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During the early access phase and throughout the seven-day span of Flipkart's flagship event, the Big Billion Days, which kicked off on October 8th, 2023, the e-commerce titan, bolstered by its Walmart backing, garnered a staggering 1.35 billion customer visits. Concurrently, Amazon initiated its Great Indian Festival sale, accumulating a commendable 93 million visits within a mere 48-hour window.

For discerning shoppers, the pivotal query was clear: "Which platform rolled out the most captivating deals and profound discounts?" To address this, our team harnessed the capabilities of our sophisticated e-commerce data scraping services, diving deep into Flipkart product data scraping and to scrape Amazon product data. Through meticulous analysis and Flipkart data collection services, we scrutinized the pricing dynamics and discount mechanisms of both e-commerce giants across essential product categories.

In the relentless pursuit of market insights, our e-commerce data collection methodology ensures businesses remain informed and agile. For a comprehensive understanding of the e-commerce landscape and to stay abreast of pivotal trends, our expertise is at your service.

Here are the specifics of our analysis:

  • SKUs Examined: Over 30,000
  • Platforms: and
  • Product Categories: Home & Furniture, Apparel, Health & Beauty, Electronics
  • Duration: From October 7th, 2023, to October 22nd, 2023.

Key Insights: Unveiling E-commerce Dynamics

Through rigorous analysis utilizing our advanced e-commerce data collection and scraping methodologies, several pivotal insights emerged:

Price Dynamics: Flipkart's Big Billion Days outshone Amazon's Great Indian Festival in terms of aggressive pricing strategies. Across diverse categories, Flipkart consistently offered more substantial markdowns.

Apparel Dominance: Flipkart's prowess was particularly evident in the Apparel segment, where it showcased an impressive average discount rate of 50.1%. This data, extracted through Flipkart product data scraping, underscores the platform's commitment to enticing fashion-conscious consumers.

Health & Beauty Trends: While Flipkart maintained its competitive edge, its Health & Beauty category presented a narrower gap. Here, Flipkart's lowest discount stood at 38.3%. In contrast, Amazon, as observed from scraped Amazon product data, trailed with a marginally lower average discount of 31%.

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, staying informed is pivotal. Leveraging our e-commerce data scraping services and expertise in Flipkart data collection services and Amazon product data collection services, businesses can harness actionable insights to refine strategies and capitalize on market trends.


In summary, Flipkart consistently presented more generous discounts across all product categories. The platform significantly invested in strengthening its ties with significant brands and sellers, facilitating deeper discounts to lure in a more extensive customer base.

Now, let's delve deeper into each specific product category.

Apparel Overview

Although many retailers anticipated declining apparel demand during India's festive season, eCommerce behemoths like Amazon and Flipkart have tapped into the evident consumer preference for clothing.


In a comprehensive evaluation of the Apparel sub-categories, segments like Women’s Tops, Women’s Dresses, Men’s Shoes, Men’s Shirts, and Women’s Innerwear stood out, boasting the most significant discounts during the sales. Although Flipkart led with higher average discounts across these sub-categories, Amazon also presented competitive pricing strategies.


Brand Dynamics During E-commerce Extravaganzas

In our comprehensive analysis leveraging cutting-edge e-commerce data scraping services, distinct patterns in brand-specific discounting strategies across Flipkart's Big Billion Days and Amazon's Great Indian Festival have surfaced:

Shoe Category Insights: The Shoes subcategory emerged as a focal point of competitive pricing. Brands like Arrow, Adidas, Red Tape, Nike, and Reebok, as discerned from both Flipkart product data scraping and Amazon product data collection services, offered notable discounts across platforms.

Platform Preference for Reebok and Adidas: A noteworthy observation was the differential approach of Reebok and Adidas. These leading footwear brands unveiled more appealing deals during Amazon's Great Indian Festival, as highlighted in our scraped Amazon product data, positioning Amazon as a preferred platform for their offerings.

Such nuanced insights, derived from meticulous e-commerce data collection and analysis, illuminate the intricacies of brand strategies in response to major sales events. For businesses keen on navigating the e-commerce terrain adeptly, understanding these dynamics is paramount.


Brand Visibility and Pricing Dynamics in E-commerce

Our in-depth analysis, leveraging sophisticated e-commerce data collection and scraping techniques, unravels intriguing trends surrounding brand visibility and pricing strategies across Amazon and Flipkart:

One8 by Virat Kohli's Platform Strategy: Notable disparities in discounts for One8 by Virat Kohli between Amazon and Flipkart hint at potential exclusive partnerships. Our data suggests that such brand-platform collaborations play a pivotal role in dictating pricing strategies.

Beyond Discounts - The Search Visibility Game: While competitive pricing is vital, a brand's visibility within search results is paramount. By tracking the Share of Search metrics, which gauges a brand's product presence in top search results, we unearthed compelling insights:

  • Jockey and Speedo: Both brands observed an enhanced Share of Search on Flipkart, yet their presence on Amazon's search results waned, as evidenced by our Amazon product data collection services.
  • Van Heusen: The brand's search visibility on Flipkart experienced a decline. However, it carved a more significant niche on Amazon, emphasizing the need for adaptive e-commerce strategies tailored to each platform.

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, understanding these dual dynamics of pricing and visibility is crucial. Through our e-commerce data scraping services and comprehensive Flipkart data collection services and Amazon product data collection services, businesses can gain actionable insights to refine their market approach.


Home & Furniture Overview

As the appetite for home and furniture items surged in October, just ahead of the festive season, both Amazon and Flipkart rolled out notable discounts within this product category.


Both Amazon and Flipkart showcased discounts nearing the 48% mark. In specific subcategories, Flipkart presented marginally lesser discounts than Amazon. Specifically, Rugs, Sofas, Luggage, and Entertainment Units witnessed more modest price reductions on Flipkart's Big Billion Days event.


E-commerce Trends: Appliances and Furniture Insights

Our meticulous analysis, utilizing advanced e-commerce data scraping and collection methodologies, unveils intriguing patterns in the appliance and furniture sectors across Amazon and Flipkart:

Appliance Discounts - A Platform Dichotomy: Dishwashers and Washers/dryers experienced more aggressive discounts on Amazon compared to Flipkart. This shift in pricing dynamics, as observed from scraped Amazon product data and Flipkart product data scraping, indicates evolving consumer preferences in India towards these once-niche appliances.

Furniture & Luggage Brand Battles: In the realm of home and furniture brands, Flipkart emerged as the frontrunner in discount offerings, prominently featuring brands such as Safari, Aristocrat, Nasher Miles, American Tourister, and VIP.

However, Amazon's competitive positioning, although slightly trailing, underscores the fierce rivalry within the e-commerce sector. Such insights, derived from Amazon product data collection services and Flipkart data collection services, highlight the significance of a nuanced understanding of platform-specific strategies.

For enterprises seeking to navigate the intricate e-commerce terrain, comprehensive e-commerce data collection and analysis, encompassing both Amazon and Flipkart data collection services, are paramount. These insights equip businesses with the knowledge to fine-tune their strategies and capitalize on emerging market trends.


Skybags demonstrated robust visibility on Flipkart and Amazon when evaluating Share of Search metrics, leveraging a dual strategy of significant festive discounts and strategic search result positioning. Conversely, Wildcraft's prominence dipped on Flipkart despite its strong presence on Amazon. Meanwhile, Duroflex experienced diminished search visibility during Amazon's Big Billion Days compared to its Flipkart counterpart. For businesses aiming to decipher such patterns, e-commerce data scraping services, Amazon product data collection services, and Flipkart data collection services have become invaluable tools.


Consumer Electronics Landscape: Festive Sales and Market Dynamics

Amidst the festive fervor, the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) foresaw a significant uptick in consumer electronics sales within India. A discernible trend emerged as consumers increasingly gravitated towards purchasing high-end electronics, leveraging credit card facilities and EMIs. This inclination paved the way for a surge in demand for premium electronic products.

Both e-commerce behemoths, Flipkart and Amazon, were at the forefront, unveiling average discounts that hovered around the 50% mark for this coveted segment. This aggressive pricing strategy, evident from the data extracted through e-commerce data scraping services, underscores the platforms' commitment to capturing a larger market share during this crucial sales window.

For enterprises vying for a competitive edge in this bustling marketplace, the imperative lies in harnessing actionable insights. Comprehensive e-commerce data collection and analysis, which encompasses Flipkart product data scraping and Amazon product data collection services, offer invaluable perspectives. By decoding these insights, businesses can craft informed strategies and align their offerings with prevailing market trends, ensuring relevance and resonance with the discerning Indian consumer.


In the realm of electronics subcategories, Smartwatches, Earbuds, and Drones stood out with the most substantial discounts, with Flipkart taking the lead during its Big Billion Days event. Conversely, in the TV segment, Amazon presented a slightly more generous discount of 43.7%, overshadowing Flipkart's offering of 40.2%.


Electronics Pricing Dynamics: A Tale of Two Platforms

In the realm of electronics, discerning consumers witnessed varying discount dynamics between Amazon and Flipkart. Categories encompassing Speakers, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets displayed more restrained discounts on Amazon when juxtaposed with its competitor, Flipkart. This divergence can be attributed, in part, to Amazon's strategic alliances, particularly its exclusive partnerships for the launch of several flagship devices during September and October. Such collaborations invariably influenced Amazon's pricing strategy, resulting in heightened discounts on select products.

A granular examination of brand-specific pricing strategies further elucidates the competitive landscape. Lenovo, for instance, showcased a stark contrast in discounting approaches across platforms. With a robust 44.6% markdown on Amazon, its offerings on Flipkart were comparatively muted at 23.6%. In contrast, Noise emerged as a beacon for deal-seekers, extending discounts up to a staggering 71.2% on Amazon and a commendable 51.9% on Flipkart. However, brands such as Boat and Zebronics experienced a contraction in discount rates specifically on Flipkart.

For enterprises navigating the intricate maze of e-commerce, these insights, gleaned through meticulous e-commerce data scraping and analysis, are invaluable. Leveraging comprehensive Amazon product data collection services and Flipkart data collection services, businesses can craft informed strategies, optimize pricing dynamics, and resonate more effectively with the evolving consumer preferences in India's vibrant e-commerce ecosystem.


E-commerce Insights: Brand Strategies and Visibility Metrics

The dynamics of e-commerce platforms, especially during flagship events like Flipkart's Big Billion Days, offer a wealth of insights into brand strategies and consumer preferences.

Brand Discounting Strategies: Mi and JBL emerged as aggressive players during the sales event, rolling out compelling discounts to entice consumers. In a noteworthy divergence, Apple adopted contrasting pricing strategies for Amazon and Flipkart. While Amazon patrons witnessed a modest 11.75% markdown, Flipkart users were treated to a more enticing 30.7% discount, illustrating platform-specific strategies to cater to distinct consumer bases.

Brand Visibility Metrics: The Share of Search metric provides a lens into brand prominence across platforms. Samsung's dominance was evident on Amazon, capturing a significant 14.8% Share of Search. This contrasted sharply with its subdued 2.5% representation on Flipkart. Conversely, Apple and Lenovo enjoyed enhanced visibility on Amazon's platform. Flipkart, on the other hand, spotlighted brands like JBL and Skullcandy, positioning them prominently in search results.

For businesses seeking to harness the nuances of e-commerce dynamics, the imperative lies in leveraging robust e-commerce data scraping and collection methodologies. Comprehensive Amazon product data collection services and Flipkart data collection services offer a panoramic view of market trends, enabling enterprises to refine strategies, optimize visibility, and resonate effectively with the target audience across diverse platforms.


Health & Beauty Overview

Within the Health & Beauty segment, the discounts were notably more restrained, with Flipkart offering a 38.7% markdown and Amazon slightly trailing at 31%.


Among the examined subcategories, Electric Toothbrushes stood out with notable discounts on both platforms. Conversely, essential and more affordable categories like Toothpaste witnessed the most modest markdowns, with Amazon presenting an average discount of just 17.1%.


Among various brands, Beardo, renowned for its beard care products, presented notably deeper discounts on Amazon in contrast to Flipkart. Most established brands, such as Nivea and Vaseline, showcased more attractive deals on Amazon than Flipkart. However, Tresmme and Dove bucked this trend, offering superior discounts exclusively on Flipkart.


Regarding Share of Search metrics, Beardo emerged as the most prominently featured brand within this category. Conversely, brands like Dove, Pond’s, Swiss Beauty, and Tresemme exhibited diminished visibility on Flipkart relative to their presence on Amazon.


Actowiz Solutions: Mastering the Sale Season with Competitive Pricing Insights

In the dynamic e-commerce landscape, understanding the strategic pricing maneuvers of industry giants like Amazon and Flipkart during marquee events like the Big Billion Days and the Great Indian Festival Sale is paramount. Such insights, derived from meticulous Amazon product data collection services and Flipkart product data scraping, shed light on the delicate equilibrium between profitability, inventory management, and market competition.

Actowiz Solutions offers unparalleled e-commerce data scraping services and comprehensive data collection capabilities for businesses striving for a competitive edge. Our expertise in Flipkart and Amazon product data collection services provides retailers with actionable insights, enabling them to refine strategies, optimize pricing models, and navigate sales events with precision.

In this fiercely competitive arena, timely and relevant insights gathered at scale can be the game-changer. Actowiz Solutions stands ready to empower your business with the insights to thrive. Connect with our team today to discover how you can leverage competitive pricing insights and stay ahead during pivotal sale events! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.

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