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It has become increasingly easy for people to purchase things they want online. A similar has happened with sellers making stores to do online business at Flipkart, eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, etc. Although to get users' attention and convert them to customers, e-commerce sellers must utilize data analytics to optimize their offerings.

As of 2022, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the U.S., with 38% of the total e-commerce retail sales. Many shoppers start their online searches on the Amazon website or app rather than using search engines like Yahoo or Google. This platform is an excellent data resource, allowing companies to make well-informed decisions and know customers well.

What is Amazon Scraping?


Amazon is the best place where you can get all the valuable and relevant data about sellers, reviews, products, news, special offers, ratings, etc. Gathering data from Amazon benefits everybody: buyers, sellers, and suppliers.

Rather than scraping hundreds of websites, gathering data from Amazon can assist solve the expensive procedure of scraping e-commerce data.

Let's see what type of data you can scrape:

  • Competitor's product listing
  • Customer profiles
  • Pricing on the local and worldwide market
  • Product ratings
  • Reviews of your own and competitor's products

Why Can Scraping Amazon Data Be Challenging?


There are some problems while scraping Amazon data to your own, despite the methods you select. The wickedest thing about self-scraping is you might not even expect the issues and might even meet unknown responses and network errors.

Here are a few examples of common problems you may face while scraping Amazon data to your own.

IP blocking, Bot Detection, and Captcha


Amazon can easily control if the information is collected manually or using a boot scraper. It is detected by tracking a browser agent's behavior.

For instance, when a website finds scrapers or a user makes 400+ requests for similar pages at a particular time, some actions are taken against whoever is gathering the data. So, IP bans and captchas are utilized for blocking bots. If an IP address continues requesting pages without any Captcha details, this will get banned from Amazon, or an address will get blacklisted.

To conquer these obstacles, we at Actowiz Solutions use various methods and strive hard to make the behavior of crawlers more humanoid:

  • Change scraper headers to make it look like requests are approaching from the browser.
  • Regularly change different IP addresses using proxy servers
  • Remove all query parameters from the URLs to eliminate identifiers linking queries together
  • Send different page requests at casual intervals
  • To avoid Amazon's overall response against crawlers, change a User-Agent in the headers of crawlers.

Changing the Structure of Product Pages


While collecting data on product descriptions from Amazon, you might have encountered many exceptions and response errors. The whole reason is that maximum scrapers are all set for a particular page structure, scraping HTML data from that and collecting relevant data. However, if a page's structure changes, a scraper could fail as it is not intended to deal with exceptions.

Amazon's site uses templates for updating product data, and pages have different layouts, HTML elements, and properties. It mainly emphasizes the main features and attributes of certain types of products. The product group or category recently added ASINs affect the templates utilized in the product installation procedure on Amazon.

So, to eliminate different inconsistencies, we at Actowiz Solutions write the codes in a way that can deal with the exceptions. By doing that, we ensure that our codes do not fail at the initial network or timeout errors.

Different Product Variations and Geography Delivery Areas


One product could have diverse variations, helping customers to explore and select what they want. For instance, sweaters come in various sizes, and lipstick is available in multiple shades.

Product variations match the patterns we've drawn above and are presented on the website in various ways. And rather than getting rated on one type of a product, reviews and ratings are usually rolled up and reported by all accessible varieties.

We show total reviews when we gather customers' feedback data on Amazon. And to avoid the geolocation problem, we use the IP addresses of countries where we collect data on the Amazon platform.

Underachieving Scraper


It's tough to create a web scraper yourself, which will work for hours and gather hundreds of thousands of strings. The website's algorithms are mostly hard enough to extract as Amazon is different from other websites. The website is built to minimize the crawling practice.

Also, Amazon saves a significant amount of data. If you wish to gather content for the company's requirements, you must understand that extracting a considerable amount of material could be difficult, mainly if you do that yourself. It's a regular and time-consuming activity; therefore, creating an excellent, efficient web scraper will take time and effort!

The fast and dependable way is to leave Amazon data collection to professionals that can bypass the steeplechases of data scraping and systematically offer the data needed in the required format.

How to Get Benefits from Scraping Amazon Data?


Amazon offers essential information collected in one place: reviews, ratings, products, news, exclusive offers, etc. Therefore, extracting data from Amazon would help you solve problems of the time-consuming procedure of scraping data from e-commerce websites. And there are vital benefits you could get if you include automatic web scraping methods in your work:

Price Comparison

Data scraping helps you regularly retrieve relevant competitors' pricing data from Amazon pages. If you don't track price changes in the marketplace, especially in peak seasons, you could get considerable losses in sales volumes online and competitive disadvantages. Price analysis could help you monitor pricing trends, analyze competitors, set promotions, and regulate the finest pricing strategy for staying in the market. A well-organized pricing strategy would raise profits and get more leads.

Recognize Targeted Group

Each dealer has a particular customer base that buys certain products—knowing the targeted group makes it easy to make reasonable options for selling products in demand. Researching customer sentiments and favorites on Amazon can assist you in clarifying the customer base, studying their purchasing habits, and planning various product sets for customers to increase sales.

Improve Product Profiles

Entrepreneurs must keep an eye on how the products sell in a marketplace. For Amazon sellers, the finest way of achieving higher sales is by putting products at the top of applicable searches. To make the product fit the description, you have to create and add a product profile. To study sentiments and make competitive analyses, you can get product data like pricing, ratings, ranks, reports, and reviews. Here, companies can better understand market trends and product positioning and properly create product profiles to applicable searches to get the goods on top and find more customers.

Demand Predictions

To regulate the most gainful niche, it is required to analyze market data comprehensively. This will help you analyze how the products fit in the current market, track interest in products on Amazon, and recognize which products have the highest demand. Extracting the platforms will offer you data that, after detailed study, can improve the supply chain and optimize the internal assortments, appropriately manage inventories and use superior production resources.

Want to Resume Your Business?

The primary winner is web scraping services if you need to select between various Amazon scraping procedures. Unlike the different methods, data scraping services can deal with all the problems given above. Hiring the best web scraping services will gather content and offer you quality data regularly. Web scraping services use professionals aware of different legal restrictions and won't have difficulties with blocking.

It will be more effective for the company if you put resources into the business and provide Amazon data collection to third-party firms with which you deal. They perform web scraping for you as per the set timeline.


Amazon is the world's biggest online retailer, where shoppers start their product search and are progressively confident in buying the items needed. E-commerce sellers must use data analytics to optimize products to convert an average consumer into a reliable customer.

That's where Amazon data scraping can offer a wealth of data in one place so that you can quickly speed up your Amazon data scraping procedure and use that to make critical business decisions. Also, avoid problems while scraping Amazon pages due to repeated queries or predictable behavior, and find assistance from scraping experts like Actowiz Solutions!

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