually implemented data tests.

Executing a series of data tests assists in spotting potential problems and dedicating somebody to resolve them to ensure they don't lead to any big problems.

Overall, the help of manually executed data QA processes with automation helps ensure the system is working with accuracy and users can use it without any issues.

These tests check the data frequently for consistency and provide an additional protection layer to negate errors.

Spot Bugs Using Your Eyes Manually


The last step is to inspect if any issue arises due to the automated QA process. Manually check samples of data sets and compare them with extracted pages. We suggest validating whether QA steps have missed any data issue and receiving all that you expect from the scraping.

It is impossible to automate Visual QA fully, but a few tools can help you effectively.

Vishal data inconsistency spitting is a type of QA step.

It means showing large data samples with consistency and using the best possible tools to spot errors with your eyes.

These inspections help to find potential bugs before they lead to big problems for users.

One more example is, let's assume there is an issue with the way any system manages time; a QA team can manually test to spot the problem.

If you follow the above steps sincerely, your data will be fresh and ready for effective submission of the automated QA process.

Wrapping Up

The most important point to executing automated data QA process is to consider using rule-based pipelines, namely Scrapy constructs. Incorporating these lines help you to get the best quality data for your needs. Further, try to spot errors manually and fix them with the help of a dedicated QA engineer.

Still, trying to understand how to deploy an automated QA process while scraping data? Do contact Actowiz Solutions. We offer mobile app scraping and web scraping services, ensuring proper QA, as explained in this post. Our team will get back to you right away.

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