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Navigating the complex and competitive retail landscape in the 21st century requires a comprehensive approach beyond relying on a single performance metric. Brands and retailers must adapt to evolving trends, embrace new technologies, and meet ever-changing consumer demands. However, the complete volume of information and data to monitor can be irresistible, making that challenging for the retailers to extract valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition.

Actowiz Solutions offers a state-of-the-art retail analytics suite to address this challenge that empowers brands and retailers with real-time dashboards. This powerful software solution captures billions of data points from global marketplaces, providing a rich source of information for analysis. With Actowiz Solutions, retailers can effortlessly monitor factors such as price dynamics, product availability, size variations, discounts, brand positioning, gender preferences, fabric choices, color trends, and more.

By leveraging the capabilities of Actowiz Solutions' retail analytics suite, retailers can access comprehensive insights visualized on intuitive dashboards. These real-time dashboards provide a holistic market view, allowing retailers to make informed decisions and take quick action. The depth and breadth of the insights generated by Actowiz Solutions resemble an exhaustive market report explicitly tailored to the brand's unique needs and preferences.

With the retail dashboards provided by Actowiz Solutions, retailers can track competitor activities, identify emerging trends, analyze consumer preferences, and monitor their performance in real-time. This enables proactive decision-making, allowing retailers to stay agile and responsive to market dynamics. By harnessing the power of real-time dashboards, brands, and retailers can unlock new opportunities, optimize their strategies, and drive retail success.

Don't miss out on the potential of real-time dashboards for your brand. Explore the possibilities and harness the power of Actowiz Solutions' retail analytics suite to propel your business forward in today's competitive retail landscape.

Pricing & Discounts Analysis


The Actowiz Solutions retail dashboard offers a comprehensive price and discount analysis feature that provides valuable insights into the US fashion industry. By capturing and analyzing vast amounts of data, the dashboard gives retailers a clear picture of the average selling prices across various product categories.

Pricing intelligence is a critical factor in retail, directly impacting consumer perception and purchasing decisions. In the price analysis section of the dashboard, retailers can access specific pricing data, such as the average price of a cardigan. This information is a reference point for retailers to compare their pricing strategies with the market average.

With the price and discount analysis feature, retailers can better understand their competitors' pricing strategies and adjust their prices accordingly. Retailers can effectively attract customers and drive sales by aligning their prices with the market average or strategically differentiating themselves.

The Actowiz Solutions retail dashboard empowers retailers to make informed pricing decisions by providing real-time pricing insights. This allows retailers to stay competitive within their chosen product categories and adapt to market dynamics. By leveraging the pricing intelligence offered by the dashboard, retailers can optimize their pricing strategies and maximize profitability.

Access to accurate and up-to-date pricing data is crucial in the highly competitive fashion industry. The Actowiz Solutions retail dashboard offers a reliable and comprehensive solution for retailers to stay informed about market trends, adjust prices, and effectively position themselves in the industry.

Experience the power of price and discount analysis with Actowiz Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our retail dashboard and how it can enhance your pricing strategies for success in the fashion industry.


The discount analysis is a crucial aspect of the eCommerce industry, and retail analytics provides valuable insights into the discount strategies employed by different retailers and brands. By leveraging retail analytics, retailers can easily compare the average discounts offered by various players in different categories, allowing them to assess their competitiveness in the market.

By analyzing discount and pricing data through retail analytics, the brand can evaluate the effectiveness of its discount strategy. Referring to the provided screenshot, let's consider the example of a footwear brand offering a 10% discount on its products. The average discount for the footwear segment is 17% in this sample. This information enables the retailer to gauge the competitiveness of its discount offering and make informed decisions about potential adjustments.

With access to average discount data across retailers and brands, the footwear brand can identify areas for improvement in its discount strategy. By aligning its average discount with or exceeding the market average, the brand can stay on par with competing brands and attract more shoppers with more enticing discount offers.

Retail analytics provides real-time insights into market trends and the discount landscape, empowering retailers to optimize their discount strategies. By leveraging this data, retailers can make data-driven decisions and remain competitive in eCommerce. They can adjust their discount levels, offer more attractive discounts to shoppers, and enhance their overall value proposition.

New Arrivals


New product launches are pivotal for retailers, offering opportunities to enhance visibility and pricing on their marketplaces. The retail analytics dashboard, as shown in the provided screenshot, enables retailers to analyze new arrivals by category and track the growth within each category over time. This valuable information empowers competing retailers to make real-time assessments of these new offerings and determine whether they should include similar items in their catalogs.

By leveraging the insights provided by the retail analytics dashboard, retailers can strategically evaluate the assortment of products introduced by their competitors. They can swiftly identify gaps in their competitors' catalogs and assess whether similar variants are available in their inventory. If they do, retailers can take advantage of these gaps to increase the visibility and promotion of those products, potentially attracting customers seeking such items.

Monitoring new launches and assessing their impact on the market in real-time provides retailers with a competitive edge. By staying abreast of the latest offerings and analyzing the growth trends within each category, retailers can make informed decisions to optimize their product assortment, pricing, and marketing strategies.

With Actowiz Solutions' retail analytics dashboard, retailers can efficiently track and respond to new product launches, ensuring they remain agile in the dynamic retail landscape. By leveraging this data-driven approach, retailers can capitalize on market opportunities, stay ahead of the competition, and drive business growth.

Maximize the potential of your retail operations by harnessing the power of retail analytics with Actowiz Solutions. Contact us today to explore how our retail analytics solutions can empower your business and enhance your competitive advantage.

Dashboard for Price Comparison

Actowiz Solutions provides retailers with powerful comparison dashboards that enable them to monitor and analyze prices for various products across different categories. The screenshot below showcases a snippet of this feature, allowing retailers to quickly identify pricing issues. This includes potentially underpriced or overpriced items, as exemplified by the first item listed.

With the aid of advanced product matching software, Actowiz Solutions ensures the accuracy of the price comparison data. This software enhances the precision of the insights, enabling clients to make informed pricing decisions based on highly accurate information.

By utilizing comparison dashboards, retailers can easily spot pricing anomalies and discrepancies within their product offerings. They can identify products that are priced too low, which may result in missed revenue opportunities and overpriced items, potentially deterring customers. With these insights, retailers can adjust their pricing strategies to align with market trends, enhance competitiveness, and maximize profitability.

Combining comprehensive price analysis and robust product-matching software empowers retailers to make data-driven pricing decisions. Actowiz Solutions enables retailers to stay ahead of the competition, optimize their pricing strategies, and succeed tremendously in the ever-evolving retail landscape.


Actowiz Solutions' software goes beyond price comparison and analysis to assist brands in identifying fraudulent sellers and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations through MAP monitoring. The software achieves this by thoroughly examining products listed with inaccurate prices on various marketplaces and third-party websites, as depicted in the screenshot below.


Everyday Summary Dashboard


The retail analytics dashboard provided by Actowiz Solutions offers a comprehensive and concise summary of the activities of your closest competitors. The screenshot above showcases a dashboard specifically focused on the fashion category, featuring several top retailers in the US. By analyzing the displayed data, brands, and retailers can gain valuable insights into average discount rates and each listed brand's available products (out-of-stock items).

This information empowers brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions and develop a well-informed strategy for their product offerings. The ability to customize the list of competitors tracked ensures that the dashboard is tailored to each brand's specific needs and priorities.

By closely monitoring the average discount rates of competitors, brands can assess their competitiveness within the market and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly. Additionally, keeping track of out-of-stock items helps brands identify potential gaps in the market that they can capitalize on by ensuring their products remain available and accessible to consumers.

With Actowiz Solutions' retail analytics dashboard, brands and retailers gain a competitive edge by staying informed about their competitors' activities, enabling them to make proactive decisions and stay ahead in the dynamic retail landscape.

Category Overview

Retail analytics empowers brands and retailers to compare categories across multiple marketplaces, brands, and websites. This powerful capability allows them to analyze various aspects such as price differences, the number of items, the highest discounts, and more. By leveraging these insights, brands, and retailers can effectively monitor their competitors on a global scale.

The retail analytics platform simplifies the process by categorizing and presenting data in visually appealing and actionable formats. Through intuitive visualizations and summarized reports, brands and retailers can quickly grasp the critical information they need to make informed decisions and take strategic actions.

By comparing categories across different platforms and competitors, brands can identify market trends, benchmark their performance, and uncover growth opportunities. They can gain valuable insights into pricing strategies, assortment management, and promotional activities, enabling them to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.

Actowiz Solutions offers a robust retail analytics solution that enables brands and retailers to perform in-depth category comparisons and leverage data-driven insights to drive their business forward. Contact Actowiz Solutions today to unlock the power of retail analytics and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


The retail analytics platform provides a consolidated view of immediate action items on a single screen, allowing brands and retailers to quickly identify areas that require attention. In the example below, the screen highlights price decreases in the 'tops' and 'bikini' sections, recently out-of-stock items, and the brand's performance compared to average discounts.

Retail analytics provides detailed insights by categorizing categories into various attributes, enabling retailers to make informed decisions. The real-time retail dashboard example below focuses on Amazon's shirt category, revealing valuable information about material preferences, collar styles, and color choices.

According to the data, the top materials for shirts on Amazon are Cotton and Polyester. Most shirts in this category feature a button-down collar, indicating its popularity among customers. In terms of colors, multi-colors are the most common, followed by blue and black.

This level of intelligence empowers retailers to plan their merchandise assortment effectively. By understanding customer preferences for materials, collar styles, and colors, retailers can align their inventory to meet the demand and ensure they offer the right products to their target audience.

With the help of retail analytics, retailers can stay ahead of market trends and make data-driven decisions that optimize their merchandise assortment and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

Trends & Insights

Throughout the year, retailers must stay informed about seasonal trends, new product launches, evolving customer preferences, and buying trends in the industry. A real-time dashboard, like the one depicted below, provides retailers with valuable insights to effectively track and respond to these dynamic market changes.

The dashboard allows retailers to monitor the latest competitor launches, ensuring they are aware of new products entering the market. Additionally, retailers can identify emerging trends, such as the increased availability of products with 'round neck' collars, enabling them to align their assortment with current customer preferences.

By utilizing a real-time dashboard, retailers can avoid gaps in their product assortment, ensuring they don't miss out on crucial sales seasons and that their product offerings remain competitive. They can also proactively identify and address underperforming products, keeping their inventory up-to-date and appealing to their target market.

Access to timely insights empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions, stay ahead of market trends, and maintain an industry competitive edge. With a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, retailers can optimize their product assortment, meet customer demands, and drive sales growth.

Clear & Brief Reports

Clear-Brief-Reports Clear-Brief-Reports-2

Actowiz Solutions offers a comprehensive solution to manage and optimize retail data, empowering brands with actionable insights and seamless data navigation. With a vast dataset and numerous aspects to monitor and optimize, Actowiz Solutions simplifies the process by providing clients with user-friendly parameters that can be easily adjusted to meet their preferences and requirements. By customizing settings with just a few clicks, brands can instantly generate reliable, scalable, and actionable insights to inform their retail strategy.

Whether tracking competitor activity, monitoring pricing trends, analyzing product assortment, or identifying market opportunities, Actowiz Solutions provides a walkthrough of all the essential components of retail analytics. With our platform, brands can comprehensively understand the market, make informed decisions, and optimize their retail operations.

We invite you to book a demo today to experience the full potential of retail analytics for your brand. Our team will guide you through the capabilities of Actowiz Solutions, demonstrating how it can enhance your retail performance and drive growth. Contact us now to schedule your personalized demo and unlock the power of retail analytics for your business.

For any further inquiries or additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to Actowiz Solutions. We are here to assist you with all your needs related to web scraping, mobile app scraping, or instant data scraper services. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions and expertise in extracting valuable data from various sources. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how Actowiz Solutions can help you leverage the power of data for your business.


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