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Retailers rely on pricing intelligence solutions to maintain competitive pricing positions. However, the effectiveness of these solutions depends on high-quality data and comprehensive coverage of product matches across websites. Leveraging retail mobile app data and digital shelf analytics, retailers can optimize their strategies. Mobile app data scraping and retail scraping services ensure accurate retail mobile app data collection for informed decision-making and strategic pricing initiatives. With comprehensive data coverage and reliable insights, retailers can stay competitive in the dynamic retail landscape.

Overcoming Challenges in Retail Pricing Intelligence: The Importance of Data Quality

Accuracy in Product Matching: Accurate product matching ensures pricing decisions are based on reliable comparisons. By precisely grouping competitor products alongside their own, pricing managers can effectively drive competitive pricing strategies.

Timeliness of Data: In the dynamic retail landscape, timely data is crucial for adapting to market shifts and competitor promotions. Up-to-date SKU data enables retailers to adjust pricing strategies promptly in response to changing market conditions and customer demands.

Comprehensive Product Matching Coverage: Comprehensive coverage ensures thorough product matching, including variations in size, weight, and color. Higher coverage allows retailers to capitalize on all available opportunities for price improvement, directly impacting revenues and margins.

Retailers encounter ongoing obstacles from delayed data and inadequate product matches, impacting their pricing strategies. Inaccurate or incomplete data can result in subpar decisions, overlooked opportunities, and diminished competitiveness in the market.

However, obtaining visibility into crucial data quality parameters is a significant challenge. Retailers often need help assessing their data providers' quality, leading to manual requests for reports to investigate further. This lack of transparency hampers pricing operations and slows down crucial aspects of business decision-making.

At Actowiz Solutions, we understand these challenges faced by retailers. That's why we've developed comprehensive solutions to scrape mobile app data.

Our suite of retail scraping services, unique in their advanced technology, ensures accuracy, timeliness, and comprehensive coverage in retail mobile app data collection. By harnessing retail mobile app data and digital shelf analytics, we provide retailers with actionable insights that are unparalleled in driving competitive pricing strategies and enhancing market competitiveness.

With our solutions, retailers can:

  • Gain confidence in pricing intelligence systems with accurate and reliable data.
  • Respond swiftly to market dynamics and competitor actions with timely SKU data.
  • Optimize pricing strategies by capitalizing on all available opportunities for price improvement.
  • Streamline decision-making processes and troubleshoot issues effectively with transparent data quality parameters.

By partnering with Actowiz Solutions, retailers cannot only overcome the challenges of poor-quality data but also unlock the full potential of their pricing intelligence systems. With comprehensive visibility into data quality parameters, retailers can make informed decisions, drive growth, and maintain a competitive edge in the retail market, all while benefiting from our expertise and innovative solutions.

Improving Data Transparency: Actowiz Solutions' Proficiency in Data Statistics & SKU Management


Actowiz Solutions' Data Statistics Dashboard, a key component of our Pricing Intelligence solution, offers unparalleled visibility into product matches and SKU data freshness. It empowers retailers to independently assess and manage SKU data quality—a vital aspect in the dynamic eCommerce landscape.

In addition to providing transparency and visibility, the dashboard enables proactive data quality management. Users can identify incorrect matches and address various data quality issues, ensuring adherence to the highest standards.

Retailers can leverage this dashboard to:

  • Gain insights into product matches and SKU data freshness.
  • Autonomously assess and manage SKU data quality.
  • Proactively address data quality issues.
  • Enhance transparency and visibility into data quality and product matches.

With Actowiz Solutions' Data Statistics Dashboard, retailers can proactively ensure accurate and reliable data, driving better decision-making and competitiveness in the eCommerce market.

Monitoring Product Matching Rates Across Different Websites

Actowiz Solutions' dashboard offers retailers a comprehensive view of product match rates across various websites, serving as a crucial metric for assessing their health.

High match rates indicate a strong foundation for pricing strategies, instilling confidence in pricing actions and decisions. However, low match rates signal potential challenges that require further investigation. Retailers can delve deeper into specific categories or competitor websites to better understand the underlying issues.

By identifying and addressing these challenges, retailers can optimize their pricing strategies and enhance competitiveness in the market. With the ability to track match rates in real-time, our dashboard empowers retailers to make informed decisions and drive success in the dynamic retail landscape.


Retailers access summary statistics and detailed snapshots of product matches and data crawl through our dashboard, providing a holistic perspective. It also offers category-wise snapshots of reference products and their matches across various retailers, aiding in focused investigation and strategy development for areas with lower match rates.

This comprehensive view empowers users to identify trends, pinpoint challenges, and implement effective solutions swiftly. By leveraging these insights, retailers can optimize their pricing strategies, enhance data accuracy, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving retail landscape. With Actowiz Solutions' dashboard, retailers gain the tools to make informed decisions, drive growth, and succeed in the digital marketplace.

Effortlessly Monitor Data Freshness with Our Dashboard

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, our dashboard empowers pricing teams to track the timeliness of pricing data and evaluate its recency. Up-to-date data is crucial for making impactful pricing decisions, and our dashboard ensures that pricing teams have access to the latest product details and pricing information across competitors. By presenting freshness rates, our dashboard enables pricing teams to stay informed and agile, adjusting strategies promptly in response to market shifts and competitor actions. Leveraging retail mobile app data and digital shelf analytics, our dashboard provides retailers with actionable insights to maintain competitiveness and drive growth in the dynamic eCommerce landscape. With our dashboard, pricing teams can make informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and stay ahead of the competition in today's rapidly evolving retail environment.


Users can easily track the count of products updated with the latest pricing data within our dashboard, offering insights into temporary data capture failures that may affect data freshness. This feature empowers users to adapt pricing decisions accordingly, considering temporary gaps in fresh data. By taking a proactive approach, pricing strategies remain agile and responsive to fluctuations in data quality. Leveraging retail mobile app data and digital shelf analytics, our dashboard provides actionable insights for retailers to maintain competitiveness in the dynamic retail landscape. This tool allows users to make informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and stay ahead of the competition. Our retail scraping services ensure accurate and reliable retail mobile app data collection, enabling retailers to drive growth and success in the ever-evolving eCommerce market.

Proactive Management of Product Matches

The dashboard's 'Data Management' panel puts users in the driver's seat when it comes to managing product matches in their current bundles. Users can add, flag, verify, and delete products’ matches to take complete control on the matching procedure. While our matching algorithms are already robust and get industry-leading matching rates, there may be rare instances where specific matches are ignored or misclassified. In these cases, users have a critical role to play in adjustment of the matching procedure to ensure maximum accuracy. Our dashboard leverages retail mobile app data and digital shelf analytics to help retailers maintain precision in product matching, enabling them to optimize strategies and stay ahead in the ever-changing retail landscape. With our retail scraping services, retailers can be confident in their retail mobile app data collection and use it to drive growth and achieve success in the eCommerce market.


The platform provides a flexible interface that can handle product variants and matches based on store location. It also allows for bulk match uploads, making it easier for users to manage large volumes of matching data. This adaptability ensures that users can customize the matching process according to the specific product landscape they are dealing with. By leveraging mobile app data and digital shelf analytics, our platform empowers retailers to optimize product matching strategies and stay competitive in the retail market. With our retail scraping services, retailers can access accurate and reliable data to drive growth and success in the eCommerce industry.

Get Unmatched Visibility into Your Data Quality

Actowiz Solutions' Pricing Intelligence offers users the ability to examine their product data in detail, analyze match rates, evaluate data freshness, and manage product matches independently. This approach is essential for making informed decisions, optimizing inventory management, and gaining a competitive advantage in the fast-changing online retail sector. By using retail mobile app data and digital shelf analytics, our solution helps retailers to make strategic choices and stay ahead of the competition.

Get in touch with us now to discover how Actowiz Solutions can help your business succeed! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.

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