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Traveling and tourism are among the world’s biggest industries, occupying more than 10% of the worldwide GDP (Gross Domestic Product). As about 5,000 flight carriers are working worldwide, airlines must invest in advanced solutions like web scraping airline data to get competitive benefits in this saturated industry.

During the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, tourism globally came to a standstill. The travel industry accelerated when restrictions got eased worldwide because people were keen to travel after months of incarceration. This was among the most significant shocks to this industry in current times that led to many losses.

The worldwide revenue of travel & tourism is expected to reach $716.8 billion by 2022! These numbers will increase more and more in the coming years, with an estimated 73 % of total revenue generated using online sales in 2026.

To work in such a prosperous industry, organizations must explore every accessible option to take advantage of this demand. It means upgrading the existing stages and adopting technologies like web scraping to increase market penetration.

Competition: Travel & Tourism Industry


In recent times, the air travel sector has seen a rise in total players in the market. More competition means airlines must stay competitive while offering seamless services to customers. Traveling – domestic or international- can be a demanding, enjoyable experience when a person searches for tickets. It can play a vital role in an individual’s selection of airlines.

Customer retention isn’t an easy process compared to different industries because there are many variable aspects to reflect that is continuously changing. It is among the scenarios when extracting airline data could be highly beneficial. This helps in understanding the conditions of the aviation market, making personalized offers, and observing pricing variations for similar flights through other airlines.

The responsibility doesn’t stop here. Most top airline companies offer travelers the option of booking their stay at their destination by providing superior deals. In a few instances, the pricing could be higher than directly booking on a hotel website; however, the seamless experience is the main selling point for maximum individuals. The full-fledged package given by airlines at the sensitive level – improved with the best data can rapidly become a customer’s preference while traveling.

Web Scraping Airlines Data


The start of an economy having higher inflation rates alters consumers’ behavior. It also affects the travel actions and how they buy airline tickets in more challenging times, each single penny counts. As consumers have decreased throwaway income to show on shopping, they are looking for promotions, sales, and offers to maximize their spending.

Pricing Variations


Flight ticket prices depend on the dates, seats accessible, types of a journey like one-way, and round trip, seasonal dependencies like holidays, and top traveling periods. Scraping information helps airlines visibility ticket prices and flight data and place hot spots by analyzing the flight frequency to specific locations.

A crucial aspect of staying competitive for airlines is accessing data for analyzing fluctuating flight pricing. Through assessing market conditions with other flight strategies for prices, the airline may ultimately use data to shape the pricing model.

Expect Business


Web extraction can also assist all verticals in the travel & tourism industries in identifying peak seasons. These insights offer a historical description of higher-traffic and lower-traffic periods – flights per season, hotel reservations, and successful journeys – that helps companies to modify their business models and adapt these variations.



One more valuable and important use case of airlines and hotels is frequently benchmarking themselves using the competition. Working in an overloaded industry requires constant efforts to maintain higher standards and ensure customer satisfaction. Data access for companies in the sector could be priceless to understand where they stall compared to their peers – profits and income, recognize top players, learning growth opportunities, and analyze the market share.

Improved Marketing


Web scraping may also keep tabs on consumer feelings by doing sentiment analysis. This data helps remove pain points a person experiences when interacting with a brand and offers a clear picture of what can be better. Airlines that use scraping to know about their customers can improve their offerings, make marketing strategies, and create a reliable customer base.


Businesses in the tourism and travel industries stick out to get a data scraping tool. The advantages of using a platform will settle in dividends while the data found is used for refining current procedures and offering an improved customer experience.

For the industry, which is an openly customer-facing operation, the value of the customer’s devotion is unmatched – particularly in the tough economy. More innovative businesses understand the significance of web extraction and its numerous benefits and can participate in any market and stay on top.

To understand more about our web scraping services and how they can add value to your business, contact Actowiz Solutions now!


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