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This tutorial will guide you through scraping products from any WordPress website powered by the popular WooCommerce plugin. We will leverage Actowiz Solutions’, web scraping tool, to extract data from any WooCommerce or WordPress-based eCommerce site.

Before we begin, it's essential to verify whether a website uses WooCommerce or WordPress. BuiltWith, a free analysis tool, can provide detailed reports on the technologies and plugins a website uses. We recommend using BuiltWith to confirm the presence of WooCommerce or WordPress before proceeding. If the website is hosted on Shopify, refer to our guide on Shopify scraping. Though, the steps remain the same because Actowiz Solutions simplifies scraping eCommerce products regardless of the underlying technology.

Let's scrape a WooCommerce-powered WordPress website and extract valuable product data!

Note: Verify if a website uses WooCommerce by utilizing BuiltWith before proceeding with scraping.

Step 1: Scrape Products

1. Begin by launching the Actowiz Solutions’ application on your computer.

2. Create a new project by selecting the "New Project" button.

3. Enter the URL of the WooCommerce store you want to scrape. For this tutorial, let's use the example of an online comic store:

4. Once the WordPress website loads within Actowiz Solutions, click on the name of the first product to extract its data.

5. The remaining product names should turn yellow. Click on each yellow product name to train the algorithm.

6. Repeat this process until all 18 products have been successfully extracted.

7. On the left side of the application, rename this selection as "product."

8. Following these steps, you will scrape the products from the WooCommerce & WordPress website using Actowiz Solutions.

Step 2: Scraping Prices

1. Click the PLUS (+) button next to your product selection from the previous step within Actowiz Solutions.

2. Select "Relative Select" and click on the first product, followed by clicking on the price of that product.

3. The prices of all the products should now get extracted. Just rename the selection on left-hand side of the application as "price."

By following these steps, you will successfully scrape the prices of the products from the WooCommerce & WordPress website using Actowiz Solutions.

Step 3: Pagination

To scrape multiple pages or all pages of the WooCommerce store, Actowiz Solutions offers pagination functionality. Follow these steps to enable pagination and scrape data from multiple pages:

1. Scroll down towards the bottom line of a WooCommerce store till you get a navigation bar.

2. Click PLUS (+) button nearly "page" selection (different from the "product" selection from the previous step).

3. Pick "Select" as well as click on next button arrow for extracting it.

4. Rename this selection as "pagination". Expand the selection as well as delete two extractions which were automatically added.

5. Click the PLUS (+) button next to the pagination selection and select "Click".

6. Choose "Yes" as this indicates that it is the next page button. Specify the number of additional pages you want to scrape. For example, if you choose 2, it means a total of 3 pages of data will be scraped.

By following these steps, Actowiz Solutions will enable pagination, allowing you to scrape data from multiple pages of the WooCommerce & WordPress website.

Step 4: Initiating WooCommerce Product Scraping

If you have followed the previous steps, you should have successfully extracted product information and prices and set pagination for scraping different WooCommerce product pages. Now, let's initiate the scraping process using Actowiz Solutions's servers.

On the left side of the Actowiz Solutions application, click on green colored "Get Data" button.

You will have the option of Testing, Running or Scheduling your scrape. For this example, we will run a scrape one time, extracting data from 3 pages as specified during the pagination step.

Click the appropriate option to initiate the scraping process.

Once the scraping process is complete, Actowiz Solutions will generate a data export. You can access the extracted data and analyze it according to your requirements.

If you want more assistance with extracting WooCommerce sites or any other sites, please contact us for personalized assistance.

For all your instant data scraper, mobile app scraping and web scraping service requirements, Actowiz Solutions is here to assist you. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and how we can provide you with tailored solutions to extract valuable data from websites and mobile apps efficiently and accurately. Our team of experts is ready to support you in achieving your data scraping goals. Contact Actowiz Solutions now for a seamless and reliable scraping experience.


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