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Black Friday is approaching, and so many deals are coming. You might have noticed that many retailers have been promoting Black Friday deals early since October. Product pricing changes quickly during this time.

This blog will show how to get product prices on Amazon using Actowiz Solutions. Being a no-code scraper, Actowiz Solutions users could gather data from different web pages with a few clicks, irrespective of coding skills.

Why Monitor Pricing on Amazon?


The rapid answer is that Amazon is among the largest e-commerce platforms with countless products, making that an extensive product database for all types of market research. You can find almost everything you need daily and gain price information along with products' sizes, materials, textures, prices, etc.

Amazon got the events back in 2021 by capturing 17.7% of all sales in a shopping frenzy. That's how Amazon launched Black Friday deals during October with the Sale of Prime Early Access. The Black Friday sales would last for over one month, so high chances are there that products would be re-priced in this period. Indeed, if you wish your products to get successful, price monitoring becomes more important.

How to Extract Amazon Data?


For example, to take Christmas mugs, we'll use Actowiz Solutions to gather data for any particular product type on Amazon with basic data from a listing page, with additional data from a product's detailed page. Here is the targeted URL us: To download Actowiz Solutions, visit Actowiz Solutions. When installation gets completed, sign up for any free account to begin your web scraping journey using Actowiz Solutions.

Stage 1: Make a new task using a targeted link

Enter a targeted URL in a search bar and click the Start button. This page would be loaded with Actowiz Solutions' in-built browser after a few seconds.

Stage 2: Choose the data needed from a listing page

After a page finishes loading, click on the "Auto-detect website data" option in a Tips panel. Actowiz Solutions would scan a page for the data that you are looking for. The perceived data will be highlighted in red and given in the Data Preview window below. Here, you can retain fields like product title, rating, price, and total reviews. You could click "switch auto-detect results" on Action Tips to observe if Actowiz Solutions successfully detects the data needed.

In the meantime, Actowiz Solutions inevitably finds the next-page switches on the targeted page and requests you if you want to extract more pages. Progress and leave an option checked; therefore, you'll find data from 1st page to the last page. After that, click on Create Workflow, given in Action Tips.

Stage 3: Go to the product information pages

To find extra data from the detail pages, click on "Click link(s) to extract the related page(s)." This will help you select the listing from the data fields and click. In most situations, you could choose a URL field to continue; for Amazon, things are slightly trickier, and we'd require automatically adding the 'Click' action to the workflow.

Hover over the Extract Data option, and click on the + sign to add the Click action. Then, rename the action to "Click URLs in s list," and choose Relative XPath to a Loop Item with Matching XPath to paste an XPath below in the bar. Then, switch to the menu 'Options' and select 'Open' in the new tab below the 'Before' action gets performed. Just click on the 'Apply' button and save the changes.

The right XPath to find product URLs on a listing page: //div[contains(@class,'s-card-container')]//*[contains(@class,'title')]//a

Stage 4: Collect data from detail pages

It's easy to launch the auto-detection procedure as Step 3 or choose the necessary data on a page and click "Scrape text of a chosen element" in the Tips panel. We choose capacity and brand for the step.

Until this step, we've created a complete workflow that is given on the right-hand side. You must click through the workflow steps to observe if each stage works as required.

Stage 5: Extract and export the data

After verifying the data, click on Run to begin the scraping procedure. Once this run gets finished, you could export data in CSV, Excel, or JSON files. Then Actowiz Solutions would handle the web scraping.

How the Extracted Data Can Assist in Prices


After getting data in a well-structured format, you can do some rapid data analysis. For price objectives, there are some points to try.

Tracking product variant prices


Products of various materials, textures, sizes, and brands usually have different prices. Multiple factors can affect the products' prices. With extracted data, it's easy to analyze ample data to monitor the prices of different products depending on particular aspects.

Tracking prices


This approach could be used against one product during any particular period. For example, Black Friday deals would last for more than a month on Amazon. The competitors might start with high prices before dropping later with discounts to get people's attention. How could you monitor the price changes to ensure that the products are reasonable? Extracting pricing data often and doing parallel analysis is the beacon light.


As per the season, weather and market trends keep changing, and so do product prices. Pricing becomes dynamic in the majority of situations. Price monitoring gives you an excellent idea to improve the price strategies and get insights about your competitors and market.

For more information about Amazon Black Friday sale data scraping, contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also reach us for your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.


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