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For an e-commerce website owner, it's essential to avoid being a failure figure. So, they should understand how to use open web data by scraping e-commerce websites to extract e-commerce data.

In 2021, about 2.14 billion people made online purchases, and e- commerce sales exceeded $5.2 trillion worldwide! With these staggering figures, you can say that online retail and e-commerce has become highly competitive and challenging sector. If you don't understand your business marketing strategies, product pricing, and content, your ship will sink very quickly!

In this blog, we'll analyze why extracting e-commerce websites and utilizing open web data is essential for your benefit.

What is E-Commerce Data Scraping?

Scraping e-commerce websites is an automated procedure of collecting and scraping well-structured data from e-commerce pages. It is done using the help of applications and tools known as data scrapers and web scraping software.

It helps you find the appropriate information, which results in better decisions. Consequently, data scraping advances how to express action plans for e-commerce businesses and eventually sell different products.

Retailers and marketplaces use e-commerce data scraping to collect data on competitors, pricing, and market research from particular web pages while they extract e-commerce websites.

Examples of E-Commerce Data

  • Product information (like name, pricing, description, stock availability, features, etc.)
  • Product listing (category on the search pages with an overview of price, name, delivery date, etc.)
  • Product reviews (reviewer, date posted, ratings, etc.)
  • Product seller information

E-commerce web data extraction use cases


You'll get superior visibility in competitor and price intelligence when you get insights from reliable, accurate, and updated e-commerce data feeds

You can still become a bit disorganized and wonder what the example of e-commerce data scraping and web extraction is.

Let's understand the key examples.

Price Intelligence

Studies indicate that pricing is a crucial factor influencing any buyer's buying decisions. So, getting accurate and updated data for analyzing and comparing pricing from all leading e-commerce websites is vital. Therefore you could price your products competitively, increase sales, and ensure that you're not selling anything at a loss.

Brand Monitoring and Competitor Intelligence

An essential part of any business is understanding how your competitors are doing. For instance, data about how competitors price their products would be helpful for you in pricing your own.

A viewpoint that scraping e-commerce websites can offer through price intelligence and brand monitoring using data extraction.

Correspondingly, by scraping e-commerce websites, you can monitor competitors' inventory levels or observe any deals or promotions they could provide.

Market Analysis & Research

Effectively marketing and selling your products means understanding what your consumers want. Knowing how e-commerce web scraping works with market analysis and research is essential.

Overcome the competition

We've recognized that scraping e-commerce data and scraping e- commerce websites could be helpful for businesses in different ways.

Let's understand how scraping e-commerce data can help you better:

Boosting your marketing tactics

Customers today need personalization - an enormous 54% of consumers end their loyalty relationships if a company doesn't offer relevant and tailor-made offers and content.

When you extract e-commerce data historically and currently, you can create targeted marketing campaigns and match what the audience prefers, regulate which channels work the best for campaigns, and discover sales opportunities.

Increasing conversions and brand visibility

As per the latest SerpWatch survey, 67% of clicks on the search engine result pages drive to the upper five results.

It's easy to utilize web scraping for organizing data, collecting insights, and expressing a dynamic SEO tactic, using keywords that can assist you in boosting your search engine rankings. It is essential to stay ahead of the competition and increase brand visibility.

Furthermore, collecting data on reviews ratings and product features can enrich and optimize your SEO listings, make them extra informative, and result in potential customers in the conversion journey.

Improving your services, products, and prices

Despite product data, scraping e-commerce reviews from any 3 rd party websites can offer a wide-ranging look at how the customers perceive your products, how they stand in the competition, etc.

Manufacturers and retailers can utilize this data to get better products, push ideal outcomes in the market, improve customer experiences, and more.

Managing operations resourcefully

Many ways scraping e-commerce data can assist companies in managing their operations very smoothly.

For instance, you can use it to collect supply chain data, including suppliers' prices, leading times, and product accessibility. You can utilize this data to ensure you always get the products that customers require in stock.

In addition, to scraping e-commerce websites, data can assist you in tracking competitors' pricing and recognizing potential supply chain disturbances resources so that you can evade costly disruptions or delays for your business.

Automating e-commerce data scraping

Conventionally, companies hire employees to scrap product Data from a manufacturer's website manually.

These days, this procedure is done using automated processes, minimizing human errors and freeing your sources for essential tasks.

Overcome challenges to getting e-commerce data

E-commerce websites usually deal with huge data volumes, and when you scale, this will become dreadful to extract 20,000 products, every day, every hour manually.

To overcome different challenges, you'll require flawless web scraping expertise.

An easy way of fully leveraging the power of data is using automatic web extraction and a healthy infrastructure while extracting e-commerce websites.


Scraping and using e-commerce data is not only a 'good-to-have' for businesses and retailers.

It's essential to provide a competitive edge to your business and allows you to stick out from the competition, particularly if you want to automate web scraping.

If you don't get one in-house, your finest option is outsourcing to a web scraping expert like Actowiz solutions to fulfill all your requirements regarding e-commerce web scraping.

Talk to our professionals today about your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.


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