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Most eCommerce customers find products using applicable keywords attributed to their requirements, with maximum clicks on 1 st -page results for the initial few listed products. Streamlining any digital shopping practice is essential for brands and gets considered for most consumers that won’t go past 1 st -page results.

Data analytics provides brands with some intelligence to assist them in deciding how, where, and when to create digital ad investments cost- effectively while concurrently working on insights that offer organic growth. Considering the U.S. clients starting their product finding on platforms like Amazon, it is sensible for different brands to arrange digital advertising options with Amazon.

How to Maximize ROAS (Returns on Ad Spends) Using Amazon Ads?

Leading brands utilize Amazon Ads to drive brand awareness, get new customers, increase market share, and increase sales to advance their marketing ROI. Top advertisers get average sales growth of 40% more YoY and 50% more YoY growth for customer product page viewership at Amazon, with 30% higher ROAS using Amazon Ads, as per a recent study. Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Displays, Sponsored Products, and Amazon DSP are among the Amazon Ads alternatives that offer maximum returns.

Actowiz Solutions has been a checked partner and dimension service provider in Amazon’s Advertising Partner Networks. We have the objective of supporting brands and optimizing digital ad campaigns with visibility of DSA (Digital Shelf Analytics) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Product and Pricing Availability, Share of Search, Reviews and Ratings, Content Audits, Market Share, and Sal Make sure your product listing appears at the top of 1st-page results on Amazon for the most applicable keywords, which is the most significant determinant to maximize ROAS.

Here is the summary of how Digital Shelf solutions of Actowiz Solutions, using Amazon Ads, can progress the presence of an Amazon Ads campaign:


1. Keyword Suggestions Improve Search Share

With Actowiz Solutions’ Share of Search services, brands can analyze their position of paid and organic discovery keywords related to competition. Once the keywords are regulated, you are given a subjective Share of Search rate, which assists in measuring how well every keyword works related to safeguard discoverability. The image shows the example of gained insights:

A brand can assume people get its products through the brand name; however, traffic insights might reveal most people are looking for generic product types before they buy that brand. We can guess the degree of estimated and relevant traffic for recommended keywords. Then, brands can utilize these insights for adjusting campaign strategies depending on the parameters that can increase rank visibility and product discoverability.

2. Content Audit Increases Finding Relevancy Scores

Rich product content is essential to get success on Amazon. Accurate, thorough, and expressive content results in better CTR, positive reviews, conversion rates, and lesser returns, resulting in amplified discoverability. Actowiz Solutions’ Content Audit service analyzes existing images and copies on a per-attribute basis for highlighting any gaps needed to improve visibility, as given in the below example:


Your products’ content must align with the advertising strategy for more growth. Using Amazon Ads’ partner add-ons, our services can audit content to measure how efficiently you include Amazon Ad keywords in the product content to detect relevancy better.

3. Find More Opportunities using Product Availability and Pricing Insights

Keyword updates and quality content will only take you far if products aren’t steadily accessible and competitively priced. With Actowiz Solutions’ Price & Promotions & Product Accessibility modules, the advertisers can observe their availability trends and selling prices together with the competitors to discover more openings to include advertising campaigns, given in the example of the Price & Promotions dashboard below.


4. Leverage Reviews and Ratings for Increased Conversion

Product reviews and ratings are vital for running any Amazon Ads campaigns. Many studies with positive star ratings will give customers the confidence to buy, resulting in high conversion rates. On the other hand, negative feedback could have a damaging impact, resulting in wasted ad spending and lost sales. Actowiz Solutions’ Reviews and Rating module can assist you in monitoring reviews and scraping attribute-level product insights. This information could be used to optimize advertising strategies.

5. Associate Digital Shelf KPIs with Market Share and Sales Performance


The latest DSA module, Market Share and Sales Performance, offer SKU, sub-categories, and brand-level market share & sales estimations on the Amazon website for different brands and competitors through customer- defined classifications to quickly scale performance results.

The data could also correlate with different Digital Shelf KPIs, including Product Availability and Content Audit, providing brands with a simple way of checking the effects of attribute change as well as how they affect market share and sales. Correspondingly, brands can observe how sponsored, and organic search ranks affect market share and sales estimates.

Our Digital Shelf Insights Assist Brands in growing using Amazon Ads

The requirement to access flexible and workable eCommerce insights is rising exponentially to assist brands in driving growth, increasing their Share of Voice, and getting an edge. Therefore, more international brands use Digital Shelf Analytics to access real-time market changes and make data-driven growth tactics that leverage merchandising pricing and competitive insights.

Actowiz Solutions’ acceptance in Amazon’s Advertising Partner Networks allows Amazon advertisers to efficiently build Amazon growth approaches and regulate systems that would enable quicker and smarter marketing and advertising decision-making for optimizing product discoverability and general results.

Contact us to understand how we could scale up with the brand’s analytical requirements or to access more information about our Digital Shelf solutions or Amazon Ads Partnership. You can also reach for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping services needs.