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Web scraping involves automating the extraction of data from websites using scripts. With the help of ChatGPT, you can generate the script code for web scraping. Here's an example using IMDb, a website that offers information about movies and TV shows, including a chart of the top-rated movies.

The IMDb website's top 250 rated movies can be found at the following URL:

On this page, you can access a list of the top 250 movies with details such as their titles, cast, directors, and IMDb ratings.


For example, let's assume we want to extract movie information from the IMDb website using Python and the web scraping library BeautifulSoup. We can leverage ChatGPT to assist us in generating the necessary code. We can request by entering the following query:

"Web Scrape with Python and BeautifulSoup."

ChatGPT will then respond with a step-by-step guide and provide the corresponding Python source code, as depicted in the screenshot below:

The response from ChatGPT will contain the specific implementation steps and the code snippets in Python to accomplish the web scraping task using BeautifulSoup.


Sure, we can further refine our request to ChatGPT and ask for the Python web scraping script to be provided in a single file. We can make the following request:

"Please provide the Python web scraping code in one file."

ChatGPT will then respond with the complete source code, neatly organized and contained within a single file, making it convenient for us to copy and paste. This ensures the implementation is easily accessible and can be used directly without additional modifications or separate files.

With this improved interaction, ChatGPT will promptly deliver the desired Python web scraping script, allowing us to utilize it quickly for our data extraction needs.


In the given list, you will get a whole Python code that was produced by ChatGPT:


Let's try if this code works well. So, we initially have to make a new file:


After that, we will copy- paste a code in


Let's do a Python script through entering the given command on a command line:

$ python

Once the script is executed, it generates a new file named "imdb_top_movies.csv" within a few seconds. This file will contain all the extracted movie information in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. The CSV format ensures that the data is organized in rows and columns, making it easy to read and process using various data analysis tools or import into other applications.

By automatically creating the CSV file, the script simplifies saving and managing the extracted data. It provides a convenient way to access and utilize the movie information obtained from the IMDb website without manual intervention, further enhancing the efficiency of the web scraping process.


Certainly! To include the rating along with the movie name and the year of publication in the extracted information, you can ask ChatGPT the following:

"Please modify the web scraping script to extract the movie rating from the IMDb website."

ChatGPT will then generate an updated web scraping script version incorporating the requested change. This way, you can obtain the movie name, year of publication, and rating in the extracted data, providing more comprehensive information for your analysis or further processing.

Also retrieve the IMDb rating for each film

ChatGPT provides you with a step-by-step guide and code snippets to modify the existing web scraping script and include the extraction of the rating information from the IMDb website:


We can also ask ChatGPT to include these changes in the script:

Please give me the full code in one with, with the try-except block

After incorporating the requested changes, ChatGPT generates a complete Python script that includes the modifications for extracting the additional movie rating information from the IMDb website.


In conclusion, this tutorial demonstrated the effectiveness of using ChatGPT to generate web scraping scripts. By providing our requirements to ChatGPT, we received a fully functional Python script that can perform web scraping without requiring manual modifications. This streamlined approach makes web scraping much more accessible and allows users to start quickly with their data extraction tasks. With ChatGPT's assistance, web scraping becomes more accessible and efficient.

For more detailed information, don't hesitate to reach out to Actowiz Solutions! We are here to assist you with all your needs for mobile app scraping, web scraping, or instant data scraper services. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and find the best solutions for your scraping requirements.


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