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With the development of data science as well as requirements for big data, everybody is searching for inventive ways of accessing data, which can provide them competitive benefits as well as improve their decision-making. Web data is amongst the major sources of unused data, which can fundamentally change your business.

More and more companies are scraping web data in bigger volumes so the data extraction industry has evolved considerably in the last decade. Because of this volatile growth, many terms like web data harvesting, web scraping, data mining, data extraction, web crawling, etc. are moving around. All the terms are utilized interchangeably and it has made ample confusion in this industry.

Let’s understand these terminologies and their accurate uses:

What is Web Data Harvesting?


Web data harvesting is the procedure of collecting well-structured web data in the automated fashion. This is also known as web data extraction or web scraping. This term harvesting is taken from an agricultural reference that involves collecting as well as methodically arranging crops from different fields.

Website data harvesting is very easy and works through the way in two parts - a web scraper and a web crawler. The web crawler is a horse and a scraper is a chariot. The crawler hints the scraper because if by hand, using the internet, whereas it scrapes the requested data.

Is Data Harvesting Legitimate?


The legitimacy of data harvesting relies on you enduring compliant with the laws as well as staying deferential to the sites you’re collecting open data from. Some checks to make sure compliance consist of:

Personal Data: Make sure that you have the legal foundation to harvest data, which could be utilized to directly or indirectly recognize a particular individual as well as deal with relevant individual data laws.

Copyrighted Data: While extracting data from a site, you need to consider if any web data you want to scrape is copyrighted. You have to make sure any collections or data use in compliance with appropriate copyright laws.

Data after Any Login: Whenever you log into the website as well as accept terms, then you are in flowing into the contract with a website owner. You need to carefully study the terms to control if data harvesting is permitted. You need to always honor these terms of all contracts you enter in.

Data Harvesting vs. Web Scraping


Web scraping and data harvesting are different terminologies for the similar procedure. Doesn’t matter which term you utilize, web data harvesting could be an extremely powerful tool in your collection. This has applications in nearly all industries from market research to price intelligence.

With the industry advancements, there are various data scraping tools as well as service providers, which can assist you in doing data harvesting from different websites. In case, you need any help with any particular project, just contact Actowiz and our web extraction experts will surely assist you.


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