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Extracting traveling data automates and enhances the competence of various tasks in the hospitality and travel industries. Web scraping is used for aggregating hotel, travel, and airlines data from different web resources using a web scraping API or a web scraping tool. This blog discusses the 5 most common use cases of web data scraping in the travel industry.

1. Extracting Hotel Pricing & Reviews


Assume that you wish to make a reservation in the hotel. If you don't get your favorite hotels, you will search for the hotels most appropriate using online travel agencies like, TripAdvisor, etc.

After entering the required information like check-in or check-out dates, a website will show the most well-known hotels which match all your preferences. These algorithms used here by travel companies typically rank hotels depending on popularity, satisfaction, user preferences, etc.

Getting high numbers of positive reviews is essential to rank higher. Web scraping assists hospitality companies to:

Comparing Hotel Competitors' Prices To Adjust Pricing Accordingly:

A price strategy is inclined by high taxes, intense competition, hostile economic conditions, and quality of services and products. Suppose you wish to adjust prices depending on competitors' prices. You have to gather publicly accessible data about competitors' pricing. Web scraping bot allows companies to find room pricing from various hotel pages.

Turning Customer Reviews Into Insights:


You can extract your competitors' and company's customer reviews from sites and pages. Extracted web data helps companies in analyzing sentiments in customers' reviews. You will get insights regarding:

  • Customers' expectations and preferences
  • Improve your value propositions
  • Pain points that require to get improved
  • What or how will the competitors do right

2. Scraping Real-Time Dynamic Travel Data

Scraping bots assist travel agencies in getting real-time data from different web resources or pages. Products' pricing and stock data are some of the examples which are continuously changing.

Suppose you must observe and track hotel room pricing in a particular area for one month. So, your dynamic data includes "room price" continuously changing. A web data scraping bot will scrape room price data for the first month. Whenever the room prices change on a website, you scrape data, and your web scraper also updates its pricing data. Therefore, you will get the most current pricing data.

You can utilize a proxy server for scraping web data and avoid getting detected or blocked by a website. The data scraper will make many connection requests to a website for price updates. If you make a connection request using a similar IP address, a website will recognize your data scraper and block that to stop data extraction.

3. Extraction of Flight or Airline Data


The airline industry applies different ticket prices like business class, premium economy, etc. Ticket pricing changes as per:

  • Flight dates
  • Itinerary dependencies like one-way flights
  • Total seats left
  • Sales volume, including off-peak times and more

Web scraping assists airline companies in understanding present airline market situations, offering personalized pricing to customers, and organizing customers' demands. Data scraping bots scrape flight data

like flight duration, flight numbers, ticket pricing, plane names, airline name, destination or arrival times, etc. Web data scraping is utilized by airlines to do the:

Price Monitoring: Price monitoring is essential for keeping up with the competition in today's airline industry. This assists airline companies in understanding market supply and demand and improves demand management depending on present market conditions. A data scraping tool can be utilized for analyzing current market conditions.

Market Share Analysis: Extracted flight data could be used for analyzing the present airline market positions. It helps airline companies in

  • They analyze the competition's top players and how they distinguish their services and products.
  • We are improving our growth strategy to increase the company's visibility.
  • We are locating increasing investment areas in the airline industry.
  • Understanding how competitors do by analyzing the market share within the real airlines' industry share.

4. Analyzing Tourism or Travel Trends

Assume that you are in the travel & tourism industry. Here, the competitors effectively utilize social media channels to do campaigns, build brands, and improve their online presence. Web extraction bots:

  • Extract travel news from travel sites or blogs.
  • Monitor the social media channels of the competitors.
  • Scrape trending hashtags and topics on different social media platforms.

Assume that you have a boutique hotel situated in New Orleans. Whenever you search for the term "boutique hotels in New Orleans, " many hotels come up in different search results depending on reviews, ratings, search terms, and various factors.

Web extraction bots assist businesses in collecting publicly accessible hotel data from various social media apps to analyze trends. The search results will let your company recognize its top competitors that rank in the target keywords. You could check their sites and click on website's social media accounts. The given information could be gathered from various social media apps:

  • Comments: Postdate, comments, post URL, and likes.
  • Keywords or hashtags: Search for brand-targeted keywords, audience-specific hashtags, location-specific hashtags, etc.
  • Profiles: Followers, Username, following, profile URL, etc

5. Collection of Travel Associated Locations Data


While people search for a hotel, restaurant, flights, vacation rental, they utilize search engine' maps for finding the places of their regions. They look for "hotels near me," or "restaurants near me" for instance. According to Google, "nearby" or "near me" searches increased by 150%. It makes the data of search engine maps essential for businesses.

When we search "vacation rentals in Texas" in Google Maps, it shows numerous vacation rentals in the explored area. Results could also get sorted by ratings. Google Maps data is an excellent resource for connecting customers and businesses. Data scraping bots collect data about hotels, real estate, vacation rentals, restaurants, etc. Companies can utilize Google Maps to scrape competitors' location data, customers' ratings, or reviews.


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