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The industry of market research industry struggling with conservative methods of doing research. AI and ML dominate nearly everything, so the improvement requirement hasn’t been restricted to only research methodologies.

Advanced and verified ways of web scraping and web research for data collection are required that only market research data collection corporations are specialists at.

Data Collection – The Initial Step of the Market Research Procedure

Research companies of all sizes constantly search for data collection procedures for quantitative or qualitative market research. This will assist them in moving beyond the static and reactive workflows of market research and provide real-time insights for their consumers.

Besides data collection, you face other challenges like:

  • How to get the finest market research outsourcing corporations in India
  • How to utilize market research data resources
  • Need to have proficiency in various kinds of data entries

FAQs about Data Collection and Market Research

Which are the techniques of Product Catalog Optimization?

Product catalog optimization comprises extensive activities associated with analyzing, measuring, prioritizing, modeling, and implementing different actions for better productivity. Product catalog optimization addresses manufacturing problems like slower production lines and long pending work, which is in progress.

How Has Market Research Changed Over Time?

Marketing research has had a mutual predecessor in political polling since the 1930s. From that time, it comprised the social and natural sciences scientific technique and evolved regularly. With importance, quantitative and qualitative approaches are separated into two different species.

How Is Market Research Changing?

The market research process has been improved using automation, making survey research even more reproducible. Market research companies can now create self-service platforms wherever clients can make their brief micro-surveys with technology. Market research has become more agile due to that.

What Is Data Collection In Market Research?

Collecting and analyzing precise data from different resources to get answers for research trends, problems, and probabilities to assess possible results is recognized as Data Collection.

What Is The Main Importance Of Data Collection?

Data collection will help you improve services, know consumer requirements, refine business methods, retain and grow customers, and sell data as second-party data for other businesses as a profit.

How Is Marketing Changing In Modern Times?

One change is the proliferation of data. Earlier, advertising was a critical tool for informing customers about the products. Now, these customers can have detailed product data from different resources from a company and other customers.

Critical Challenges of Market Research Data Management

1. Data Associated Value Addition


Market research corporations are essential to be much more than data and insights providers as well as are anticipated to do value addition for their services. They need to partner with the businesses by understanding data modeling and data management to serve the customer’s business requirements. The challenge of using representative and quality data from a niche audience is critical.

Research firms have in-house teams which struggle with all data collection problems that market research teams are stressed with Market research data sources have amplified immensely with the arrival of the internet. Market insights are taken from petabytes of dirty data, which needs data cleansing to enrich it and make it analytics-ready. Research companies must get data collection and cleansing companies delivering all-inclusive data management services, including data collection, entry, processing, categorization, and validation.

The inability of market research experts to offer steady value addition is among the key challenges which are going big. Top consultancies have entered the race of digitalized data management by offering innovative data analytics solutions as per the type of market research. Data consultancy firms like McKinsey, IBM, Deloitte, etc. and big data suppliers like Facebook and Google are domestic names and get succeeded in getting an enormous customer base using dominant data management abilities.

2. Technological Developments with Data Management

Data assembly and scrubbing procedures with the help of progressive technology are gaining momentum; however, research companies are not well-equipped to use them. Suppose new data technologies like GPS tracking, chatbots, cookies, web tracking meters, and other online options are giving great benefits. In that case, they need knowledge about using and participating in their capabilities. A challenge is keeping pace with inventions while maintaining statistical validity and quality standards.

It can be a significant threat compared to the data management challenges above. Non-conventional research companies are getting market shares having leaps & bounds, while conventional market research suppliers get trapped in the past, being too reactive, purist, and very slow.

3. Data Representation

On the one hand, conservative research players struggle to advance data collection and combat enormous datasets within Excel worksheets to get insights. However, experts in market research & data collection use auto data capture software for collecting relevant and qualitative information from different data resources in specified time frames.

Data depiction by old research companies has no storytelling elements in it. However, the newbies suitably transform composite data into actionable data insights using platforms and tools like PowerBI, Tableau, SaaS, QlikView, etc. They present that in intuitive and interactive dashboards, graphs, infographics, charts, heat maps, and different visualizations for developing clients using C-Suite relationships.

Market Research & Data Management Solutions

With experience and expertise from data centers, outsourced data collection solution providers help market research companies achieve all their business objectives. They transform massive data into real insights to serve customers better and increase revenue streams. Leverage more profound domain consultation knowledge, information technology leadership, and business procedure management abilities across a market research value chain using data collection, cleansing, analysis, and reporting for your business benefits.

For more details about Market Research & Data Management Solutions, contact Actowiz Solutions. Contact us for all your web data scraping services and mobile app scraping service requirements.

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