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Curious about the customer satisfaction between McDonald’s and Burger King? Discover which fast-food giant comes out on top by analyzing their reviews and ratings in Orlando. This blog conducts a thorough review analysis of McDonald’s in Orlando with Burger King, examining consumer trends and preferences using food delivery data collection.


The information for this study was gathered using Actowiz Solutions’ Google Review Scraper. We will delve into the insights drawn from our study of 129,698 McDonald’s reviews and 20,804 Burger King reviews in Orlando.

Comparing Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando

Formerly examining how McDonald’s and Burger King compete against each other, it is essential to understand store distribution in Orlando.


Orlando’s fast food scene is dominated by McDonald’s, which boasts 51 locations—more than twice the 21 spots held by Burger King. This significant difference in store count likely influences total customer reviews, with McDonald’s attracting more patrons and consequently garnering more reviews compared to Burger King.

Interestingly, Orlando is home to the world's largest McDonald's. This impressive 1,896 square foot store, officially known as the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s, is situated on Global Drive at Orlando, FL.


McDonald’s vs. Burger King: Review and Rating Trends in Orlando

The analysis of reviews and ratings for Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando discovered the subsequent trends:

Yearly Rating Analysis: Burger King vs. McDonald’s in Orlando

A review study of Burger King as well as McDonald’s in Orlando, based on data collected from 2018 to 2023, reveals intriguing shifts in customer satisfaction. The McDonald’s data scraping in Orlando and Burger King data scraping in Orlando show that average ratings for both brands have been highly competitive. A closer examination to scrape McDonalds’ review in Orlando and the data collection for both McDonald’s and Burger King highlights the dynamic nature of their customer satisfaction trends.


McDonald’s reviews have an average of a 3.65 rating in both 2018 and 2020, marking the lowest point over the past six years. Notably, by 2023, this brand had improved the rating to 3.70.

Conversely, Burger King achieved its highest ratings in 2018 but has seen a steady decline since then. Its lowest rating over the past years was during 2021, hitting a low of 2.98. Since the decline in 2021, the Burger King's ratings have shown improvement in subsequent years.

Evolution of Reviews: Burger King vs. McDonald’s in Orlando

Over the years, the review volumes paint a clear picture of engagement trends. McDonald’s has maintained a consistently higher reviews data volume, reflecting a robust and engaged customer base despite occasional fluctuations. In contrast, Burger King has experienced a decline in review numbers over time, suggesting a potential shift in customer interaction with this brand.


The review analysis of Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando reveals intriguing insights. Over the past six years, both brands garnered the highest number of reviews within 2020.

However, Burger King has experienced a decline in reviews since then, with 2023 marking the lowest count since 2018. Similarly, McDonald’s has also shown a declining drift in review numbers, with 2023 recording the fewest reviews within six years despite fluctuations over time.

Comparative Reviews and Ratings: Burger King vs. McDonald’s in Orlando

Studying the reviews and ratings of Burger King and McDonald’s offers valuable insights into the client experience at the fast-food chains. Interestingly, a comparable number of individuals rated both McDonald’s and Burger King with a score of 1. This review analysis of McDonald’s in Orlando and Burger King in Orlando underscores the importance of data scraping and data collection to understand customer sentiments accurately.


In 2023, Burger King got more 1-star ratings than 5-star ratings, whereas fewer reviews given 2, 3, as well as 4-star ratings. Conversely, McDonald’s shows a different trend: as review quantities increase, so do the ratings, highlighting a robust base of pleased customers.

The majority of reviews for these brands primarily cluster in 3 to 5-star ratings, indicating that the majority of customers have had positive or reasonable experiences with both McDonald’s and Burger King.

Comparative Sentiment Analysis in Orlando: Burger King vs. McDonald’s

Sentiment analysis, also called opinion mining or sentiment classification, is essential for scraping subjective data from text. Its objective is to identify and interpret the sensitive tone inherent in textual data, offering valuable insights into the opinions, attitudes, and emotions stated in online discourse.

This section delves into sentiment analysis for Burger King and McDonald’s within Orlando, emphasizing patterns in reviews. Utilizing methods such as data scraping and collection, it aims to extract insights from reviews of McDonald's and data from Burger King in Orlando, shedding light on customer sentiments and preferences over time.

Comparative Sentiment Overview: McDonald’s vs. Burger King

In Orlando, Burger King's sentiment analysis shows that 47.63% of customer feedbacks are positive, indicating significant customer satisfaction. This statistic advocates that almost 50% of Burger King's customers in Orlando enjoyed favorable experiences at its outlets.


Negative sentiment is minimal at 11.04%, highlighting potential areas for improvement. A substantial 41.60% of sentiments are neutral, indicating that the brand Burger King practices often provoke a neutral response from customers, implying some ambiguity in their experiences.

This analysis draws from reviewing McDonald’s in Orlando and utilizing data scraping and collection techniques to gather insights from Burger King reviews in Orlando.


Comparatively, the sentiment analysis of McDonald’s in Orlando reveals a bigger part of positive feedbacks, representing 64.24% of the reviews. This underscores stronger customer approvals, likely bolstered by McDonald’s extensive market presence and higher reviews data volume discussed earlier.

Negative sentiment comprises 23.56% of reviews, almost double that of Burger King. Neutral sentiment stands at 12.20%, notably lower than Burger King’s, representing a smaller but significant group of customers with neither strongly negative or positive experiences.

This analysis leverages the review data for McDonald’s in Orlando, collected through data scraping and aggregation techniques, providing insights distinct from those of Burger King in Orlando.

Rating-Based Sentiment Analysis: McDonald’s vs. Burger King

The sentiment analysis charts for Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando, categorized by ratings, provide a nuanced perspective on customer feedback.


For McDonald’s in Orlando, the sentiment distribution across ratings highlights a robust positive sentiments in higher ratings, notably with 23,165 reviews within 5-star category. Stimulatingly, there is also a significant count of 9,674 reviews in 1-star segment, indicating areas of concern that need attention. Though, positive reviews substantially outnumber negative ones, particularly as ratings ascend having 1- 5 stars.

This analysis draws from data collected for McDonald’s in Orlando and Burger King in Orlando, shedding light on customer sentiments across different rating categories.


The graph of Burger King presents a similar narrative, albeit on a smaller scale because of fewer total reviews. The given 5-star category stands out as the most confidently reviewed segment, having 2,198 reviews indicating stronger customer fulfilment in instances about higher ratings. Conversely, the 1-star segment, comprising 3,817 negative reviews, highlights an important portion of dissatisfied customers.

In comparison, McDonald’s exhibits a higher reviews data volume across all rating categories, reflecting bigger customer base like observed earlier. Nevertheless, both chains demonstrate a pattern in which positive experiences associate with higher ratings, while negative experiences are associated with lower ratings.

This analysis leverages review data from both Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando, gathered through data scraping and analysis methods to discern customer sentiments across different rating levels.

Evolution of Sentiments: McDonald’s vs. Burger King Over Time

The sentiment trends over time for Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando provide a thorough comparative study of how customers perceive these leading fast-food chains. The sentiment graph of Burger King depicts substantial development in customer sentiments within 2017 - 2023, with positive reviews increasing significantly from 11.50% to 56.93%. Meanwhile, negative sentiments have slightly declined from 29.58% to 26.21%. These trends underscore Burger King’s effective initiatives in enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

This analysis draws insights from reviewing McDonald’s in Orlando and utilizing data scraping techniques to gather and analyze Burger King’s reviews in Orlando across different years.


On the other hand, McDonald’s sentiment chart reveals a different trend. Positive reviews were only 34.30% in 2017, but by 2023, they surged to 64.42%, indicating a significant improvement in customer awareness. Though, negative sentiment has increased to some extent, rising from 12.86% in 2017 an reached 13.09% in 2023.

This analysis draws insights from reviewing McDonald’s in Orlando and employing data scraping techniques to track trends in Burger King’s reviews in Orlando over time.

Over the years, McDonald’s has consistently displayed high positive sentiments compared to Burger King, likely owing to its widespread market presence as well as larger customer base. Conversely, sentiment analysis of Burger King reveals significant improvement, indicating a proactive reply to customer feedbacks or substantial operational and product adjustments that have resonated positively with their clientele.

This assessment leverages the review analysis of McDonald’s in Orlando and utilizes data scraping techniques to examine Burger King’s reviews in Orlando, revealing evolving trends in customer perceptions over time.


As we conclude our comprehensive analysis of reviews and ratings for Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando, gathered through data scraping from both brands, several key insights emerge. McDonald’s, using its extensive network of outlets, holds a substantial existence in Orlando, supported by a larger size of customer reviews as well as consistent positive sentiments. In contrast, Burger King, despite fewer reviews and locations, exhibits notable enhancement in customer sentiments, reflecting targeted efforts to improve the food experience.

Monitoring customer sentiments is not only beneficial but essential for maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace. Use tools like Actowiz Solutions’ McDonalds’ data collection in Orlando and Burger King data collection in Orlando proves invaluable, simplifying the extraction of extensive data that facilitated our comprehensive analysis of Burger King and McDonald’s in Orlando. This tool efficiently gathers and organizes data from online reviews, providing insights crucial for strategic decision-making.

Actowiz Solutions offers a range of pre-built scrapers, which enable seamless data extraction from various online sources. These user-friendly tools empower businesses to capture and consolidate data directly into spreadsheets with minimal effort.

For enterprises requiring larger-scale data solutions and tailored strategies, Actowiz Solutions provides robust food delivery data collection services. Our customized data solutions provide actionable insights for optimizing marketing strategies, guiding real estate investments, and considering competitive dynamics to support informed decision-making.

Explore Actowiz Solutions’ food delivery data scraping services to make decisions based on data and enhance your competitive position in today's market landscape. Contact us to discover how our food delivery data scraping and collection services can support your business goals effectively. You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, data collection, web scraping, and instant data scraper service requirements.


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