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By scraping brand monitoring data, teams of Business Intelligence can make the most of positive advertising and work to lessen negative sentiments. An extensive BI strategy recognizes the multipronged character of brand monitoring with online sentiment analysis through extracting data from different resources and analyzing factors comprising brand reputation online.

Though, getting data manually for brand monitoring is a determined task. We can easily systematize brand monitoring using logically designed data crawlers.

This blog will provide some everyday practical use cases organizations utilize to make actionable insights and observe their brands.

  • Brand Reputation
  • Campaigns and Politics
  • Decision Making in Investments
  • Product Development

Brand Reputation


Today’s market is highly competitive, and brand monitoring and online brand management are top priorities to protect reputation. If you are not monitoring the brand or looking at how the products are priced and positioned, you may end up in a situation where the brand reputation gets damaged, and the business suffers.

Investment Decision Making


Research in financial business has shown that social media opinions and news articles can directly affect the stock market. Both subjective and informational aspects of online articles could impact instability, stock pricing, market activity, and trading volume.

The market moves quickly, and getting even a half step ahead in the competition could be incredibly appreciated. If many firms get similar old-style data, investors can distinguish their strategy by including brand monitoring data in decision-making.

Product Development


Brand monitoring depending on web-extracted data equips product development teams with data-driven insights with the changes customers need to see product quality and performance. Just think about number of forums, reviews, social media endorsements, and customer service tickets which get circulated at all time. A negative review may cost a company with many sales, however without technology to utilize data broadly, companies often continue with restricted actionable insights regarding how to change products - let alone create new ones. Therefore, brand monitoring is a retrospective and vital tool in product creation, design, and planning.

Campaigns and Politics


Often, political opinions are people's most emotionally gifted views. So, sentiment analysis engages with politics well because campaign success, voting behavior, and partisan variations are rational. It is evident in former elections that intended expectations do not always become a reality. One has to pay enough attention to sentiments stated about legislative bills, campaigns, candidates, and high-level job approval.

All these subjects are continually discussed on social media, forums, and article comments; therefore, extracting them is a perfect - if not the only - technique for scraping such data.

We expect some of the compelling use cases to do brand monitoring of data have encouraged you to fulfill such data in your workflow and to revolutionize the industry. Government officials, investors, and businesses could get broad insights from brand monitoring to understand their full potential and give their operations using the most efficient and world-class solutions presently available.

With the growth of the Internet, the data it produces grows with that, providing newer opportunities for all kinds of organizations for better processes and more well-informed decisions. So, we firmly believe that today is the best time for working! By including brand monitoring data streams in your organizational procedures, you can ensure your business gets disruption-proofed and well-prepared for tomorrow’s world.

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