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The use of Artificial Intelligence and data mining in business is quickly growing and has the potential to help brands to develop innovative prototypes.

Data mining is the process of collecting reliable data from publicly available sources on the internet. If we combine it with AI and ML models, the process gives more accurate and deeper data without any errors.

You may wonder how data mining relates to Artificial Intelligence and how it creates business value. To understand the factors influencing these outliers fees in a better way, we will separate points outside the orange boundary and compare their features to those points inside the boundary. To do so, we will choose the topics that create this orange boundary and use them to draw a polygon in the script. Then, we will check the facts in the datasets and their location to analyze further.

Let's discuss the result of combining these two technologies in this post.

What is Data Mining?


It is scraping and refining the data into a structured and meaningful format for analysis purposes. It helps to discover confidential and valuable information from the enormous sets of available data.

Considering that raw data is not entirely accurate, diving deeper allows us to find relevant patterns. Most brands and businesses use the same steps to understand the market and other market research foundations.

Using data scraping tools like algorithms, and software, you can find emerging trends and correlations in the market. And then use that mined data in your business effectively.

How Does Data Mining Work?


It typically consists of 2 steps, as below.

Part One: This step mainly involves preprocessing with data selection, cleaning, and transformation.

Part Two: This is the primary step in data mining. Here are a few stages followed in data mining.

Data Mining Stages
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Integration
  • Data Selection
  • Data Transformation
  • Pattern recognition and statistical techniques
  • Data Visualization

Understanding CRISP-DM


It is one of the well-known methods of mining data and is also known as Cross Industry Standard Process For Data Mining.

Understanding Business

Set clear goals and expectations of getting from a data scraping project according to your business needs.

Understanding Data

After mining the data from the web, consider checking the quality to see whether it matches your expectations.

Data Preparation

It consists of data cleaning, transformation, and feature selection.


This step is to build data mining models and generate initial results.


In this step, you check the model quality and performance to achieve your business goals.


Lastly, deploy the model on the web, and get the results.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Data Mining

We've gone through what data mining is and its process. Now, let's understand Artificial Intelligence briefly.

AI is the science of making machines and computer programs intelligent.

If you want to develop an AI program, there is a need for machine learning, data mining, and data analytics in combination. Once you create it, you can give new data as input to produce predictions without repeating the process.

However, if there is any wrong input, the AI model will give you the incorrect output, so be sure to have the correct input data to feed the AI model with you.

High-Quality Data Scraping with AI-Powered Automation


For data scraping, high quality and reliability are key factors. The key to success is the correct way for Artificial Intelligence and data extraction to improve each other effectively.

Finding Patterns in Datasets

Working with data mining and AI positively impacts your brand data needs effectively and the whole organization.

Studying the hidden relationships and patterns in large datasets can help you develop accurate models to fit your business needs. Once you execute those models, you can utilize them to make predictions, get process recommendations, and many more.

Examples of AI in Data Mining Examples-of-AI-in-Data-Mining.jpg
  • Recognize value-based data sets.
  • Scrape helpful information from these datasets.
  • Study the scraped information and spot trends or patterns.

Additionally, Artificial Intelligence helps to improve prediction accuracy from data mining models.

Use Case for AI-based Data Mining.


At Actowiz Solutions, we offer mobile app scraping and web scraping services that help brand monitoring, price intelligence, business automation, and many more.

Marketing: you can use data mining for market research purposes and improve marketing performance with value-driven data.

Education: Here, by studying the performance data of multiple students in particular subjects, you can identify which student needs additional academic help.

Travel: Airline brands can use AI-driven data scraping to improve their services, attract more customers, and build customer trust for the long term by offering them quality services at a minimum cost.

There are only a few use cases of data mining based on artificial intelligence. But it is not limited; you can use it in any other business.

What About the Best Practices of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence in Business Value?

Here are a few best practices for data mining and AI

  • Define your goals in advance.
  • Clean the data before proceeding.
  • Use more than one method.
  • Be ready to digest false positives.
  • Understand the future use of your results.

Follow the Below Steps to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence

Data Risk Assessment

Evaluate all the correlations, avoid biases, and avoid domino effects on the data mining model.

Model Risk Management

Biased data leads to the development of partial models. Dive deep into the results of models and ensure fair model production.

Production Monitoring

Though you assess both models and data, you can still find biases in the data in amplified mode. Tracking the model performance and fixing issues if the performance drops make it mandatory to get the best results.


Actowiz Solutions is leading the data scraping service market, offering data scientists, brands, and businesses the needed data. This way, combining Artificial Intelligence and data mining helps businesses effectively save time and cost and use the workforce smartly to grow the business quickly. Shoot a mail to our team today, and let us mine data with Artificial Intelligence for you.


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