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Uninterrupted Real-Time Monitoring: Keep Tabs on Similar and Identical Products Among Competitors Around the Clock

Companies and retailers worldwide turn to us seeking innovative ways to transform vast amounts of competitive ecommerce data collection into intelligent, automated technology that propels them to outperform the market. This pursuit is akin to a prized achievement that can either elevate or hinder a retail business in the present landscape. How does a seemingly straightforward action like aligning products with analogous attributes integrate into the broader panorama?

In retail technology, every conceivable aspect is driven by meticulously organized product datasets. The caliber of product data fed into pricing engines, marketing automation systems, and inventory management platforms is a pivotal differentiator that sets leading online retailers apart. Their ability to precisely match and categorize identical and akin products empowers them to deliver seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Advantages of AI-Powered Product Matching for eCommerce Businesses:

Enhance Dynamic Pricing and Automated Promotions: Streamline the execution of dynamic price optimization and automated promotional strategies with increased efficiency.

Optimize Product Assortments with Enhanced Competitive Insights: Improve product assortments by gaining deeper insights into the competitive landscape, enabling informed decisions.

Mitigate Overstocking Costs: Avoid expensive overstocking errors through accurate demand forecasting facilitated by advanced product matching.

Drive Improved Traffic and Conversions through Targeted Product Visibility: Enhanced product targeting results in heightened visibility, increased web traffic, and improved conversion rates.

Leverage Comprehensive Product Lifecycle Data: Access market-wide product lifecycle information, empowering you to assess the genuine performance of your products accurately.


Product matching lays a robust groundwork for advanced retail applications when executed effectively. Nevertheless, this task is progressively becoming more intricate due to the surge of retail data from various sources across numerous marketplaces. Despite universal product identifiers like UPC, GTIN, or ASIN, there needs to be a product classification system for ecommerce data collection that presents substantial challenges. This complexity intensifies when you aim to pinpoint and compare products and price comparison across multiple websites or when customers seek specific product attributes.

Inaccurate matches can yield consequences such as excessive inventory, pricing discrepancies, gaps in merchandising strategy, and an unsatisfactory shopping experience. Thus, precision in product matching proves vital in mitigating these issues and cultivating a seamless retail environment.

Unveiling the Pathway to Retail Dominance

Your proficiency in product matching holds the potential to shape three pivotal dimensions of your retail strategy:

1. Strategic Competence

Through retail dashboards, you can systematically monitor and evaluate your products compared to those presented on your competitors' websites. This evaluation is enabled by tracking both identical and similar product matches. Crucially, the accuracy of these matches underpins your inventory and stocking decisions. Moreover, dynamic pricing and smart repricer utilize the pool of recognized exact matches to formulate pricing benchmarks. A sophisticated product matching solution extends its capabilities to identify matches even when descriptions diverge across various websites, as exemplified in the scenario below:

(Note: The content below should be an example of inconsistent product descriptions to support the provided text, which is a placeholder.)

Example: A product labeled "Compact Laptop" on your website might be described as "Slim Notebook" on a competitor's site. The advanced product matching solution accurately recognizes this disparity, contributing to more informed decision-making.


Your promotional strategies rely on your comprehension of competitive dynamics within the market. An accurate portrayal of a product's market performance in your reports might result in missed revenue opportunities or potential customers being deterred from purchasing in anticipation of advantageous deals.

2. Enhanced eCommerce Journey for Shoppers

By ensuring consistent precision in both akin and identical product matches, you enhance your customers' product search and exploration experience. This directly translates to an optimal quest for favorable deals on their part. The proficiency of chatbots and the effectiveness of product recommendations on eCommerce platforms are intricately linked to accurate product tagging and categorization. This connection reverberates back to the efficacy of your product similarity engine.

Over time, product matching can guide you in aligning your product descriptions and categorizations based on historical search and sales patterns. This endeavor significantly enriches the performance of your search engine. As the popularity of platforms like Google Shopping and other price comparison applications continues to rise, well-organized product groups on your website increase the likelihood of consumers stumbling upon your offerings.

3. Strengthened Product Data Management Proficiency

An effective product matching engine allows your retail teams to access a consolidated, precise, and scalable data repository encompassing product and sales information. You establish a foundation for normalized and competitive retail data by leveraging a well-defined categorization framework that adheres to global product taxonomy standards. This forms the cornerstone of your retail data prowess.


An Empowering Product Matching AI: Infused with Machine Learning, Crafted with Human Insight

The prevailing off-the-shelf price and eCommerce price monitoring services in the market often need to be revised when confronted with intricate algorithms and prominent eCommerce marketplaces' ever- evolving layouts and regulations. While they may proficiently gather product data, they frequently disregard the underlying issues of data quality and the intricacies of 'matching' capabilities. These issues and the absence of real-time data updates can swiftly culminate in retail setbacks. Conversely, well-intentioned internal endeavors to construct matching algorithms hinge on manual data aggregation, thereby being susceptible to human inaccuracies and biases.

Moreover, constraints on the extensiveness and scalability of competitive product tracking – encompassing both precise and akin matches – further restrict the scope of observation, leading to labor-intensive, resource-draining, yet restricted retail insights.

Elevate Beyond Text-Based Attribute Alignment with Computer Vision

Even the most advanced semantic and NLP technologies provide only a partial perspective. Many solutions available in the market struggle to reconcile a positive match for an identical shirt labeled as both “Long Sleeve” and “Full-Length Sleeve” on distinct websites. This is precisely where the subtleties of ‘exact’ and ‘similar’ matches come into play. AI-powered Image Analytics notably diminishes occurrences of False Positives and False Negatives, markedly enhancing the precision of your competitive insights.

The Synergistic Fusion of Actowiz Solutions' Patented Similarity Engine and ML Image Analytics Layer


We attain our precision through a convergence of an attribute-centric methodology, AI-driven computer vision for image comparison, and a customizable framework designed to align with internal benchmarking techniques. When machine-generated match confidence scores are modest, a team of Quality Assurance specialists steps in to validate the results. Furthermore, our data updates occur as frequently as every 10 seconds, ensuring that the insights you receive are genuinely instantaneous and actionable!


Harnessing the capabilities of AI-driven algorithms, we surveil websites across the global landscape, aiding you in the discovery and comparison of competitor products, whether they are branded or private label, exhibiting close or identical traits. Through meticulous attribute standardization, our proprietary Similarity Engine guarantees unparalleled precision and unwavering matching efficiency, spanning the realm of both private label and branded products. This versatility extends to encompass not only attribute-rich categories such as smartphones or toothpaste but also softer categories like beige bed linen or floral perfume.

Assured Reliability

Our assertions regarding accuracy and quality are supported by contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Discover the testimonials of several of our clients and their experiences with Actowiz Solutions' acclaimed product-matching technology.

Seamless Onboarding through Versatile, Customizable APIs

Our product-matching solution is strategically crafted to bridge the gap between users seeking insights and technical experts requiring business context. Our software empowers diverse retail teams to explore data and share discoveries across various platforms seamlessly. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your backend system, swiftly becoming operational in under a week. Our relentless commitment ensures rapid implementation that mirrors your internal benchmarks. Actowiz Solutions can fine-tune its matching algorithm to align with your internal criteria for tracking analogous products within your category.

Adapting to the Dynamic Retail Landscape: Buy vs. Build

The evolution of search engines and marketplaces prompts frequent algorithm updates, a challenge that's hard to tackle, especially for an in-house business analytics unit. Machine Learning algorithms continually refine their proficiency as they train on extensive and diversified Big Data sets over time – ours have been honed through nearly a decade of global retail data spanning every sector. Our APIs are meticulously crafted for diverse teams, enabling your business to harness data for competitive advantage without being trapped by data management complexities and significant capital outlays. Actowiz Solutions' Product Matching solution empowers you to sidestep blind spots, avert costly missteps, economize resources, and evade decision paralysis.

Learn how your team can leverage our Product Matching solution to realize unparalleled retail growth and heightened customer satisfaction. Secure a Demo with one of our experts today! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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