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As brands refine their online marketplace strategies with digital shelf analytics, optimizing pricing, content, and visibility, offline channels require similar attention. Gathering store pricing and availability data presents challenges, but leveraging eCommerce scraping services offers a solution.

With the rise of omnichannel retail, brands, especially in CPG, must gather localized insights to enhance in-store sales. Traditional methods like physical store visits need more reliability and scale. However, eCommerce platforms provide store-specific product details, facilitating options like buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS).

By aggregating this data, brands can enhance pricing strategies and streamline supply chain efficiency while reducing stockouts. Tracking pricing and availability across various fulfillment options, such as in-store pickup and delivery, enables brands to quickly adjust in the ever-changing retail environment.

What Makes Tracking Pricing and Availability Data Across Stores Important for Brands?

Optimizing Pricing Strategies Through Hyperlocal Analysis

Hyperlocal competitive strategy empowers brands to tailor pricing tactics based on regional competition. With insights into local markets, brands can strategically position themselves as cost leaders or premium offerings, which is vital for Net Revenue Management (NRM) teams.

Tailoring Marketing Initiatives with Regional Insights

Understanding regional pricing and availability data enables brands to customize marketing initiatives for specific markets. By aligning strategies with local demand trends and inventory levels, brands can effectively engage target audiences and drive conversion rates.

Enhancing Inventory Management Efficiency

Close monitoring of store-level data allows brands to optimize inventory management. This ensures high-demand products are readily available while mitigating the risk of overstocking or stockouts, optimizing sales performance.

Strategic Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Management

While brands cannot directly control retail pricing, staying informed about pricing trends enables them to adjust MAP strategies. Adapting MAP to reflect the competitive landscape, consumer expectations, and regional differences supports brand competitiveness and profitability.

Leveraging Actowiz Solutions' Digital Shelf Analytics

Actowiz Solutions' Digital Shelf Analytics solutions provide brands with comprehensive data and insights for optimizing pricing strategies, targeted marketing, efficient inventory management, and strategic MAP management. With our expertise, brands can stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Enhanced Location-Aware Capabilities of Actowiz Solutions’ Digital Shelf Analytics

The platform's strength lies in its robust data collection and processing framework, capable of seamlessly operating across thousands of stores and regions. Brands have the flexibility to configure the platform for daily, weekly, or monthly operations, enabling them to monitor product availability, pricing strategies, and delivery timelines based on selected fulfillment options.

In contrast to competitors offering insights from a limited store sample, our solution delivers a unique advantage through comprehensive analytics from every storefront. This holistic approach equips brands with strategic benefits, enabling efficient inventory tracking, precise pricing adjustments, and swift responses to market shifts. It fosters brand consistency and loyalty, empowering brands to proactively navigate evolving landscapes.

Enhanced Store-Level Digital Shelf Insights by Actowiz Solutions

In the concise overview provided above, brands can monitor the positioning of their products across various stores and retailers such as Amazon, Meijer, and Walmart in the US. Leveraging Actowiz Solutions, brands can effortlessly access crucial metrics like availability levels and prices across these stores, gaining immediate visibility without needing physical audits. Additionally, brands can compare these metrics for their products against competitor brands, effectively informing their pricing, stock, and assortment decisions.

Enhanced Store-Level Availability Insights

Our platform provides a comprehensive view of product availability, illustrating the distribution of out-of-stock (OOS) situations across various retailers and pinpointing availability status within a brand’s store network. This capability enables quick identification of widespread availability issues, offering insights into areas experiencing pronounced shortages. Additionally, by hovering over a specific location, users can easily access detailed information on stock status and pricing for individual stores.


These insights are vital for brands to adjust their strategies, mitigate risks, and ensure they meet consumer needs amidst the evolving retail landscape.

Understanding Store-Level Pricing Dynamics

Retailers use different pricing strategies to manage margin pressures, address local competition, and deal with excess inventory. Brands can analyze these pricing dynamics at a hyperlocal level to adapt their strategies effectively and stay competitive.

Our platform conducts an in-depth analysis of price fluctuations across retailers, stores, and regions. This examination uncovers the nuanced pricing strategies employed by retailers at a regional level.

For instance, brands may observe that certain retailers such as Kroger and Walmart maintain consistent pricing across their outlets, which indicates a uniform pricing strategy. On the other hand, other retailers like Meijer and Shoprite may adjust their prices to match local market conditions, showing a more localized pricing approach.

With Actowiz Solutions, brands can delve into the pricing landscape of individual retailers, exploring a price map that offers intricate details on pricing at the store level when hovering over a specific location.

By providing a historical analysis of average selling prices across various retailers, we empower brands with insights to comprehend past pricing strategies and foresee future trends. This enables them to strategize more effectively in a constantly evolving market.

Versatile Digital Shelf Analytics: Bridging eCommerce and Brick-and-Mortar Store Insights

While established brands excel in gathering online pricing and availability data with Digital Shelf Analytics solutions, integrating insights from brick-and-mortar and eCommerce channels remains a challenge.

Actowiz Solutions distinguishes itself by collecting data across diverse digital platforms, ensuring omnichannel brands have a holistic view of pricing, promotions, and inventory strategies.

Utilizing localized Digital Shelf Analytics to understand pricing and availability at the store level enables brands to adjust approaches, swiftly adapt to local market shifts, and maintain a unified brand presence. This strategic agility fosters competitive advantages, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust for sustained success.

Learn more about Actowiz Solutions’ Digital Shelf Analytics and schedule a call with a specialist to see how it can benefit your brand. You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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