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A goal is essential when you move towards that with every strategy you present. The method businesses or retailers use for keeping track of developments is to monitor Key Performance Index (KPI). Competitor KPIs provide insights into how brands are performing. Proper understanding makes it easy to adapt, make superior decisions, or run effective campaigns.

In Part 1 of this blog, we have discussed these 5 points:

  • Price Tracking
  • Promotion Tracking
  • Average Rating Statistics
  • Stock Accessibility Tracking
  • MAP Tracking

Let’s discuss the rest competitor KPIs.

6. Tracking Search Ranking


SEO algorithms are made in such a way that they mimic the philosophy of humans. So, being a customer, what should we look for using this KPI?

The most vital factors or discounts and prices are initially applied to any particular product. Then, we wish for a product that matches its description. It will differ according to your region. Also, the delivery charges and delivery duration need not surpass the anticipated limit like one week. Finally, its reviews and ratings should be on point. These requirements could differ according to your foods.

Keep all these in mind, and you need to start tracking the search ranking of competitors. They could be listed in different Search engines or e- commerce platforms. Make that a point to get the entire listing of these platforms your competitors are listed on for making the most of KPI insights. Consider their performance against different standards, which we have discussed in the previous paragraph.

It will provide you with a complete understanding of a couple of things – what they do better than you as well as where you perform better. Once you know this, you bridge a gap and observe if you increase in search rankings.

You can provide coupons if buyers review your products. Or you can also optimize the SEO of product descriptions. Let us assume you have fewer reviews.

Ensure you address crucial points for ranking higher in search ranking.

7. Review Counts Tracking


As per a Dixa study, 97% of buyers value product reviews while making purchases. In precise words, a review section is as important as your products.

If you observe only two good reviews, you may scroll past them. When you observe eighteen good reviews, you may wait and look in detail. This is why several reviews are very important for retailers.

You can learn so much here whenever you start looking at total reviews on competitors’ products as among the most vital competitor KPIs. The reviews are open to the public, so some can be honest and some false. While looking at the reviews, confirm how many of them are real.

At times, with more reviews, you will get a higher appeal for your products. Also, in case, your competitors solve all the problems which their consumers write about with these reviews, they serve their consumers better. So, when you are ready to contest the work of such requests, you must use different means to put on business.

Sometimes, buyers review products as they find coupons. Therefore, this could be a promotional tactic you could think of in the campaign. Besides, many times, these reviews would show their gaps. That is one more area worth excavating.

So, the standard idea is to engage your consumers better. If your competitors are better in total reviews KPI, their engagement will be worth millions. So, now it’s up to you to find the means of doing the same.

8. Withdrawn Products

Primarily, a withdrawn product must not have the necessary appeal before customers. So, its sale must drop. If it is an advanced product, the execution or idea of the product should not be outstanding. Furthermore, your competitors need to get failed in maintaining the quality of good enough products.

All these aspects tell you which track you should not step on. Let us assume you get a withdrawn product and feel that because of some loopholes, it got failed. At that time, you can restore the product and see if that works.

In addition, many products are withdrawn as the share of revenue to cost-to-run is below 1. It means you are spending much more to make the product a reality than you are earning through that. So, the lower profit margins don’t fulfill the objectives set by manufacturers or sellers.

Correspondingly, there would be times when a product doesn’t demand local buyers. It indicates that you will suffer losses if you follow the same way. However, if you are watchful enough and study the insights that KPI gives you, you can save yourself.

If you are fortunate enough, you will come across different products that might have done well but didn’t due to wrong performance evaluations or forecasts. These are the moments that have mysterious chances for you. Just go and get them!

9. New Category Products


Sometimes, you might have come across different advertisements to do product launches. Numerous brands develop products to understand consumer sentiments or test product appeals.

For the majority of retailers or brands, these new products mean innovation. Mostly, these products are a result of lots of R&D and research. You can learn so much from these products making that among the competitor KPIs for tracking.

Initially, you know the total resources that your competitors pool into invention. This is a clear indication that you want to up the game too.

The majority of new products begin with this trend. It tells you so much about consumer likes, dislikes, and choices. If new products in the category are doing well, you also know the loopholes of earlier products. It is authoritative that you don’t make similar mistakes.

Also, the new products might have significant revenues to cost-to-run ratio. It can also inform you about your competitor's cost and product optimization methods.

At times, consumers were searching for something better and new to come. Once your competitor has launched the newest products, they jump. It provides an essential lesson about the levels of product quality available in your market. People choose only the best for them.

Therefore, if you wish to make a channel and offer them something healthier, you should go for that.

10. Fake Tracking

Manufacturers follow MAP policies to protect their products and product quality. However, you often would get products that don’t follow MAP policies. A few of these products could as well become counterfeit.

If a seller gets 10 fake products in many of 100 products, it is not easy to differentiate them. So, many sellers don’t know if their products are authentic.

Competing in this retail world entails some responsibilities to you. Whenever you meet retailers selling these products, you could contact a platform manager to take actions against them. That is how you assist level the playground for each available retailer. It is an actionable point among different KPIs.

Finally, it is customers who know the difference in the best way. A fake product doesn’t usually come with a warranty card. If they contact a brand to ask, the retailer will get exposed. It is an instance of bad publicity as customers won’t pay attention to them once they are stated.

Therefore, please keep track of those competitors as they give you a real chance of rising from a lot.

11. Trendspotting

The fundamental goal of any marketing campaign is to work on the trends or provide people with prominent trends to follow. Therefore, when you start looking at trendspotting as a KPI, it gives a substantial number of factors to get insights into.

How active competitors stay on the newest trends and how well they adapt tells a lot regarding their business. For instance, a summer tendency can’t wait until the winter gets launched. So, every trend has a period or a timeline when that soars before dwindling to the optimal level.

It is important to remember that trendspotting relates to product- associated, marketing, and consumer relations trends. Usually, to describe new trends, retailers invest in many ways. Just look at the time while they launch these trends and how to promote them before people.

Also, brands make big by creating a path that differs suggestively from a trend. You may always modernize and provide your consumers with something new to deal with. Furthermore, they might recall old trends as well as make them work again. That is one more actionable way of growing your business.

Brands often merely twist the old trends to make that work in their favor. Just look at all approaches your competitors use to gain from current trends. With that, you will undoubtedly boost your business.

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